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    AnitaC got a reaction from ladyshanny in What's for dinner?   
    I batch-cooked on Sunday so I had a bolognese sauce over cauli-rice. I was super hungry today so I also had three sunnyside up eggs and some guacamole.
    I made two eggs but one yolk broke and that means you get another egg.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from ladyshanny in Need to get back on the Whole30, looking for inspiration and help   
    Thank you so much for reading and responding. Not going to lie, I teared up.
    I need to remember how good it felt when I finished a 30 minute run. I'm not having wine tonight so I am going to focus on how good I feel tomorrow when I wake up. And if I want to binge watch something on Netflix, I can download it and watch an episode on the exercise bike.
    I'll also spend more time on Instagram. It's all makeup, drag queens and whole30/paleo cooks.
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    AnitaC reacted to ladyshanny in Need to get back on the Whole30, looking for inspiration and help   
    Thanks for sharing your story and struggle with us. You'll find that you're not alone, this sort of "spiral" is pretty common because the 30 days that you had on Whole30 don't counteract an entire lifetime of food habits. No one here is going to be harsh with you, you don't need harsh. What you need is to decide what you want to do and then make a plan to do it. If, for now, that's not a full Whole30, maybe it's not drinking during the week. Maybe it's a standard "dinners out" order like protein, veggies and some good fat. Maybe it's no dessert.
    Instead of feeling scared of the gym, go after work in your work clothes and just go say "hey". Not to work out, just to reintroduce yourself. Remember the smells (that's what I loved about my gym when I'd been gone a while - that gym smell was imprinted on my brain as a positive. Remember the machines, see what's changed, see if there's anything that speaks to you.
    It's really hard, I know, to stop that eating and sitting cycle. But we treat our friends and family better than ourselves sometimes. If your friend came over and told you all the things you just told us, would you bring out a tray of donuts and park her on the couch? Because it sounds to me like what that "friend" needs is a delicious Whole30 dinner, maybe a nice walk and a hug and for you to tell her it's going to be OK. We're not stuck here - we can make change whenever we're ready. Nothing is ever permanent so if a Whole30 lifestyle is what we want, let's get step at a time.
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    AnitaC reacted to SugarcubeOD in How to get back on?   
    Instead of looking at doing a full Whole30 and seeing that as daunting perhaps, why not commit to having one Whole30 day.  Just focus on the next meal and then the next one and before you know it, you'll be feeling good again and that may help keep you going.
    Did you do your reintroductions last time?  If not, then you might tell yourself that you're doing another Whole30 so you can carry out the reintroductions - sometimes having a concrete 'reason' aside from 'just because I want to feel good' is motivation to do it.
    If you can't do a full Whole30 and you've done reintroductions and know how food makes you feel then how about making a WholeAnnayllop program? For instance, maybe on WholeAnnayllop, you ALWAYS eat a Whole30 template breakfast and bring your lunch to work.  Maybe it means you don't eat treats inside your house but when out with someone and worth it, you have a little ice cream or bread at a restaurant.  Whatever parameters you think might work, do that for a week and then reassess...
    And for some recognition, you'll notice if you read through this subthread, you're definitely not alone in having struggles getting back to it... there are a LOT of conversations about just this including much more advice similar to what I've outlined above... 
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    AnitaC reacted to CassieK in Loosing food control with alcohol   
    Those sounds like such smart rules! Thank you for taking the time to respond! I think I’m just going to take a little time to focus on being whole30 compliment again and then on my birthday which is coming up try again. After making a list of rules for myself that is. Maybe it is just a special holiday thing for me now, I’d like it more often then that, but feeling better means more to me! 
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    AnitaC reacted to colleverett in Life Post Whole 30 - Struggling with Weight Gain and Normalcy   
    Hey everyone, I just completed my first Whole 30 and lost quite a bit of weight while on the program. After going off, I did indulge in alcohol, dairy, sugar, etc. as I was home visiting family, and gained at least half of the weight back. My biggest motivation for going into Whole30 was to establish a healthy relationship with food. I always tend to see things as good or bad and if a ate a "bad" food I would let it ruin my day. Luckily on Whole30 eating whatever I wanted (but all healthy food) helped me stop trying to restrict myself so much. Now reintroducing things back into "normal" life I find that I'm letting one glass of wine, or a small piece of dark chocolate completely ruin my day/mood...I really want to still have a social life and not be as restrictive as I was on W30, but I'm struggling striking that balance and focusing too much on weight as an accomplishment...any ideas?!
