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    AnitaC reacted to JLaq143 in Can a restaurant "wash off" a non-compliant marinade?   
    I figured that would be the answer, so I'll just get salad and eat my protein at home.  I was so disappointed about the meat that I forgot to ask about the grilled veggies, but they did say that their salads are just dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, so I can have that, and some traditional Afghani tea (without sugar or milk), so that should still give me the sense of having something special that I can't make at home.  Thanks for talking me down! haha
    Something that might still make this post useful to others is that, while looking for a solution to my dilemma, I came across SO MANY posts about people "accidentally" eating something non-compliant and not wanting to start over.  I know it's a personal decision, but my view is that, as long as something has an ingredients list, there is no "accidentally" breaking the rules.  Part of doing a Whole30 is about learning how to read labels very carefully BEFORE putting something in your mouth, not after.   How much easier would it have been for me to just go ahead and eat the meat at this restaurant and then afterward say, "Oh no, it turns out they use corn oil in the marinade, but I didn't know!" It's part of the learning process to find out about these things.  Anyway, that's my two cents.  Maybe I'm just bitter now because I'll be eating salad at a birthday party, but if I can make that choice, so can others.
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    AnitaC reacted to ShannonM816 in Crushed garlic in a jar with glucose   
    It's not as good as fresh, but when I'm in a hurry, I use garlic powder and onion powder instead.
    You can also chop and freeze onions, garlic, and other vegetables you use often -- Google each type of veggie and look for instructions. Here's one I found for doing a bunch if garlic at once:
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    AnitaC reacted to CaveMom in CaveMom W30 12/28 Start Date   
    Day 26!
    Feeling good.  Finishing strong!
    Yesterday, my brother-in-law brought us an Italian Cream cake.  My husband and kids almost stopped him from doing it.  You should have seen them looking at me and looking at him.  I think they were afraid it would cause me to slip up.  They were so sweet to run interference for me.  They are the best cheerleaders and are excited for me to reach the finish line.
    Of course I told them to eat the cake and enjoy!  I don’t crave it anymore.  Why?  Because Whole30 works!  Sugar Dragon?  That bad boy is tamed!
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    AnitaC reacted to PhoenixH in Phx - Day One breakfast and thoughts   
    My Day One breakfast - two eggs scrambled in ghee with onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, zucchini and yellow squash.  A cup of tea, no sugar, no milk.  
    Looking forward to kicking the sugar habit.  I've read the book, looked over the recipes, got in a few days worth of ingredients for meals.  The hardest thing, so far, (and yes, I know it's not supposed to be hard) is giving up my coffee creamer.  The funny thing is, I drank my coffee black for years, but once I discovered flavored creamers, I can't seem to stand the taste of black coffee.  Plus black coffee seems to make me nauseous and give me a headache.  So, I'll switch to tea for now.  Doesn't seem to have the same effect.  
    I did weigh and measure this morning, then put the scales away in the closet.  (Might put them in the trunk of my car instead.)  Because, this time, it's not about the weight, though losing some would be great.  It's about kicking the sugar demon.  I have a feeling the sugar demon ain't gonna like it, but I'm going to give this my best shot.  
    Wish me luck!!
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    AnitaC got a reaction from RachelR in Rachel's Whole30 log- first timer 1-21-18 thru 2-19-18   
    Good luck! My advice and what's helping me (day 17, first time) is to focus on what you can eat and not on what you can't.
    Also, YouTube is a great resource as well.
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    AnitaC reacted to CaveMom in CaveMom W30 12/28 Start Date   
    Day 23 today!  
    Yesterday, I finally convinced myself to go for a walk after dinner.  Besides buzzing around the house to keep it clean, I don’t exercise.  At work, I’m behind a computer all day, so I know I have to change things for long term success.
    It’s still cold here.  It gets dark early and there are patches of snow lingering around, but I zipped up my coat, put in my earbuds and headed out.  
    I was absolutely floored how much I enjoyed walking.  The air was crisp and cold and smelled like snow.  The lights from homes and driveways made the neighborhood look like a lit up ceramic village.  The music in my ears made it feel like I had my own personal theme music for life.  It was great.  
