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  1. micah_erin76

    Starting Jan 8

    I have seen where people have had long-term success, true lifestyle change, with eating paleo after completing W30. I'm going to look into this a little more.:)
  2. micah_erin76

    Whole 30 & Vyvance (for ADHD/Anxiety)

    @lauramichele I have been taking Vyvanse for several years. I also have had issues with loose bowel movements, but my issues were present long before I ever started taking Vyvanse. Have you discussed your concern with loose bowel movements and Vyvanse with your physician/provider who prescribes it? If you haven't, I believe you should. Vyvanse most commonly causes constipation. My thought is it may be something other than Vyvanse causing your bowel issues and it's very important to identify what is causing it, especially if it isn't the Vyvanse. I hope you begin feeling better soon! Best wishes!
  3. micah_erin76

    Starting Jan 8

    The sugar dragon can be relentless. Great job coming back to W30! I'm a newbie but I will be here to support you! It seems for most of us, lifelong change of diet is really continual learning. Maybe get in touch with a moderator and as your W30 comes to an end, reach out to those who have had long-term success for extra guidance, encouragement, and motivation with your reintroduction phase. You can do this!!
  4. micah_erin76

    Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...

    I'm on day 2 of my W30 and I am very happy to read this! I've had night sweats for several years, then the past 2 years I've had many hot flashes every day. I'm 41 and just had hormone levels checked. I'm very optimistic that I'll notice positive changes.
  5. micah_erin76

    Changing my life

    You definitely are not alone. I started my W30 today and have been dealing with fear of my food demons. There is so much support here. I believe we are in the right place
  6. micah_erin76

    Starting Jan 8

    So far so good! Day 1 just about in the books. I am feeling hungry. My stomach is growling but I've eaten all the veggies, fruit, meat, and nuts I can stand for 1 day haha. This is an enormous shift in eating habits for me. My diet has been full of sugar, preservatives, and fast food for the past few years yuck.
  7. micah_erin76

    Starting Jan 8

    Today has been day 1 of Whole 30 for me! This is my 1st time. I'm excited and a little concerned bc my eating habits have been horrible for the past 3.5yrs and I know the sugar addiction is going to work on me. I want to feel healthy and strong. I want to have energy and feel comfortable in my own skin. Let's do this!