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    @Jager07 your rules for life are great! Hoping this W30 is just the beginning of living to the fullest and tackling some of my "joy robbers." I really enjoy your posts! Very helpful insights and great recipes. And it's especially nice to see we love fur babies. I have a border collie who's almost 6 yrs old named Twain, a rescue who is part king Charles spaniel named Susie, a brand new member of the family is a yorkie given to my son from a friend and his name is Oliver. We also have a cat named daisy who showed up one day and now she's ours haha. She's inside/outside cat and loves to leave me gifts of small dead rodents by my front door yuck!
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    @lauramichele I have been taking Vyvanse for several years. I also have had issues with loose bowel movements, but my issues were present long before I ever started taking Vyvanse. Have you discussed your concern with loose bowel movements and Vyvanse with your physician/provider who prescribes it? If you haven't, I believe you should. Vyvanse most commonly causes constipation. My thought is it may be something other than Vyvanse causing your bowel issues and it's very important to identify what is causing it, especially if it isn't the Vyvanse. I hope you begin feeling better soon! Best wishes!
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    @micah_erin76 It was a great day!  Yay for our houses being a safe place for fur babies!   
    @MimiHi No, I don't think the owner will call about her.  Sadly, some of these small towns just don't care if their dog runs away.  The police officer we talked to said she takes at least one pit bull a day to the shelter from that town.  It's heartbreaking, but hopefully this girl can find a nice home.
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    What?!? Happy Happy 6th Birthday!!! Ohhh!! I absolutely adore that age. Doesn't the time go by so fast?? Do they do anything special at school? Obviously getting cupcakes is a big score for the kids! But does her class have any special traditions for birthdays? Either way, What a special day!
    Can we please discuss your discipline? Holy cow, Cavemom. Well done. If there's ever an excuse to lick ones fingers, you had it today, so this goes down in the record books for pure win of the day!
    I'll be very curious if your PCOS symptoms improve at all? Wouldn't that be fantastic?
    You're really doing great, Cavemom. Day 16 is in the record books!
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    @CaveMom you are doing fantastic! Delivering cupcakes and serving ice cream cake without struggling seems like a huge accomplishment! I have had such an unhealthy relationship with sweets in particular. I really hope to change that. Congrats on rocking Day 16!
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    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.   ~ Henry David Thoreau
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    Day 16.  Its my daughter’s birthday today!  She turned 6.
     I’m proud to say I delivered cupcakes to her school and didn’t gobble one down in the car on the way.  I did leave a note to not return leftovers, haha!
    She wanted ice cream cake for her family party.  I sliced it, served it and got it on my fingers and didn’t even really desire to cheat.  I was pretty surprised, really.  
    Today was supposed to be the onset of what they call tiger blood in the book.  For whatever reason though, I’ve been super tired and have had a larger appetite.  I did a lot of taste testing while cooking dinner.  I have PCOS so my hormones fluctuate a lot.  I truly don’t think how I feel today has anything to do with the food I’m eating or not eating.  I think I’ll always have hormone and mood fluctuations.  
    I have recognized that I often feed my feelings of fatigue comfort foods and carbs and sugar.   I can tell my body wants to know what’s up, but I haven’t craved anything much, except for a coke.   I did think about that a few times today.
    Breakfast was 2 fried eggs, sausage and cantaloupe.
    Lunch:  Leftover pork steak, mashed potatoes and spinach with a clementine.
    Dinner:  Chicken coated in almond flour and pan fried.  Kale chips.  Mashed sweet potatoes and fruit salad.
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    I’m having trouble posting on my other thread.  Others are able to reply, but I can’t seem to get it to take, so I’ll try it here.
    Yesterday was Day 10!  I wish I could say I felt great, but I was extremely tired, due to hormonal issues I’m sure.  I also kept wondering why I was doing this to myself.  I could be on another diet that is way less restrictive.  