    Finally!  I figured out what this tiger blood might be all about!  I’ve walked our neighborhood before and I felt tired and stiff after the second lap or so.  But, last night... I was relaxed.  I didn’t feel stiff or uncomfortable.  I was able to focus on enjoying my surroundings instead of my aching feet and knees.  After the second lap, I wasn’t ready to go inside!  I kept going and ended up walking for 45 minutes. 
    I don’t think I noticed “tiger blood” because I haven’t been able to compare how I feel now with how I felt before.  I guess the improvements are gradual enough that I didn’t notice just how significant it really is.
    So, good day yesterday.  
    Today we are having our long monthly Quality Assurance meeting at work.  We always order pizza or Subway for lunch.  I used to worry and worry about how I would resist the QA lunch on Whole30.  But I’m not worried at all.  My cravings are totally in control which feels unbelievably wonderful!
    I have noticed something rather peculiar at work.  My co-workers keep talking  about donuts, cookies and cheese of all things.  What’s the deal!?  It’s starting to feel like one of those dreams on Whole30 where you accidentally cheat, like listening to the chatter about forbidden food is bad too!   I swear they are trying to get me to break down and declare that I can’t take Whole30 anymore.  
    See?  I’m paranoid and leaning towards the other side of an unhealthy relationship with food.  Whole30 can flip a weird switch if your not careful with it.  For sure.
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    AnitaC reacted to DrawMonkey in CaveMom W30 12/28 Start Date   
    I'm a longtime user of WW (first time around I lost 30lbs!.... and then gained it all back).
    Congrats on making that commitment to the program! I'm still a member of WW but I decided to take the time off of going and weighing in and tracking while I'm on my Whole 30 journey (I'm a lazy WW person too... I hadn't been active most of Nov/Dec and its showed in my weight gain). 
    WW does a lot of things right, which I think is why it's so successful. While it allows for foods we don't have on Whole 30 it holds you accountable with the tracking and point system (my favorite thing about WW is one glass of wine = 4 points and 2 glasses are 7 points... ok, maybe it just enables me to drink more haha). 
    My WW mind is wondering what kind of point intake I'm doing... but, honestly, I feel less bloated then I have been and I'm only six days in. I'm not sure how that translates to a scale, but less bloat = comfier fitting clothes  I plan on going back to WW once my first round is over with Whole 30. I can't wait to hear how you're doing!
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    AnitaC reacted to cr89 in Cera - January 2018   
    Hello Whole30er's!
    I don't know if anyone actually reads the logs of others but if you are reading this welcome! My post is going to look really long because I was logging on my introduction and just realized there is a specific area of the forums just for logging! I am copy pasting all those logs here and then will update here for my log!
    Day 1
    Hello Whole30ers! 
    First, I must admit that this isn't exactly my first adventure with Whole30, in fact this is my fourth time having a second day on Whole30, however, I am hoping this will be my first time reaching days 8-30. In case that isn't making sense, I have never made it more than a week on Whole30 because of the withdrawal headaches, however, this time I am planning to do all I can to push through and past the headaches.
    My Why:
    I have a number of reasons or whys for doing Whole30:
    1. I'm not getting any younger....I'm creeping ever closer to 30 and that just feels weird to me
    2. I have Diabetes Type 2 and haven't been good at watching what I eat like I should. I am also not very good at taking my meds so I would love to be off my diabetes meds.
    3. I have poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) -- if I can get my hormones in a more regulated place then I am all for it!
    4. I am overweight...I have been a large portion of my life but it's gotten worse in the last year and I need to fix that
    5. I want to prove to myself that I can do hard things
    Although food is a battle for me, even more difficult for me is getting exercise, I love to nap, snuggle with my cats and watch TV/movies so I am hoping to bump in my energy levels helps with that as well. 
    Day 7
    Here's an update as today is Day 7...honestly I think this is the furthest I've ever made it and I feel great and I am looking forward to the next 23 days of my fact, 23 days doesn't sound as daunting as it did at the start of this journey!
    Overall I am enjoying the food, feeling motivated and facing temptations successfully! I find my mind much more clear already, to the point that I'll be doing something then all of a sudden I am like, "Wow! Everything seems so clear and I feel so focused and mentally energized!"
