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    AnitaC reacted to SugarcubeOD in Starting over   
    Olive oil is not considered vegetable oil - it literally lists out what seed oils are... and the template which has been linked to along with the shopping list shows Olive Oil.
    Um... I think you're much smarter than needing a 'celebration' to commend you for reading an article that has been linked to for you a few times that contains valuable information on the program you're voluntarily doing.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from JessHuov in First Timers starting Feb. 5, 2018   
    My best advice, as I just finished my first whole30, is focus on what you can eat rather than what you can't. Life can't be bad when you get to have a frittata for breakfast.
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    AnitaC reacted to kirbz in Starting over   
    If you really want to do this right, you should try to re-think your stance on fat. "Fat just doesn't work for me" is not really very well aligned with the Whole30. Fat is integral to this program. If you aren't eating some fat with every meal, you certainly aren't going to feel very great and you won't have optimal results. 
    Why can't you order ghee online from Walmart and have it delivered to your local store? REALLY, JUST MAKE LIFE EASIER AND GO BUY SOME GHEE! If it's out of your price range, I'm tempted to just tell you that I'll buy you some and send it to you! Let me know if you'd take me up on that. Your life will be so much easier with ghee! And mayo! Have you figured out how to make mayo? 
    So now that you have the list of fats, here's how I typically use them to add them to a meal (maybe a translation is helpful): 
    a big glob of ghee on a baked potato  a few tablespoons of oil-based dressing on a salad (I love olive oil, lemon, and pepper as a super simple dressing)  a heaping spoonful of mayo on a lettuce-wrapped burger  a heaping spoonful or two or three of mayo with some form of meatballs a 1/2 or full avocado on the side with pretty much any meal ever a couple of heaping spoonfuls of guacamole with pretty much any meal ever a simple curry or soup with coconut milk as a base Really, I most often use ghee, olive oil, and avocado as my fats... 
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    AnitaC reacted to Katkot in Starting today!   
    Starting today!! Can't wait to see the changes that take place over the next 30 days!
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    AnitaC got a reaction from katelo in Meal composition   
    No, you can have them whenever but that’s one time they are recommended. 
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    AnitaC reacted to Addie_Tudes in Completed Whole30 and no weight loss   
    Hey there! While smoothies are delicious, it seems like the problem could be the fruit smoothie, NOT the sweet potato. It's pretty easy to hate on starchy vegetables like sweet potato and butternut squash, but think of how many more carbs are in that big fruit smoothie! Also, I've seen a theme that people tend to have less success when they are consuming large quantities of coconut milk. I think for some people, this creamy and delicious food can definitely be a food without brakes. I'd encourage your partner to cut out that fruit smoothie, and instead add more protein and a few heaping servings of vegetables onto his plate. If he feels like he can be in control of eating coconut milk, then have him spoon a bit onto his plate. Definitely keep in mind that there are other super yummy fat sources, like avocado, olives, and compliant mayo. Let us know how it goes! 
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    AnitaC reacted to slc_melissa in Starting over   
    Fiber=vegetables. Eat 2-3 cups of vegetables at every meal. Everything you need is on the website or forum, especially
    The books are great, but its all here for free anyway. 
    I’ve done multiple whole 30s without coconut aminos, bought sauces (except salsa), almond flour, or ghee. I’ve never purchased a date in my entire life and probably couldn’t identify one anyway.
    i keep most meals easy combinations of foods, and I always keep frozen vegetables on hand. Plenty of breakfasts are 3 eggs cooked fresh and a bag of frozen vegetables cooked in the microwave.
    chicken in a crockpot cover with canned tomatoes or made/purchased salsa. Shreds easy, goes on a lot of things.
    make a load of meatballs (ground meat+spices), bake at 375 F for 25-30 min. On the other tray in your oven, roast vegetables like green beans, asparagus, or potatoes at the same time.
    you should not be constantly hungry on the whole30. If you’re genuinely hungry, eat something! Preferably a meal composed of fat, protein, and veggies.
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    AnitaC reacted to SugarcubeOD in Chicken Pot Pie Pastry   
    Nope.  No recreating baked goods of any kind and pastry is definitely a baked good.
    I"ve also edited your title to make it more descriptive of your question so that when people are looking through threads they can easily tell what this thread will be talking about.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from cynrok in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 30
    Breakfast: boiled egg, turkey sausage and sweet potato, 1/2 an avocado
    Lunch: bolognese sauce over cauli-rice and the last couple of turkey sausage pieces, 1/2 an avocado
    Dinner: steak, roasted white and sweet potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and grape tomatoes in garlic ghee and a bit of dill
    I did it. I have lots of thoughts but they're all swirling around. I celebrated the last dinner in a beautiful way, the steak was fantastic and I'm stuffed. I'll be back over the weekend with my thoughts.