    I had to remind myself that other diets have worked for me in the past to lose weight, but hey didn’t teach me anything about my relationship with food.  Otherwise I wouldn’t keep gaining the weight back.  Other diets did not reveal possible sensitivities to food groups or help me kick my sugar addiction.  
    So, I’m determined to stick with this and I’m trusting the Whole30 timeline that these feelings will pass.  
    Yesterday I ate:
    Breakfast:  Sweet Potato Toast with Almond Butter, Banana, Pecans, and Cinnamon.  Deviled Eggs.  Coffee and Nutpods.
    Lunch:  Outback Steakhouse:  6oz sirloin, sweet potato with cinnamon only, steamed broccoli.  Told them to hold butter, soy products and any spices with sugar.  They were very accommodating and the meal was great!
    Dinner:  Was really full all evening from the meal at Outback.  Had a saucer sized plate of slow cooked beef ribs, potato and carrots.  Apple slices.  
    Snack:  Frozen grapes.
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    micah_erin76 reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Thanks you guys!! 
    I wish I could report I woke up feeling full of glee. I am happy to hit the halfway mark, but now I'm confused AF.
    I spent last night pouring over various websites and food lists trying to figure out what the heck might be happening with my system and I cannot get a handle on it. First, I thought it was FODMAP thingy, but now I'm wondering if it's a issue called histamine-intolerance. Anyway, my mind is spinning and I'm feeling so down in the dumps, frankly. There's one more called AIP--anyway, I feel as if I'm half-way but not. I do know this: 90% of the foods I was eating to this point, to make it through these past 15 days, are mostly foods I'm not supposed to eat according to one list or the other. So, I feel as if I'm starting all over, sort of, which kind of sucks.
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    micah_erin76 reacted to Jager07 in January W30: Take 1   
    That is ding dang awesome!
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    micah_erin76 got a reaction from Jager07 in January W30: Take 1   
    Day 4 complete! NSVs...I felt healthier today than I have for years! I had a busy evening and still had a compliant dinner in my car an route to my son's basketball game...thanks to @Jager07 for the suggestion. After the game the team and parents went to fast food place and I really enjoyed talking w the other parents and kids, without eating. I left the restaurant feeling really good about another successful day. 
    My breakfast and lunch are in previous post.
    D: chicken breast cooked w ghee, carrots, walnuts, water
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    Happy Day 14! Two weeks. So happy to be two weeks in to this journey. 
    Thanks you guys for the support regarding my break up with almonds. I'd really grown to love those little gems, so this isn't going to be the same as dumping kale and mushrooms from my diet.  
    To answer your question, ceerock, I was poking around other threads on this site, and saw one about FODMAPS. I don't have a clinical diagnosis or anything like that, but early on I started wondering about almonds, and kale, and tomatoes, so I've just been trying to self diagnose why I always feel like I'm having an appendicitis or my intestines hurt all the time. When I looked into FODMAPS I saw that nearly everything I eat is on the HIGH list, while very little is on the LOW list. I figure that's not good, so I'm going to focus on low fodmaps and see if I feel better. I can't quite get a consistent read on the almonds, some lists seem to say 4-10 almonds are ok, but more than that aren't. Well I have no idea who in the world can eat just 4 almonds at a time, so I'm going to remove them completely to see how I feel. 
    Then I also discovered something about nightshade vegetables, and seems as if I react to those as well. In other words, I've got some weeding out to do to see if I feel much better these next two weeks.
    Two weeks in, I wish I could say I felt better than I do. Not that I feel lousy, but I haven't hit that "BOY! DO I FEEL GREAT!" spot yet. Probably because 90% of the foods I've been eating cause my intestines to hurt! 