    My challenges so far have included chocolate chip cookies in the break room on day 2....cookies I were told were "really good" and "the best I've ever had" by some of my co-workers, but I passed them by, and honestly being day two my will power was stronger than day 4, when breakfast pizza arrived in the break room. Seriously, we love to eat where I work and not the whole foods I am growing to really enjoy, and dare I say, love. Day 5 my sister and I went to a movie...this was hard. Although I don't usually eat much of our popcorn (honestly 2-5 handfuls on average) I wanted all the popcorn and doused in butter (also not my normal) but I stuck to my water and the a few whole almonds that I snuck in to theater because I am a rebel! Haha! Day 6  I passed on going out to lunch with my church friends because I don't feel ready to navigate the restaurant scene, and although they were going to one of my favorite places I said no thanks and went home to my safe pulled pork and mashed sweet potatoes, which were delicious!
    I do have a confession though....the morning of Day 5 I stepped onto the scale...I mean I had to know because I am that person and 30 days of eating healthy without using my scale is more than I can handle so I did it...and I am unashamed to say that I wanted the extra motivation to help me stay the course...I am pleased to say that days 1-4 saw a drop of 5.2lbs. I have been hovering between 171 and 176 for over a year now so breaking that and finding myself in the 160's was so exciting! 
    I have already learned that I love sweet potatoes, I also really like bell peppers (especially sauteed) and that sneaking more vegetables into my diet isn't really all that hard...except breakfast...that's more challenging. And I have learned that I enjoy journaling about my journey!
    Thanks for the positivity and the encouragements!
    Day 11
    It's day 11! From my understanding this is about the time the "magic" starts to happen! According to my "Whole30 Day-by-Day" I and cresting the peak of the roller coaster! In fact, today I walked in to the break room at work and there are three boxes of doughnuts...I anticipated craving one but instead I felt apathetic about them!! This is huge!! 
    I am continuing to find meals I like...and even better I am enjoying the leftovers!
    I enjoy meal prepping, I have motivation and energy to do more (in fact, yesterday at the end of the day at work I had a "craving" to clean my house...this is not a thing I've experienced...EVER!), I feel more mentally alert, my thoughts are more clear, my focus is increased, I'm more productive at work, I have more patience, I am recovering from more strenuous activities more easily and quickly, I have regular BMs (sorry if that's TMI but this is pretty big for me), I am sleeping better most nights, my cravings are reduced by at least 75% and my "elevator pitch" is improving. 
    I am still working on trying to eliminate snacks (but also just listening to my body and feeding it when it is truly hungry), changing my vocabulary from "I can't eat that" to "I'm a choosing not to eat that right now", changing "diet" to "eating habits" or "lifestyle change", and I have yet to attempt eating out...I'm afraid it would be too hard so I want to try a meal out somewhere to show myself it's do-able.
    I know I'm not quite halfway through but I feel so successful, and honestly, 19 more days sounds like a "piece of cake"! (Pardon the sugary food expression!)
    Day 15
    Well I have finally reached day 15! I feel great overall (despite having a cold)!
    My productivity at  work has reached an all time high, my mental focus is the best it's been in a long time (possible ever), I am eating the healthiest I ever have, my skin looks healthier than ever before, my sleep quality has greatly improved, I have a cheerier disposition and I am overall more confident about myself. My shirts are looser, my jeans require belts to stay up and I have to dress in extra layers to stay warm (although I'm not sure at this point how much of a win that is). 
    I am still enjoying meal prepping and eating delicious, healthy meals and am adjusting the the mountains of dishes I create. People have started to say I'm looking good but usually after I bring up the Whole30. I am still thinking/considering making my Whole30 into a Whole60 for a variety of reasons but mostly because I feel like my body tends to take longer to adjust to new things and I take longer to create new habits so I want to make this a more permanent change. Also, I have elected to not add in exercise on this Whole30 because I want to show myself how much what I eat affects me, however, I think the second Whole30 I will add in exercise to see how that can affect my health improvements. (Plus, my mother, whom I don't live with, is considering doing the Whole30 starting on February 1 and my sister would likely join her in it so then I would have a couple people to support and to help keep me encouraged.)