    Thanks Shalla (I don't know how to mention on this). I'm rather surprised at myself, hope I can keep it up.
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    AnitaC reacted to WJStar in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Congrats on your completing your first W30. I enjoyed reading through all your log entries can’t wait to hear your post W30 thoughts.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from cynrok in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 30
    Breakfast: boiled egg, turkey sausage and sweet potato, 1/2 an avocado
    Lunch: bolognese sauce over cauli-rice and the last couple of turkey sausage pieces, 1/2 an avocado
    Dinner: steak, roasted white and sweet potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and grape tomatoes in garlic ghee and a bit of dill
    I did it. I have lots of thoughts but they're all swirling around. I celebrated the last dinner in a beautiful way, the steak was fantastic and I'm stuffed. I'll be back over the weekend with my thoughts.
    Thanks Shalla (I don't know how to mention on this). I'm rather surprised at myself, hope I can keep it up.
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    AnitaC reacted to Shalla in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Congrats on 30 days and all the cooking and taking food to work you did!
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    AnitaC reacted to SugarcubeOD in Tell me about Nutritional Yeast
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    AnitaC reacted to cynrok in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    ha the whole30 is making you work for it on the last day! congrats for making it...
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    AnitaC reacted to Becky Henderson in Real Plans for Single People   
    You are welcome.  The other great thing about Walmart online shopping,  I'm not being run over by seniors on motorized carts, I can say that as I am one. I'm hoping Whole30, Real Plans and strong will power will help keep me out of those nasty motorized things. 
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    AnitaC reacted to SoCalSally in Sara's Whole 30 Jan29 - Feb 28   
    I'm late starting this journal - already on Day 4, and honestly, I feel fine. I'm already aware of the difference in my signals in terms of "hungry" vs. "not satisfied," And I'm definitely not satisfied, which feels a little hungry maybe. But I can deal with it. I didn't feel a "hangover" on D2/3, and I'm not super grumpy today. At least not that anyone's told me  
    So here's my catchup on meals: 
    D1/B: Breakfast casserole (eggs, W30 bacon, roasted brussel sprouts, onion, coconut milk. It was good D1, D2, not so much. 
    D1/L: Salad (grilled chicken, strawberries, a whole avocado (!) homemade balsamic dressing
    D1/D: Chicken/broccoli/riced cauliflower casserole. Yummy, but the cauliflower turned to mush. Need to figure this one out. 
    No snacking today. WIN! 
    D2/B: Leftover breakfast casserole from D1. Plan was to eat this four days. I'm throwing the rest away when I get home, it got really chewy & rubbery. Not good
    D2/L: Same salad as D1
    D3/D: Same casserole as D1. Still yummy. Also had cantaloupe and pineapple mid-afternoon.
    D2/S: Went to a concert tonight and needed something to keep me up late on my feet. Had a blueberry Rx bar. Tastes like laffy taffy. 
    D3/B: Ate at home this morning for the first time in forever. 2 scrambled eggs, a heap of salsa and a half avocado. Catie loved eating breakfast with me. 
    D3/L: The last of the dinner casserole from D1. Still yummy, a little mushy this time. Small portion, so I also went to the salad bar and got mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and golden beets. Put the last of my homemade balsamic on it. 
    D3/D: Beef & broccoli stir fry out of the W30 recipe book. Really yummy! (Even though I ran out of sesame oil and had to use coconut oil instead...)
    D3/S: Mixed Berry Rx bar. Got hungry in the afternoon. Aim is to cut out afternoon snacking completely at some point. 
    D4/B: I roasted two sweet potatoes last night, this morning had one mixed with a TBSP of almond butter and coconut milk. Added 1/2 banana, blueberries and a handful of walnuts. Was VERY sweet - will cut back on the almond butter next time, it was too much like pudding. Didn't eat the whole thing. 
    D4/L: Posting as I'm eating this, leftover beef & broccoli stir fry over cabbage. Surprised at how much I like it over cabbage instead of rice or noodles. 
    Good news is, I'm still excited about this. More to come!!  
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    AnitaC reacted to Juice06870 in Matt's January Whole30   
    Sorry i have some catching up to do here.  Life has been quite busy the past few months, but especially this past week.  
    Day 28:
    Couldn't fall asleep until midnight, and then was up at 5am today.  
    B: 3 pieces compliant bacon, whole plaintain (sliced, fried in coconut oil, dusted w/ sea salt, nutmeg and cinnamon), 4 eggs with mushrooms and hot sauce.
