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  1. Mimis

    Whole30 slip up...i think

    Thank you for your response. Where could I find the article you were talking about?
  2. Hi! I was towards the end of my whole30, on day 28, when I attended a super bowl party. They have sweet potato chips there and guacamole that I believe was store bought. I had some and thought they both would be compliant. However, the next day I felt like I had no energy and started coughing again like I had before I started the diet. I still have the cough. I don't know if that's an indication of me possibly getting sick or because I possibly messed up my whole30 towards the very last days of it. Could those food items really cause me to feel that bad after feeling pretty good for a while? Would I really have to reset and start all over?
  3. Hi! I'm on day 9 of my whole 30 and made a stir fry using sesame oil last night. I had some of the left overs today and realized a symptom that was bothering me before I started the whole30 came back today. The only ingredient that I could think of that caused that reaction was the sesame oil. I've used it many times before when cooking, but had not used it until yesterday since I started the whole 30. If it noticeably had brought back a symptom that seemed to have cleared just 9 days in, does that interfere with my whole30? Would I have to start over?
  4. Mimis

    Don't over think this.

    Ok, thank you!
  5. Mimis

    Don't over think this.

    Hi! I'm on day 5 of my whole30, with the flu, and have been overthinking what I can or cannot take to help me get over the flu symptoms. I saw some suggestions for ginger tea and chicken soup. I could not fall asleep all day yesterday, despite trying really hard to...so I gave in and took Nyquil to help me sleep. I think I might just extent my 30 days to an extra week in the end since I'm still at the beginning of it to maybe make up for that. Anyways, I was also wondering about the sugar content in the type of foods we purchase. Are we looking for the sugar content that is listed in the nutrition facts? Because the approved coconut milk for whole30 has sugar listed in the nutrition facts, but is still said to be whole30 approved. If it lists sugar0g...is it still whole30 approved?