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    AnitaC reacted to Bootsie1947 in Life Post Whole 30 - Struggling with Weight Gain and Normalcy   
    Good morning- I can relate to this post. I’ve had three weeks of visitors family holiday etc and got off eating healthy and do miss how I felt. Getting back to no sugar no bread etc is harder for some reason than first time. especislly with Xmas looming.  I did food freedom but it opened door to too much Sugar etc. I e gotten out my journal to look at it.  Anyway to return without going cold turkey and going to beginning again? Elizabeth 
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    AnitaC reacted to SugarcubeOD in What's for dinner?   
    HAHAHA!  I thought I was the only one that thought this way!  @jmcbn - I'm pretty sure I've even said to myself "well that means that egg doesn't 'count'" and then cracked another!
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    AnitaC reacted to jmcbn in What's for dinner?   
    Absolutely - it's the law!! 
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    AnitaC got a reaction from ladyshanny in What's for dinner?   
    I batch-cooked on Sunday so I had a bolognese sauce over cauli-rice. I was super hungry today so I also had three sunnyside up eggs and some guacamole.
    I made two eggs but one yolk broke and that means you get another egg.
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    AnitaC reacted to Becky Henderson in Real Plans for Single People   
    You are welcome.  The other great thing about Walmart online shopping,  I'm not being run over by seniors on motorized carts, I can say that as I am one. I'm hoping Whole30, Real Plans and strong will power will help keep me out of those nasty motorized things. 
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    AnitaC reacted to TJHigh in Here goes!   
    Thanks @chichi and @AnitaC!  So far so good with the wine reintro!  I had two-ish glasses with dinner last night (the half bottle is definitely going to be a key to my success going forward), and it was great to have it back as a nice pairing with a nice meal, and a glass after to relax on the couch.   I was really pleased to see that it didn't effect my willpower with respect to other foods, even though I had olives and marcona almonds on-hand (traditional drinking snacks for me), and some dates in the cupboard (my favorite "compliant" Sugar Dragon fuel) - I didn't reach for any of it.  It also didn't make me eat more than I normally would at dinner.  So all in all, for the day-of, a success!
    But now...the after-effects!  My skin looks good, I can't say that I see any increased redness or little bumps, but if I'm being honest, my skin may feel a little sensitive/raw.  I know red wine causes my rosacea to flair up, but I was hoping just two glasses wouldn't make it too bad.  I'll really be able to see more when I get home tonight and wash my face.
    But other than that- not surprisingly- I have a hangover!  I made a real effort last night to drink extra water, but I still found myself dehydrated during the night.  Leg cramps during the night and woke up with a very dry mouth.  I also don't have the chipper mood I've had during my last few weeks of Whole 30.  Most days I've been waking up without my alarm, or at the least, with an early alarm with plenty of time to get ready/relax before the day.  This morning I was not feeling it- only dragged myself out of bed at the last possible minute in time to get ready for work.  I don't have the gym scheduled for today (thank goodness), but I'm pretty sure if I did, I'd either have to skip it or push it to the afternoon.
    Looks like I'm going to have to file wine in the only "worth-it" category to accompany a special meal, and only if I don't have ambitious plans the next day (you know, like "work.")  This is a big change from how I was using wine before - which is to say it's basically how I recovered from work.  Yikes.  Good to know though.
    And I'm still not done with the reintro of wine- today it's in both of my cooked dishes, but I won't be drinking it separately.  I will be very curious to see if I can regain my Tiger's Blood tomorrow even if I have it in cooked dishes (god, I hope so!)
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    AnitaC reacted to mavsmom in I only want to reintroduce wine! Is this ok?   
