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  1. tallteenbigheart

    Macadamia Nuts a Little More Often

    Hello! After scouring the forums I have concluded that nuts are not a good source of fat and not encouraged. On the omnivore shopping list in the Whole30 book, almonds, pecans, and pistachios are marked as "occasional" sources of fat, but macadamia nuts are marked as "good"? I have seen moderators recommend no more than a handful of nuts every other day as they are not a good source of fat, but I did a little bit of research and am guessing that is because they have a lot of omega-6 fats. Macadamia nuts, however, have 5 times less and 83% of fat is made up of the monounsaturated fats, which I think are the "healthy" ones. However, this is the internet, and anyone can write anything... Bottom line: Can I eat an ounce of macadamia nuts as a fat at meals more often than every other day? One ounce has about the fat of 3/4 of an avocado, if that helps. I haven't eaten more than that and don't think I want to. Thank you in advance for your response!
  2. tallteenbigheart

    Starting January 2!

    Anyone else feeling the bloat? It really hit me Day 4...
  3. tallteenbigheart

    All Day Event with Food Provided

    Hi everyone! I am excited to participate in the Distinguished Young Women competition tomorrow! However, I am also extremely nervous. I will be there from 8:30am-6:30pm, moving around, blocking on stage, etc. Of course they will be providing lunch and snacks, but I have no clue how Whole30 compliant they are going to be. At first I thought about bringing my own lunch and an emergency RX Bar, but it just seems kind of obnoxious showing up with my own food. Especially because it's not because of allergies or medical reasons, as I'm on the Whole30 by choice. Do I eat a very big breakfast and pray I find something compliant? Maybe still bring the bar just in case? Any advice/reassurance would be very much appreciated, thanks!
  4. tallteenbigheart

    Starting January 2!

    Happy Day 4 everyone! Currently resisting the urge to screw it all and dip into the jar of nutella in my cupboards...
  5. tallteenbigheart

    Day 3 feeling good

    Omg me too! It's so weird, all I feel is just a little tired! My diet was complete junk before, so I'm really surprised. I think the first few days I was lacking protein. I had, for example, one egg when you're supposed to have the amount of eggs you can hold in your hand per meal. If not your fat, maybe check your protein?
  6. tallteenbigheart

    Day 3- Not Hungry but Dizzy

    @Shalla I honestly don't know. I just feel full all the time and, as I was before, get hungry for *specific foods*. I roasted a chicken last night, and even though my stomach felt satisfied it gurgled because my house just smelled SO good! @amandakristine Thank you! I wasn't sure if they were required or not. My workouts are not intense enough to require 2 mini meals. @berry straw I only drank coffee in dire >4 hours of sleep on the day of an exam situation, so maybe 1-3 times a month. I haven't had any since I started W30, but I haven't ever really been addicted or anything. I'll add more salt! @RandiW Thank you for sharing! So is it normal if your stomach doesn't feel "empty"? And I made some sweet potato shepherd's pie so I am eating them.
  7. tallteenbigheart

    Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Is anyone else not feeling all that different? I must be doing this wrong, the only thing I feel is tired... No cravings even, except a dream that I ate some Teddy Grahams last night.
  8. tallteenbigheart

    Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    I still haven't had the noticeable symptoms other than being tired. I can feel the "mighty storm" is coming soon and have warned all my loved ones about it, lol! My junkfood dreams already started coming: last night I dreamt that I dreamt that I ate a blueberry pie slice, and ate it anyways. So I woke up thinking I ate it twice and was so scared that I had to restart! Thank goodness it was only a dream.
  9. tallteenbigheart

    Day 3- Not Hungry but Dizzy

    @ShannonM816 Thank you for your response! I just ate and my lightheadedness went away (at least for now). So do I just eat 3 meals and pre/post-workout meals even if I'm not hungry?
  10. Hi everyone! I just recently started the Whole30, and I read through a lot of stuff to avoid the common mistakes, but I still think I might be doing something wrong. I add enough fat and food into my diet, I think, because I can easily not feel hungry for 4-5 hours (cooking fat + avocado or olives). For some reason, I still feel really lightheaded. I'm tired (which I expected), but when I get up I feel a little bit dizzy for a few seconds. I don't have any headaches, so maybe this is my version of it? Other than what I just mentioned, I'm not feeling any of the "hangover" symptoms. It just feels like my stomach doesn't want food, but my body is asking for it. When I workout, I can't bring myself to eat pre- or post-workout meals because I'm just so not hungry. I started Whole30 to help recover from Binge Eating Disorder, and had hoped to change my relationship with food and feel hungry again for the first time in years. I'm really not sure what to do. I've read through some forums that say not being hungry in the beginning is actually not normal. Do I stuff myself anyways with 3 meals + 2 mini meals a day if my stomach doesn't want it? It's what I've been doing since my freshman year of high school with carbs and sugar anyways. Is the lightheadedness normal? I'm really lost at what I should do! I'm 17 years old, by the way, if that is important. Thank you in advance for your response!!