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    AnitaC reacted to MimiHi in Monkey's Whole30 Log   
    Well, see how well you did? You could've picked up a bag of Cheetos and a Mountain Dew!
    I was unprepared yesterday and went into a Whole Foods and had a hard time finding something quick, and that's at a bloody Whole Foods! You may not have had the best first day on the planet, but you get and A+ for trying. At least in my book, anyway!
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    AnitaC got a reaction from Juice06870 in Matt's January Whole30   
    I like reading the meals because it gives me ideas. This is my first Whole30 (currently Day 9). Also, I needed to read your last paragraph. I'm on Day 9 and I wondering why I'm not skinny and maybe I'm doing something wrong. Every now and then I run into the kitchen and aggressively re-read every ingredient list because I'm so scared there's something I've missed but no, I need to be patient (ugh). So thanks!
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    AnitaC reacted to Vee716 in Ideas for fish!   
    I don't remember where I saw it but I found a recipe for white fish that was basically to use a compliant dijon mustard on it and then apply crushed compliant nuts and bake.  I've used macadamia and almond, both were great.  Super simple. 
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    AnitaC reacted to Tina47 in Canadian Whole30   
    Hey fellow Canadian Whole30ers!!!  I started my Whole30 on January 1st.  I did it last January for 6 months.  Life changing!  Just wish I had stayed on it.  Anyway, I just wanted to put out there that we now have access to Whole30 compliant foods here in Canada.  After reading a post leading up to the January 1st start day,  I discovered that Natura Market ( offers Whole30 approved foods and ships right to your door.   I ordered the Whole30 starter kit and received it yesterday.  It was perfectly packed and I am now enjoying some Whole30 products that I would otherwise not have access to.  Absolutely worth it!!
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    AnitaC reacted to racheleats in Meal Planning for One   
    Recently I have been prepping big batches of individual foods (roasting a tray of butternut squash, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, green beans, cooking 5 chicken breasts, putting a roast in the crock pot, etc.) and then making up different combos of food for each meal. Sort of like buffet style, or like Dig Inn if you've ever been to that restaurant. Then I add a sauce or avocado or something and there's a balanced meal.
    You can cook up whatever proteins/veggies you like and then experiment with different flavor combos. I've really been liking pesto/hot sauce together, it's surprisingly good!!