    Aside from how I feel physically, I am so happy to be here with all of you. I got to thinking about how amazing all of you are sticking to this plan for days on end. We've got a great support group right here, and it just goes to show that no matter where we live, when people have a common goal of health and well being amazing things can happen. Without a doubt, I would've been much more tempted to quit had I not had all of you along for the ride. I love reading how your days are going, what food you're preparing for yourself, your pictures of the meals you make, learning about your lives through your daily food entries, and most of all how earnest you all are in making your health a priority, especially when the days don't go as planned. It's amazing to see how committed we all are to making this work!  We live all over the country, yet sharing this 30 day commitment makes me realize how connected the human spirit is. I cannot express my gratitude for your support not just towards me but to everyone else here. It's just so nice to read all of us encouraging each other.
    I hope you all have a very very happy day!
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    Thanks for the support during my crabby day yesterday. I hope none of you has a day like that. It really was not a fun feeling to be so crabby all day.
    Day7. One week down. Crazy how fast that went.
    Here's my look back on the week:
    I discovered Kale is definitely not my friend. I ate too many nuts and dates, but hey! It was the first week, so that's ok. I learned to make mayonnaise, cut wayyyy back on my Le Croix habit...from 3 to 4 cans a day to 3 for the entire week. The big one is I didn't mess up, so I can pass on to week 2 feeling like I really accomplished something. Who knew that not eating any crap all day long would feel like such an accomplishment? Shows you how bombarded we are with it everyday all day. I also discovered that you are cooking amazing dishes, taking fantastic photographs, have incredible commitment to stick with it, and are all amazingly supportive Whole30 friends. You all have brightened my day, each day, this past week, and yesterday when I was craving chocolate or trying to rationalize a way to add "honey" to the list of acceptable foods. I didn't go thru with it because I thought of you guys and how inspiring you are.
    I think the biggest improvement from a week ago is that I feel less stuck, not so frozen on the sidelines, like I did before Cavemom inspired me to go to the store and get ready to start early. This is such an amazing feeling because I've felt stuck in life for quite a few years, so to feel life shift a bit is really really great.
    YOU are all so wonderful, and I am happy we are here doing this together. I'm very grateful for you all. Have a Fabulous Day, whichever Day you're on!
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    Day 6: 
    In a rotten mood thanks to my dog.
    He really drives me nuts some days, most days actually. He's a big huge Basset Hound and if you've ever had one, you know exactly what I mean. As luck has it, his hound personality and my whole30 timeline clashed at 1am...Melissa warns us that around day 4-7 we might feel SUPER P*ssed off at nothing in particular, but she failed to mention that if this coincides with your dog wanting to go "check to see if that kitty cat might be in the backyard at 1am" you're in for a long day ahead. 
    Hope you all are having a much more upbeat day than I am...thank goodness for leftovers, and for the structure of this program because for some odd reason I'm enjoying the strictness of it all today.
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    Who knew Everyone's on turmeric. Well guess what? I dug around my drawer of supplements, and what did I find?? Yep. Turmeric from my naturopath. I'd forgotten all about it. So, I'm back on it and have fingers crossed it works. Once again, thank you for the great tip. 
    I know you are all anxiously waiting to hear my mayonnaise news so I won't keep you waiting any longer: It turned out great! For my first time ever making it, I give it an 8. In all fairness I've never had homemade fancy french mayonnaise, so for all I know it's better than I think it is.  I believe the egg yolks, like the oil,  make a substantial impact on the taste. The yolks I used were from before XMAS (maybe Thanksgiving).  It certainly doesn't take like my Best Foods brand that I love, but I must say it's very fresh and fluffy and even when I was convinced I'd really screwed things up, Julia Child assured me it was coming along exactly as it's supposed to. 
    Another great bonus, and I'm not kidding when I tell you thing:  I was sweating whipping those egg yolks and oil, teaspoon by teaspoon for 20 minutes (Felt more like 20 hours). Last night, I thought my wrist was broken, tonight I believe I developed carpel tunnel syndrome from making mayonnaise.
    Cavemom and foodfamilywine, thank YOU for the kind posts. I'm so happy we are all here doing this together. I love reading about your days, and all your exciting recipes. When I feel more confident with my cooking skills, I will take a stab at some of your creations. Until then, please keep posting your pictures and recipes. They're so fun to see.