    Thank you all for your honest replies! I went for it tonight and sipped a half-ish glass while cooking, then another half while eating. I made a fully compliant whole30 dish by Paleo Gourmet. The combo was glorious but I felt so good about the progress I’ve made over the last 30 days that I didn’t feel I needed any more wine than that. I’m drinking ginger tea now before bed! I love the idea of buying the smaller half bottles as a way to curb temptation. Thank you for that suggestion, I wil absolutely do this in the future as a safeguard.
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    AnitaC reacted to TJHigh in Here goes!   
    Phase 1- Wine! So far so good, but the real test will obviously be how my skin looks tomorrow. So far today I’ve had chicken braised in wine for lunch, steak with a wine marinade (along with roasted potatoes and charred shishito peppers with herb-infused oil. Such a great dinner!) plus, two glasses of wine.  Note to self- stock up on half bottles- great for limiting consumption because it eliminates the guilt of “wasting” an open bottle.  
    Nothing interesting to report (yet), but at the very least I’m pleased that reintroducing wine hasn’t caused me to binge or reach for non-compliant foods.  In fact, I feel great!  Hopefully tomorrow will stay just as uneventful.  The remainder of the week I’ve just got cooking wine planned. 
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    AnitaC reacted to TJHigh in I only want to reintroduce wine! Is this ok?   
    I’m currently reintroducing and in spite of the dire warnings, yes, I’m starting with wine.  Here’s what is working for me- buy half bottles! They provide a nice, natural stopping point.  You still need to be very vigilant that the two-ish glasses don’t trigger cravings and resulting weakened willpower, but for me, part of what led me to drinking too much was the thought of “wasting” the rest of the bottle (wouldn’t want that, better finish it!)
    Good luck!
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    AnitaC reacted to BonnieStP in Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!   
    Day 30 on my Whole30.... which means first day of Re-Introduction is tomorrow!
    Here is how I celebrated reaching my 30 days, for this, my 5th Whole30.... in my Photography Studio (, with my girl Sammi!

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    AnitaC reacted to TJHigh in What worked for me   
    2. Putting in effort to re-establish how to reward myself. Like a lot of people, a glass of wine after work seemed like a perfect reward, and for me, it reallllllllly was. Like, a made-it-through-the-day-deserve-a-reward kind of reward. So I def needed a replacement, and a good one. For me, it was a bath, almost every night. Sometimes as soon as I came home, sometimes right before bed.  Always with a candle, scented salts and a magazine. Not a utilitarian bath - a luxury. And I’d follow that with an indulgent skin care routine to further reenforce one of my best NSVs- my glowing skin.
    In addition to routine baths that replaced my routine wine, I added countless other rewards to celebrate just about any and every milestone. Finish the first week? New perfume. Make it through a tough day at work? Facial.  Weekend done with all of next week’s food prepped? New cookbook. I rewarded myself often in order to replace what used to be food rewards.  (Side note- I may need a budget W30 when this is done.)
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    AnitaC reacted to Jager07 in Rocking 2018!   
    Made a breakfast bake this morning: 
    1. Olive oil then thinly sliced overlapping potatoes (I used a mandolin) topped with a bit more EVOO, garlic salt and Herbes de Provence. Bake for 15 minutes. 2. A layer of  prosciutto then 6 eggs with S&P whisked and poured on top, then spinach and sliced tomatoes and a sprinke of cilantro. Bake for 15 more minutes or until eggs are set. 

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    AnitaC reacted to Nicole Lee in I want to quit or cry or both   
    Thank you guys. My headache has mostly subsided today. I did some journaling last night and I realized I have been in a funk because my whole30 is a week away from being finished and I'm sure I haven't lost any weight. My clothes fit the same and my face actually looked rounder in some recent photographs. I know this is not a weight loss program but I came into it hoping to lose weight and start down a path of generally paleo lifestyle free of counting, tracking and obsessing. I've been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for about 5 years now and it is exhausting starting new diets, exercise programs, reading new books, listening to podcast, saying positive affirmations, just to constantly see 162 pounds on the scale year after year. 
    I love to cook and exercise so it seems like the ball should be in my court to reach my goals. I'm not going to quit and I'm going to see this through. I'm going to trust the process and stay present. I was so focused on day 31 that I was missing what was right in front of me....a badass lady on day 24  
    Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this vent! It was quite therapeutic getting it out.  
