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    AnitaC reacted to laura_juggles in Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?   
    I must be the dissenting opinion here because that soy is clearly labeled. The mods are always saying to check every package every time, even if you bought the exact same thing yesterday and it was compliant yesterday. You couldn't look at that ingredients list and not see the soy. 
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    @Jager07 your rules for life are great! Hoping this W30 is just the beginning of living to the fullest and tackling some of my "joy robbers." I really enjoy your posts! Very helpful insights and great recipes. And it's especially nice to see we love fur babies. I have a border collie who's almost 6 yrs old named Twain, a rescue who is part king Charles spaniel named Susie, a brand new member of the family is a yorkie given to my son from a friend and his name is Oliver. We also have a cat named daisy who showed up one day and now she's ours haha. She's inside/outside cat and loves to leave me gifts of small dead rodents by my front door yuck!
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    Day 10 is nearly done! Yea! Happier mood but I’m just a tad burned out.  Like a lot of folks around here, these aren’t the most fun days. Crabby? Yes! Bored? Sure! Questioning what the hell am I doing? Absolutely!
    In other words, I’m right on track.
    I’ve hit the chunk in the middle of the schedule when the excitement has worn off, the commitment to complete 30days questioned, and the desire to figure out what the heck to fix for dinner is very low. 
    I had a saying I leaned on when I ran marathons. Basically it was about quitting never being an option. If I crossed the starting line, I finished the race. If I’d given myself an out, I literally would’ve quit at some point of every race. Only one time did I finish a race and think, “Well that was easy!”  So now, heading into Day 11 it’s time to use that same mentality, and hit auto-pilot. Run the road underneath my feet. Let the days unfold, don’t stress, or worry about what’s ahead, just focus on the day. Quitting isn’t an option, so I might has well stop torturing myself thinking about it, and all the days ahead. Enjoy the journey dammit.
    Im literally making myself sick with all these dumb running metaphors. Goodnight day 10. Officially I’m a third of the way through.
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    Here's the monster.

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    Day 2: WOW! After my early evening energy plunge, I got my b*tt out of bed, took some ‘before’ pictures (shocking, frankly), then made myself homemade ice tea, which I’ve never made before. Definitely better than Starbucks. That was the ticket because my energy bounced right back and I stayed awake until 11pm, watching a crazy obstacle course competition called Ultimate Beast master, and a movie about a guy who climbed Everest to show his girlfriend he’s a stand-up guy. Very uplifting and motivating, and definitely not as downerish as another round watching Broad Church, which I loved, but now I know who killed Danny so it’s not as riveting.
    Heres my first crazy NSVs to report:
    I slept so soundly I actually had a dream! And it was in color! And it was about my daughter and I finding baby eagles in a nest (WTH?!). Can’t even remember the last time I slept soundly enough to dream, let alone in color, and about something so uplifting as baby eagles. 
    I woke up to less joint pain, and abdominal pain...I’ve had this chronic fussy pain on my lower right side for nearly a year, it flares up off and on, but today it feels much better. Yea. 
    Breakfast today:
    Monkey Salad Breakfast (YUM!): Banana, blueberries, Almond Butter, 3 cashews (maybe 4)
    Homemade ice tea, 
    Reflecting a bit: it would be nice to not sit on the sidelines: to feel well, to have energy to do more than get thru the day, to feel younger than my age not older (54, btw). I’m tired  all day, don’t feel well most days, feel reactive, agitated, annoyed, and cynical 90% of my day. It’d be nice to feel the opposite of all those things. I have a hunch I’ll need more than 30 days to turn things around, but after my dream about finding baby eagles in a nest, I’m pretty sure I’m headed in the right direction. 
    I poked around Pinterest looking at Whole30 before/after pics. Talk about inspiring and motivating. Day 2 is a long way from Day 31, but I’m super excited about what happens in between. 
    Hoping you all have a fabulously healthy Whole30 day!
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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Thank you Foodfamilywine!
    Just made another run to Whole Foods...I’ve got a bunch of veges roasting in the oven, as well as my attempt at a chicken marabella recipe I saw in the recipe section...I’m a bit anxious today over all this, for some reason. I really want to achieve the full 30 days, without a mess up, so shopping definitely wasn’t a mindless activity. As every newbie realizes, Sugar is in nearly every thing. 
    I did make a fabulous sauce if anyone is interested. It’s my take on peanut sauce, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:
    In my mini processor I put a big huge spoonful of almond butter, then mixed in lime zest, lime juice, coconut aminos, green onion, and jalepeno pepper. I added some coconut milk to thin it down a bit, and some more lime juice because frankly, it was pretty darn spicy thanks to my not paying attention to seeding the jalapeño. It has a ton of flavor, so if you’re looking for a dip/sauce to add to your life, give this one a try!