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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. Is there a resource you recommend to learn more about why potatoes would affect me this way? I am somewhat baffled by the idea that they are the cause given my lack of problems before starting Whole30, but it's true that I wasn't eating nearly as many white potatoes before Whole30. Does this suggest that I am FODMAP sensitive or should I not assume that? Also, can I keep eating sweet potatoes? They have definitely become a staple since starting Whole30. Thanks again.
  2. Hi there. I'm on Day 19 and I just started experiencing headaches yesterday and again this morning. I was feeling good up to Day 18, with steady energy and virtually no digestive issues or other negative symptoms. (In fact, I have had a much easier time on the program than my husband, who has pretty much experienced everything the timeline suggests one will experience). Prior to starting Whole30, I didn't have any obvious food sensitivities. I also did not get headaches. Since starting, I have been following the template and have specifically tried to increase my intake of starchy carbs/f