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    runningknitwitmom got a reaction from Renee Lee in Whole 30 and not enough calories   
    I am terrified that if I stop counting I am going to gain weight. I am down about 40 lbs and have another 50 or 60 to go. I think my biggest fear is stepping on the scale and being back over 200 lbs. I need to let go of that and listen to my body. So this morning I had breakfast and didn't track it. I had coconut milk in my coffee (um, YUM! Can't believe I hadn't tried this sooner!) and next on the agenda is a cardio workout. We will see how it goes, but I do look forward to being able to have my time back from having to fill out MFP after every single meal. I want the freedom that comes with Whole30, I'm just terrified it won't work for me...which is just plain silly, but there it is.
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    runningknitwitmom reacted to AmyS in Something I've noticed   
    Thank you Kirsteen. My girls are nine and they are very interested in how dishes are created. Also, since they are nine, I can have them in the kitchen with me and not worry about Imminent Death or World War III anymore. Ha! So I'm looking forward to more cooking together. I told them today that in the new year we'd be cooking together from Well Fed and the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, and this would mean that we wouldn't be watching Disney channel but it would be worth it. So they each grabbed a cookbook and started looking through it, reading out dishes and ingredients and picking favorites.
    Also, I pointed out to my daughter that her allergies have improved significantly already, and she said she had noticed it and wondered why. I told her that it was because of no more junk food (I haven't sprung on them yet that at some point we'll be calling pasta junk food, hehe), and she was pretty happy.
    I like these kids. I think I'll keep 'em.
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    runningknitwitmom reacted to Renee Lee in Nut Free Classrooms, What to Do?   
    I think it's partially legit and partially helicopter parents. Allergies are not just related to the allergen, but also environmental stuff.
    Environments nowadays are much more sterile, which leads to poorly functioning immune systems. Add to that all of the plastics and stuff (which affect the same), and breast feeding going out of vogue for a while, and formulas not doing great things for kids as all leads to more kids with allergies.
    In regards to helicoptering, if any parent on here had a kid that launched into psychopathy for days after being "glutened" and had the option of making a classroom gluten-free, don't you think they would? I don't fault them for that.
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    runningknitwitmom reacted to Brad Hefta-Gaub in I don't think I'm eating enough?   
    The good news is, you've started back again. Don't think of this as "blowing it", it's just another learning experience.
    You have the rest of your life to figure out how to live the rest of your life!
    Good luck!
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    runningknitwitmom reacted to Kaleena in Making a point!   
    I did a half on a low carb diet and I've been running 4-5 miles a day on whole30. Prove it and prove it well! : )