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    AnitaC reacted to colleverett in Life Post Whole 30 - Struggling with Weight Gain and Normalcy   
    Hey everyone, I just completed my first Whole 30 and lost quite a bit of weight while on the program. After going off, I did indulge in alcohol, dairy, sugar, etc. as I was home visiting family, and gained at least half of the weight back. My biggest motivation for going into Whole30 was to establish a healthy relationship with food. I always tend to see things as good or bad and if a ate a "bad" food I would let it ruin my day. Luckily on Whole30 eating whatever I wanted (but all healthy food) helped me stop trying to restrict myself so much. Now reintroducing things back into "normal" life I find that I'm letting one glass of wine, or a small piece of dark chocolate completely ruin my day/mood...I really want to still have a social life and not be as restrictive as I was on W30, but I'm struggling striking that balance and focusing too much on weight as an accomplishment...any ideas?!
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    AnitaC reacted to Bootsie1947 in Life Post Whole 30 - Struggling with Weight Gain and Normalcy   
    Good morning- I can relate to this post. I’ve had three weeks of visitors family holiday etc and got off eating healthy and do miss how I felt. Getting back to no sugar no bread etc is harder for some reason than first time. especislly with Xmas looming.  I did food freedom but it opened door to too much Sugar etc. I e gotten out my journal to look at it.  Anyway to return without going cold turkey and going to beginning again? Elizabeth