    I am looking forward to the the tiger-blood in the next 15 days as I FINALLY mark completing a Whole30 of my list of things I want to accomplish in my life!
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    AnitaC reacted to rrkless in 18/18   
    Day 0 almost over.  Following Melissa's advice in the new Day by Day book, I weighed in, made measurements and took some incredibly flattering pictures of my front, side and rear views (as if that alone isn't enough to make you never touch sugar, dairy, grains et al. again!).  Stocked up on emergency Whole 30 compliant foods to keep at work, in the car and my purse, so I have no excuse to go off plan.  I enlisted the support of my husband, mother and a work colleague and had a farewell breakfast of pancakes and coffee with 3 creams.  It probably looked like a last meal before dying sort of thing from the outside, but when I think about what this food has done to my body over the years I realize that it was quite the opposite: it was a last meal before living.  Living the life I've always wanted; living not for my next unhealthy meal or, worse, unhealthier binge; living without a cloud of sugar coma around me for the important people in my life.  Can't wait for tomorrow!
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    AnitaC reacted to DrawMonkey in Monkey's Whole30 Log   
    Ok, speaking of great things said "vegetable accident" takes the cake.
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    AnitaC reacted to DrawMonkey in Monkey's Whole30 Log   
    @MimiHi and @CaveMom 
    Oh MANNNNNN Did I want a slice packed with pepperoni!!! And a cold beer!!! Last time I had pizza, though, I stuffed myself with three slices and a bottle of beer and felt like a fat pig the rest of the night. I felt infinitely better once my dinner was cooked and consumed!
    Thanks for both your encouragement!
    Day 6 Log:
    Today was tough, only in that I had to say "no" to something. My group of coworkers went out to a restaurant tonight where it's "pasta night". Now, there are salads I could have probably ordered - and I even considered ordering their side dish of meat in sauce. But I know how sweet their sauce tends to be, which means sugar is definitely added (I did call and they weren't very helpful in listing ingredients). Also, only 6 days in it would've been too much to sit there and nibble on a non-filling salad while everyone around me enjoyed massive bowls of pasta (pasta night menu is ... pasta... nothing else). I received texts all morning from friends, telling me "c'mon you can cheat one day... just eat a little!" and "it's ok, we don't care that you eat salad!" As kind as that all was... I said no. I stayed home because I knew I wasn't ready to tackle that kind of temptation yet, even though I would've loved to hang out with them all.
    B: 2 egg omelette with zoodles, peppers, and bacon
    L: Chicken thigh pieces in homemade compliant hot wing sauce over salad. Fruit bowl (w coconut milk and flakes). Peppers dipped in guac.
    D: Compliant mashed potatoes (made with ghee) and homemade chicken tortilla soup leftovers.
    I'm not going to lie... I miss pasta. 
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    AnitaC reacted to laura_juggles in Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?   
    I must be the dissenting opinion here because that soy is clearly labeled. The mods are always saying to check every package every time, even if you bought the exact same thing yesterday and it was compliant yesterday. You couldn't look at that ingredients list and not see the soy. 
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    AnitaC reacted to micah_erin76 in Rocking 2018!   
    @Jager07 your rules for life are great! Hoping this W30 is just the beginning of living to the fullest and tackling some of my "joy robbers." I really enjoy your posts! Very helpful insights and great recipes. And it's especially nice to see we love fur babies. I have a border collie who's almost 6 yrs old named Twain, a rescue who is part king Charles spaniel named Susie, a brand new member of the family is a yorkie given to my son from a friend and his name is Oliver. We also have a cat named daisy who showed up one day and now she's ours haha. She's inside/outside cat and loves to leave me gifts of small dead rodents by my front door yuck!
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    AnitaC reacted to Jager07 in Rocking 2018!   
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    AnitaC reacted to BonnieStP in Food Freedom Journey begins NOW.   
    This was the activity that was planned for the special weekend away!
    Turning 55 a week from now, and this was the gift to myself that I chose.
    My girlfriend of 50+ years (since Kindergarten) and her husband met us there from their home (4.5 hr trip for them, 2.5 hr trip for us), and ziplined with me.
