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  1. @SugarcubeOD I started eating potatoes with every meal, totally cleared up my headaches. I usually do sweet potatoes with breakfast. I’m on day 19 and I’m happy to report no more headaches!
  2. Thank you for getting back to me! I will try a few different things. I haven't had a headache today until literally 30 minutes ago (right after lunch), so may they are subsiding already. Will let you know!
  3. I'm on day #2, and am also suffering from headaches. Mine have come on right after breakfast or right before lunch, and progress throughout the day (all-over head achiness/head-muscle aches and kinda foggy/hungover feeling). Here is my regimen so far. Any advice?? - Megan from sunny California With every meal, I have a 24oz bottle of water (I usually consume double this amount during lunchtime) and a pinch of salt per meal (unless the recipe calls for more). My water and salt intake are the same as before I was on this program however. *I think it's the carbs that I feel I might be lacki