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  1. Bellatrix

    Sourcing food in Australia

    There is one coles brand bacon that is sugar free, we have a butcher here that smokes it sugar free, it tastes so different. I'd still love to find a brand of coconut amino's that are compliant. I have some in the cupboard which suffice for paleo eating but not whole 30.
  2. Bellatrix

    Starting July 7th

    The dreams are killing me, I am remembering my dreams every night which I don't often do, and every night I am sabotaging my whole 30, EVERY night without fail, last night I ate a white bread sandwich, I didn't even eat bread before I started a whole 30, in fact nothing I've dreamt about has been food I would normally eat. Jim4884 we have this amazing butcher close by and he makes all his sausages on the premises, most are completely grain free and compliant, they are all made from biodynamic or organically raised pasture fed meat, I get excited whenever I go to the butcher.
  3. Bellatrix

    Starting July 7th

    I'm going really well, the sugar cravings are lessening, I always find after dinner is the worst time for them I always crave something sweet and its hard to not even have a bit of fruit. My dreams have been intense and vivid, really insane stuff. Next week is going to be fairly hectic, we have so many things going on so I need to ensure I have food prepared, I will need a weeks worth of breakfast pre-made and I'll need grab and go lunches, I'm going to make a big sweet potato and pumpkin hash with sausage, something quick and easy to reheat daily.
  4. Bellatrix

    Starting July 7th

    Hi I started on the 7th too, how are you both going?
  5. Bellatrix


    I've been slack in coming in here but whole 30 finished and of course on day 31 I finally make homemade almond milk OMG where have you been all my life. I've managed to have no caffeine for the whole 30 and have decided that dairy is now not for me (sob sob it's so yummy). I think my sugar addiction is now under control and I've lost 2kg. I'm a pretty all or nothing person so I think I'll drink the occasional coffee and allow myself to have some baked goods but apart from that I'm going to stick to a stricter paleo diet. I know I tolerate rice but I'd prefer to skip it and I've discovered activating my nuts as during the whole 30 I realised I can't tolerate cashews, but once soaked I'm all good. I'm making an apple and berry crumble for dessert tonight with cashew cream, it's sugar free and the topping is nuts and coconut, my husband laughed at what I was planning on indulging with but you know I'm not really wanting chocolate because of the dairy or anything laden with sugar that will be too sweet and disgusting anyway.
  6. Bellatrix


    Day 4 today and I'm feeling pretty good actually, the aches and pains and cravings have subsided. Tomorrow (day 5) will be the first day I have to get up early so we shall see how I fare tomorrow evening. Made a delicious Thai green chicken curry for dinner with lots of veg and sweet potato to soak up the coconut cream.
  7. Bellatrix

    Sourcing coconut aminos in Aust

    Thanks the nuilife one contains sugar, So that rules it out, thanks for the other links
  8. Bellatrix


    Day 3 here and I'm feeling it, I am craving junk food like you wouldn't believe, I'm not hungry but I want to eat, I want salty food and sweet food all at the same time. I think I'm going to cook some sweet potato for lunch to have with my left over lamb cutlets. I also had vivid dreams last night which I don't normally have and have had a lot of cramps in my legs I think it's from the caffeine withdrawal.
  9. Does anyone know where we can get coconut aminos in Australia, I have only found one which contains sugar or I'm happy to make it?
  10. Bellatrix


    Sorry on my phone and trying to get a hang of this forum
  11. Bellatrix


    It is just something that I drink too much of and need to start my day, then I end up drinking coffee all day. So I've switched my coffee for a black decaf with breakfast and no more coffee after that.
  12. Bellatrix


    Hi everyone, I'm Stacey from Canberra, Australia. I'm starting my whole 30 today, this will be my 3rd or maybe 4th. I have to get my diet back on track as its all over the place, I have a massive sugar demon that needs slaying and have been too lazy to prepare food. I've also given up coffee which may actually kill me.
  13. Bellatrix

    Homemade formula recipes?

    Fenugreek boosts supply
  14. Bellatrix

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    another thing I've noticed since the whole 30 is that I've added salt to a lot of things, so I'm adding more salt than I normally would but I think I'm actually eating less salt as I'm not eating it hidden in things (or eating a bag of chips). I was up way too late last night and I feel alright, actually I feel pretty normal, despite not having enough sleep. Last night is also the first night I have slept through when I have to be up in the morning, I can't remember the last time that has happened.