    L: Chilled shrimp with squeezed lemon. Butternut squash, coconut milk (about 1/4+ of a can)
    Snack: RX Bar & Macadamia Nuts
    D: Chop't salad with grilled chicken, avocado, baby tomatoes, hearts of palm.
    No workout, was quite busy with other stuff all day.
    Day 29:
    Foam rolling and mobility upon waking
    B: 5 eggs scrambled with small sweet potato and mushrooms, sauteed kale.
    L: Baked chicken thighs over cauli rice w/ hot sauce.  Fried, sliced plantain, (in coconut oil), 1/4+ can coconut milk
    D: grass fed taco meat over cauli rice, diced sweet potatoes, macadamia nuts.
    Workout: heavy front squats and Crossfit WOD (excellent workout, felt strong and energized)
    Post WO: 4 oz grilled chicken breast
    Day 30 (!!)
    Foam rolling and mobility on waking
    B: 5 eggs with sweet potato and mushrooms.  1/4 (ish) can coconut milk
    CLOSED ON THE SALE OF OUR TOWNHOUSE.  Been waiting for this for a long time, we should have closed on the sale in December but the lender screwed over my buyer.  So he had to go back and start all over.  Meanwhile we had purchased a new house in November and have been pumping some money into that for some renovations and updating.  THANK god it worked out, if we had to put the place on the market now, it would have been a disaster.  
    We sold it directly since we know the buyer, so avoided the commission and hassle of having to stage and show the place.  We met him and his wife after closing for lunch to celebrate.  I broke the whole30 rule on alcohol a day early - I was hoping not to, but I was so relieved that really wanted to toast with them.  Food wise I was fine though
    L: Seared tuna over salad with citrus vinegarette.  Club soda...
    ....oh and a vodka soda and 2 bottles of white Italian wine (I shared the 2 bottles of course)
    Snack: handful macadamia nuts
    D: Grass fed taco meat over spaghetti squash, diced white potatoes, kombucha.  
    Took my son to a local basketball game and then had some almond butter afterwards since dinner was somewhat earlier than normal.
    Whole30 complete!  But it's not over yet.  I have maintained it since then and will do so for a while longer if I can help it.  I will write a separate entry soon on my thoughts, challenges, goals met etc for the Whole30.   
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    AnitaC reacted to laura_juggles in Nordic stone age nut bread   
    There's a difference between using some almond flour as a dredge for your baked chicken and using a bunch of nuts to recreate a bread. 
    Now it's kind of feeling like you're stomping your foot because we said something you don't like. 
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    AnitaC reacted to laura_juggles in Nordic stone age nut bread   
    It's a no because the creators of Whole30 said it's a no. Just put the nuts on your salad instead of baking a concoction of nuts and seeds. Or if you're on the go, bring a little thermal lunch bag and some proper food with you. Larabars are not for "on the go". They're for emergencies like you toss one in your bag because you're getting on a flight and weather's iffy so it's really looking like you might be spending hours on the tarmac waiting to take off. Even then, there are better options like epic bars or bags of jerky and baby carrots.

    Taken from this page:
    "A few off-limits foods that fall under this rule include pancakes, bread, tortillas, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, pizza crust, waffles, cereal, potato chips, French fries, and this one recipe where eggs, date paste, and coconut milk are combined with prayers to create a thick, creamy concoction that can once again transform your undrinkable black coffee into sweet, dreamy caffeine. However, this list is not limited to these items—there may be other foods that you find are not psychologically healthy for your Whole30. Use your best judgment with those foods that aren’t on this list, but that you suspect are not helping you change your habits or break those cravings."
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    AnitaC reacted to TJHigh in Here goes!   
    Thanks @chichi and @AnitaC!  So far so good with the wine reintro!  I had two-ish glasses with dinner last night (the half bottle is definitely going to be a key to my success going forward), and it was great to have it back as a nice pairing with a nice meal, and a glass after to relax on the couch.   I was really pleased to see that it didn't effect my willpower with respect to other foods, even though I had olives and marcona almonds on-hand (traditional drinking snacks for me), and some dates in the cupboard (my favorite "compliant" Sugar Dragon fuel) - I didn't reach for any of it.  It also didn't make me eat more than I normally would at dinner.  So all in all, for the day-of, a success!
    But now...the after-effects!  My skin looks good, I can't say that I see any increased redness or little bumps, but if I'm being honest, my skin may feel a little sensitive/raw.  I know red wine causes my rosacea to flair up, but I was hoping just two glasses wouldn't make it too bad.  I'll really be able to see more when I get home tonight and wash my face.