    This is a good time in our lives to get back to experiencing great adventures.

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    AnitaC reacted to GraceBallard in Saturday nights are hard   
    I've found that if I actually go out (and drink soda water or whatever), I end up having a good time, but it's harder to push myself out of the house.  That's funny you said that, because I totally ended up getting dressed and made up last night, and THEN I felt inspired to leave the house.  Went to a friend's art opening and it was just fine.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from GraceBallard in Saturday nights are hard   
    I brought work home with me this weekend and the goal is to keep my brain busy so I don't start wanting wine. Earlier I showered and did my hair and I'm a makeup lover so I had the time I don't have weekday mornings to do my eyeshadow in a very over-the-top manner - all that to say, I'm sitting here alone on a Saturday night looking fabulous from the neck up (wearing leggings and a tank top) so I could go out but know I can't.
    I'm just doing what I can to keep busy.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from DrawMonkey in Monkey's Whole30 Log   
    I would take steak over pizza any day.
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    AnitaC got a reaction from DrawMonkey in Monkey's Whole30 Log   
    Bravo to resisting pizza. I actually dreamed about pizza last night.
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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Day 10 is nearly done! Yea! Happier mood but I’m just a tad burned out.  Like a lot of folks around here, these aren’t the most fun days. Crabby? Yes! Bored? Sure! Questioning what the hell am I doing? Absolutely!
    In other words, I’m right on track.
    I’ve hit the chunk in the middle of the schedule when the excitement has worn off, the commitment to complete 30days questioned, and the desire to figure out what the heck to fix for dinner is very low. 
    I had a saying I leaned on when I ran marathons. Basically it was about quitting never being an option. If I crossed the starting line, I finished the race. If I’d given myself an out, I literally would’ve quit at some point of every race. Only one time did I finish a race and think, “Well that was easy!”  So now, heading into Day 11 it’s time to use that same mentality, and hit auto-pilot. Run the road underneath my feet. Let the days unfold, don’t stress, or worry about what’s ahead, just focus on the day. Quitting isn’t an option, so I might has well stop torturing myself thinking about it, and all the days ahead. Enjoy the journey dammit.
    Im literally making myself sick with all these dumb running metaphors. Goodnight day 10. Officially I’m a third of the way through.
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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Here's the monster.

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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Day 2: WOW! After my early evening energy plunge, I got my b*tt out of bed, took some ‘before’ pictures (shocking, frankly), then made myself homemade ice tea, which I’ve never made before. Definitely better than Starbucks. That was the ticket because my energy bounced right back and I stayed awake until 11pm, watching a crazy obstacle course competition called Ultimate Beast master, and a movie about a guy who climbed Everest to show his girlfriend he’s a stand-up guy. Very uplifting and motivating, and definitely not as downerish as another round watching Broad Church, which I loved, but now I know who killed Danny so it’s not as riveting.
    Heres my first crazy NSVs to report:
    I slept so soundly I actually had a dream! And it was in color! And it was about my daughter and I finding baby eagles in a nest (WTH?!). Can’t even remember the last time I slept soundly enough to dream, let alone in color, and about something so uplifting as baby eagles. 
    I woke up to less joint pain, and abdominal pain...I’ve had this chronic fussy pain on my lower right side for nearly a year, it flares up off and on, but today it feels much better. Yea. 
    Breakfast today:
    Monkey Salad Breakfast (YUM!): Banana, blueberries, Almond Butter, 3 cashews (maybe 4)
    Homemade ice tea, 
    Reflecting a bit: it would be nice to not sit on the sidelines: to feel well, to have energy to do more than get thru the day, to feel younger than my age not older (54, btw). I’m tired  all day, don’t feel well most days, feel reactive, agitated, annoyed, and cynical 90% of my day. It’d be nice to feel the opposite of all those things. I have a hunch I’ll need more than 30 days to turn things around, but after my dream about finding baby eagles in a nest, I’m pretty sure I’m headed in the right direction. 
    I poked around Pinterest looking at Whole30 before/after pics. Talk about inspiring and motivating. Day 2 is a long way from Day 31, but I’m super excited about what happens in between. 