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    AnitaC reacted to laura_juggles in Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?   
    I must be the dissenting opinion here because that soy is clearly labeled. The mods are always saying to check every package every time, even if you bought the exact same thing yesterday and it was compliant yesterday. You couldn't look at that ingredients list and not see the soy. 
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    AnitaC reacted to micah_erin76 in Rocking 2018!   
    @Jager07 your rules for life are great! Hoping this W30 is just the beginning of living to the fullest and tackling some of my "joy robbers." I really enjoy your posts! Very helpful insights and great recipes. And it's especially nice to see we love fur babies. I have a border collie who's almost 6 yrs old named Twain, a rescue who is part king Charles spaniel named Susie, a brand new member of the family is a yorkie given to my son from a friend and his name is Oliver. We also have a cat named daisy who showed up one day and now she's ours haha. She's inside/outside cat and loves to leave me gifts of small dead rodents by my front door yuck!
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    AnitaC reacted to Jager07 in Rocking 2018!   
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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Day 10 is nearly done! Yea! Happier mood but I’m just a tad burned out.  Like a lot of folks around here, these aren’t the most fun days. Crabby? Yes! Bored? Sure! Questioning what the hell am I doing? Absolutely!
    In other words, I’m right on track.
    I’ve hit the chunk in the middle of the schedule when the excitement has worn off, the commitment to complete 30days questioned, and the desire to figure out what the heck to fix for dinner is very low. 
    I had a saying I leaned on when I ran marathons. Basically it was about quitting never being an option. If I crossed the starting line, I finished the race. If I’d given myself an out, I literally would’ve quit at some point of every race. Only one time did I finish a race and think, “Well that was easy!”  So now, heading into Day 11 it’s time to use that same mentality, and hit auto-pilot. Run the road underneath my feet. Let the days unfold, don’t stress, or worry about what’s ahead, just focus on the day. Quitting isn’t an option, so I might has well stop torturing myself thinking about it, and all the days ahead. Enjoy the journey dammit.
    Im literally making myself sick with all these dumb running metaphors. Goodnight day 10. Officially I’m a third of the way through.
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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Here's the monster.

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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Day 2: WOW! After my early evening energy plunge, I got my b*tt out of bed, took some ‘before’ pictures (shocking, frankly), then made myself homemade ice tea, which I’ve never made before. Definitely better than Starbucks. That was the ticket because my energy bounced right back and I stayed awake until 11pm, watching a crazy obstacle course competition called Ultimate Beast master, and a movie about a guy who climbed Everest to show his girlfriend he’s a stand-up guy. Very uplifting and motivating, and definitely not as downerish as another round watching Broad Church, which I loved, but now I know who killed Danny so it’s not as riveting.
    Heres my first crazy NSVs to report:
    I slept so soundly I actually had a dream! And it was in color! And it was about my daughter and I finding baby eagles in a nest (WTH?!). Can’t even remember the last time I slept soundly enough to dream, let alone in color, and about something so uplifting as baby eagles. 
    I woke up to less joint pain, and abdominal pain...I’ve had this chronic fussy pain on my lower right side for nearly a year, it flares up off and on, but today it feels much better. Yea. 
    Breakfast today:
    Monkey Salad Breakfast (YUM!): Banana, blueberries, Almond Butter, 3 cashews (maybe 4)
    Homemade ice tea, 
    Reflecting a bit: it would be nice to not sit on the sidelines: to feel well, to have energy to do more than get thru the day, to feel younger than my age not older (54, btw). I’m tired  all day, don’t feel well most days, feel reactive, agitated, annoyed, and cynical 90% of my day. It’d be nice to feel the opposite of all those things. I have a hunch I’ll need more than 30 days to turn things around, but after my dream about finding baby eagles in a nest, I’m pretty sure I’m headed in the right direction. 
    I poked around Pinterest looking at Whole30 before/after pics. Talk about inspiring and motivating. Day 2 is a long way from Day 31, but I’m super excited about what happens in between. 
    Hoping you all have a fabulously healthy Whole30 day!