    But other than that- not surprisingly- I have a hangover!  I made a real effort last night to drink extra water, but I still found myself dehydrated during the night.  Leg cramps during the night and woke up with a very dry mouth.  I also don't have the chipper mood I've had during my last few weeks of Whole 30.  Most days I've been waking up without my alarm, or at the least, with an early alarm with plenty of time to get ready/relax before the day.  This morning I was not feeling it- only dragged myself out of bed at the last possible minute in time to get ready for work.  I don't have the gym scheduled for today (thank goodness), but I'm pretty sure if I did, I'd either have to skip it or push it to the afternoon.
    Looks like I'm going to have to file wine in the only "worth-it" category to accompany a special meal, and only if I don't have ambitious plans the next day (you know, like "work.")  This is a big change from how I was using wine before - which is to say it's basically how I recovered from work.  Yikes.  Good to know though.
    And I'm still not done with the reintro of wine- today it's in both of my cooked dishes, but I won't be drinking it separately.  I will be very curious to see if I can regain my Tiger's Blood tomorrow even if I have it in cooked dishes (god, I hope so!)
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    AnitaC reacted to mavsmom in I only want to reintroduce wine! Is this ok?   
    Thank you all for your honest replies! I went for it tonight and sipped a half-ish glass while cooking, then another half while eating. I made a fully compliant whole30 dish by Paleo Gourmet. The combo was glorious but I felt so good about the progress I’ve made over the last 30 days that I didn’t feel I needed any more wine than that. I’m drinking ginger tea now before bed! I love the idea of buying the smaller half bottles as a way to curb temptation. Thank you for that suggestion, I wil absolutely do this in the future as a safeguard.
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    AnitaC reacted to CaroHarNord in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    I loved reading your log. I can't wait to hear about day 30!!
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    AnitaC reacted to CaroHarNord in Anita's Whole30 log - first time's the best thing ever..I can't believe we are allowed to eat it either and the great thing is that's it's so rich's almost impossible to overdo. Loving reading your log! You're inspiring me..also I totally relate to being attached to the weight outcome..I hid my scales..don't think I've not weighted myself every day in many many's scary but awesome too...I think .
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    AnitaC got a reaction from CaroHarNord in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 17
    Breakfast: egg bake and guacamole
    Lunch: salad from the salad bar at Farm Boy - loaded with everything good
    Dinner: pork chop, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts
    Today was the toughest in terms of "challenges." And by "challenges," I mean normal stuff people face every day but I'm treating it as if everything is life altering. After the women's march, my mother and I wandered back into the downtown core (where we both live) and headed to the mall. She wanted beer so I told her to go into the liquor store by herself because I just can't go in there. I picked up a salad to have later for lunch, then we headed to my place. As we were going back to her place (and I'm staying the night), I packed a bag of food so I could make dinner, plus threw in a couple cans of LaCroix and poured some almond milk in a jar so I can have coffee in the morning. When we got to her place, the want for wine was overwhelming. Normally I'd come in, put the bottle on her entrance table and take off my boots. So many habits I have to break.
    I made dinner and that was tough because she kept pulling stuff out of the cupboard and ask "what about this?" Despite telling her 8,000 times "no dairy, no sugar, no grains," she asked about rice. I said no. She asked, "what about basmati?" Sigh, still rice. Then she pulled out a steak rub but I saw sugar on the ingredients label so she snatched it back and rolled her eyes. I guess I get my dramatic reactions to non-dramatic situations from her. She asked me "well, what can you eat?" I showed her the dinner I was preparing. I told her I wasn't limited at all. She's the blandest eater in the world, I don't know why this isn't simple to her.
    Anyhoo, now I'm trying to pretend my grapefruit LaCroix is what I want to be drinking on a Saturday night. At least I'll be awake for SNL.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from CaroHarNord in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 15
    Breakfast: Two sunnyside up eggs, roasted vegetables and guacamole
    Lunch: broccoli rice, roasted vegetables and beef coconut curry
    Dinner: Three sunnyside up eggs, roasted vegetables and guacamole - a whole banana and almond butter
    This is the halfway mark. Holy moly.
    I felt bloated today so I have to figure out what it was. My only thought is the beef coconut curry because I hate the beef, it's fatty and not in a good way. I expected more from meat from Whole Foods. I didn't eat much of the beef so I didn't get much protein at lunch today, hence the three eggs for dinner.
    So I weighed myself today. The scale hasn't moved since last week. I was devastated and I sulked. Once I was done, I told myself if I want change, I have to do it. So I'm going to have to create (and stick to) a running plan. I run so infrequently so I've been stuck at 5km for a couple of years and I'd like to get to 10km. I can keep training on the treadmill (I don't love the treadmill but it's too dark and sometimes too cold in the morning to go out and do my preferred route) and maybe by April, I can get outside and do 10km.
    Anyhoo, I'm rambling again. I'm happy it's day 15 but sad about not losing weight all week.