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    I’m half way!!!  I feel so good about Day 15!  I really can’t believe I’ve been doing this diet.  I’ve lost weight in the past by counting calories, but I would starve myself through the day, just so I could “afford” a dessert at the end of the day.  It was such an unhealthy relationship with food and this plan has changed that in me.  I’m unbelievably proud of myself and everyone here!  We are awesome!
    So, my in-laws moved into our in-law suite a couple of weeks ago.  I think I was on Day 2 or 3 when they moved in.  My husband has been sending dinner plates over to them most evenings.  Today, my Mother-in-Law said she had lost 3 pounds and the only thing she has changed are the dinners we make!  I thought that was pretty neat!
    Being back at work has helped to take my mind off food so much.  Whole30 seems to be getting easier in terms of planning and prepping.  Going to the grocery is a lot less stressful now that I know what to get.  It’s starting to feel like a normal way of living.  
    I don’t know what “tiger blood” is supposed to feel like, but according  to the Whole30 timeline, it arrives on Day 16.  Curious what that’s all about.  I’ll let you know tomorrow if I start roaring, lol!
    Today I had coconut milk over mixed fruit, almonds and raisins for breakfast.  Coffee and nutpods.
    Lunch was a leftover hamburger patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mayo.  Carrots with ranch and a clementine.  
    Dinner was Boston butt steak with mashed potatoes, asparagus and spinach stir fry and melon balls.
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    The sugar dragon can be relentless. Great job coming back to W30! I'm a newbie but I will be here to support you! It seems for most of us, lifelong change of diet is really continual learning. Maybe get in touch with a moderator and as your W30 comes to an end, reach out to those who have had long-term success for extra guidance, encouragement, and motivation with your reintroduction phase. You can do this!!
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    Do you have time to fry some chicken in olive oil with garlic? Put it in a sandwich bag, grab some veggies and olives and out the door. 
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    micah_erin76 reacted to MimiHi in January W30: Take 1   
    YEA!!! Wow! That was quick! So happy you figured that out. Well done!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!!
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    Yay! I'm so glad you figured it out!
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    SO glad you figured that one out! Yay Goodbye nausea!!
    Food sensitivities can be tough to deal with.
    Hugs for you dear!
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    Oh YAY!  Glad you figured out the effect of eggs on you.  What a great feeling you must have to make a discovery like that on Day 4.  
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    Today is Day 5 for me ( started on 7th) and I can actually say that I feel like my huffin and puffin has diminished. YEA!!!!! I took a shower this morning and as I made it to bedroom I was breathing normally. No holding on to walls while I catch my breath, no rushing to chair so I can rest. I can feel the difference already. The last time I did Whole63 the first few days were torture. I was having severe headaches, feeling nauseous and I was practically begging for a sugar cube. Not this time. I’m actually having it easy. 
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    I think I may do the same thing but after I have gone as far as I can with Whole30. 
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    EPIPHANY!!! The eggs were making me sick!! This was a total "duh" moment for me this morning but nonetheless I'm grateful! More than 10 yrs ago I was tested for good sensitivities. The list of foods was so long that I was completely overwhelmed and just cut out the things I knew were making me sick...wheat, barley, rye. Eggs was on the list but no didn't give it too much consideration bc I don't really like eggs and rarely ate them. 
    This morning I had an Apple and walnuts and coffee w nutpods. An hour or so later my stomach was feeling ok and it occurred to me that I was eating eggs for breakfast then felt sick the rest of the day. This is funny because I've been an RN for almost 20yrs and I'm in grad school in Nurse Practitioner program but I'm the worst at figuring out what is going on w me! 
    I then are chicken breast tenderloin leftover w primal chipotle line mayo w romaine lettuce used as bun. And I feel good! 
    Thankful for everyone on here being so helpful.