    Hoping you all have a fabulously healthy Whole30 day!
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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Thank you Foodfamilywine!
    Just made another run to Whole Foods...I’ve got a bunch of veges roasting in the oven, as well as my attempt at a chicken marabella recipe I saw in the recipe section...I’m a bit anxious today over all this, for some reason. I really want to achieve the full 30 days, without a mess up, so shopping definitely wasn’t a mindless activity. As every newbie realizes, Sugar is in nearly every thing. 
    I did make a fabulous sauce if anyone is interested. It’s my take on peanut sauce, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:
    In my mini processor I put a big huge spoonful of almond butter, then mixed in lime zest, lime juice, coconut aminos, green onion, and jalepeno pepper. I added some coconut milk to thin it down a bit, and some more lime juice because frankly, it was pretty darn spicy thanks to my not paying attention to seeding the jalapeño. It has a ton of flavor, so if you’re looking for a dip/sauce to add to your life, give this one a try!
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    AnitaC reacted to Helen_ in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    I would definitely take those NSV's! That's amazing. My skin is taking a bit longer but after two weeks I am also seeing results.
    I sure remember my first whole30 living alone, having nobody but myself to take care of as an easier ride than the ones I've tried over the years when the house wasn't just me and the cat. Though, sometimes it is good to have someone to account to. So maybe this forum can be that for you might you need it along the ride. 

    The stressing over food left in the fridge and not knowing what to do with it is so recognizable! Whenever I just buy lots of veggies and try to wing it I always end up throwing away food that hasn't been eating. Now, keeping to a 'tight' regiment of planning every meal, buying groceries just for the plan and nothing else and holding to the meals  my fridge is empty when I have to buy new groceries without having to throw stuff away. occasionally I do end up with something leftover, but now, after having done this for a while, I don't stress about it anymore and just look up some recipe to make with it or try to experiment myself. Or just add it to the plate. Like cherry tomatoes. I had lots left after needing just 1/3 of the container for one specific recipe, but I just added a couple every morning to my breakfast, that was really nice, it also brought more colour to my plate and that really does help to enjoy a meal more! So maybe, for the time being it's best to really plan al your meals and than when you feel confident enough you could gradually maybe try to wing it for one or two meals in you meal plan and see how that goes?

    It's so true that results don't come over night. This helps me a lot as well. The first time I did a whole30 (years back, maybe 7 years ago?) my weight wasn't an issue, I just had a tummy that was bloated a lot, so result came quickly and easy. Now, years later after having steered away from a healthy lifestyle (long story short lost job, fell into self-esteem issues and once your spiraling down it's hard to hit the stop button and start climbing back up when there is lots of stuff going)  I am overweight and my tummy is showing big signs of inflammation (tummy fat anyone?) and it obviously doesn't show much results this early on and I shouldn't even expect that the tummy will be gone after the 30 days. But having done this before I do know what it feels like to not have a bloated tummy, not have the aches and pains in my body and have a clear mind and I do feel that result. So maybe try to look for small changes in how your body feels rather than looking at your body and maybe stressing over having to still buckle your belt on that same hole telling you it's not working? Patience and believing in yourself and the program is essential. Keep the faith and carry on as they say. So again, do take those none scale victories and celebrate them buy coming up with a new breakfast recipe that doesn't need al that hot sauce.  
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    AnitaC reacted to valiantrunner in Samalope's First Whole30 Log   
    The foolproof way to DIY hashbrowns:
    1) Shred potato. Doesn't matter how you do this - cheese grater or food processor works.
    2) Soak them in cool tap water for 30 seconds.
    3) Squeeze water from the potatoes using a towel.
    4) Fry in a dry pan, with a little ghee, or with olive oil/avocado oil/coconut oil. YUM!
    This is the way I've gotten them to crisp up beautifully like the storebought ones (the ones with dextrose). I have a corn allergy (dextrose is corn derived), so I've been doing it this way for a while. SO GOOD! If you fry up an egg, over easy, and then break the's like a little piece of Heaven on your breakfast plate. So good it ought to be banned LOL!
    FWIW, oxidized potatoes taste just as good as unoxidized potatoes