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  1. Njk2012

    Easter Instant Pot Smoked Ham

    Thanks. Yep. This ham has none of the bad stuff. All clean.
  2. Njk2012

    Easter Instant Pot Smoked Ham

    Hi. I recently purchased an 8 quart Duo Plus Instant Pot. So far AWESOME! My question for fellow Whole30ins. Is. I bought a smoked ham for Easter. Fully cooked. Has anyone done one in the Instant Pot befit and how so it doesn' overdo it? And any other good recipes for Easter. Thanks!
  3. Njk2012

    Parents with Type 2 Diabetes

    Will do. Thanks for all the help so far.
  4. Njk2012

    Parents with Type 2 Diabetes

    Thanks. Thats what I was telling my mom. You don' NEED to have it. It' a physiological thing being stuck in your ways. Hopefully he'll get past it. I know there is compliant bacon. I have some. But treat it as an occasional treat.
  5. Njk2012

    Parents with Type 2 Diabetes

    Thanks. My dad is big about his bread. Especially when it comes to his toast and bacon. He' going to need alturnative ideas and good fat ideas.
  6. Need a little help. My wife and I just finished our first Whole30. My parents now are on board to try. They are both 66 and are Type 2 diabetc. Need some info on good foods and meals to keep them balanced out. Any info would be helpful.
  7. Njk2012

    Red potatoes?

    I'e been eating sweet potatoes. But can I eat red potatoes?
  8. Njk2012


    That one snuck by. Glad I didn' drink it.
  9. Hi. Saw these in the health food isle today. Grabbed one. Couldn't find any info on it. Was wondering if these are compliant?
  10. HI everyone. New to Whole30. Myself and my wife and sister all started the first of the yr. Going good so for. Minus the struggle of no Rockstars. But good none the less. Question is. I've alway drank Diet Lipton Green Tea with Citrus. Can I have them? I haven't since starting. I have an entire case of it waiting for the green light. But can' find an answer.