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  1. Thank you ladyshanny.... but considering this forum is full of success stories and countless nutritionists, I bet there will be PLENTY of people with helpful advice. Also, I'm SURE I'm not the first one to have gone through this program to then realize how passionate they are about nutrition and wellness! Here's to staying open minded! I'd like to become a certified nutritionist, and would like some advice on the best programs to pursue. Anyone have any helpful direction? Audrey
  2. I completely my second whole 30 in January. And it’s clear, I want to make nutrition my life. I want to be certified as a nutritionist but don’t know where to begin. I’m wondering if W30 has any recommended programs or resources for nutritionist certifications? Thank you! Audrey
  3. I feel like I'm having the same experience! digestion has gotten worse! I'm on day 19. Constipated, gas, and bloating.
  4. But I've read that fat can increase bloating/gas? Perhaps all of the nutrient-dense foods that are so much better for me, might still be harder to digest? Are there any other natural ways to improve digestion?
  5. Hey there, happy to. So: Breakfasts: 1) 3 eggs with ghee, tomatoes or peppers, sausage and/or bacon, maybe some fruit 2) Roasted sweet potatoes, with almond butter and banana, maybe some bacon 3) Coffee with nutpods Lunches: 1) Big salad with hard boiled egg, roasted potatoes, carmelized onions, homemade cilantro lemon vinagrette, avocado, etc. 2) Leftovers: Spaghetti squash bolognese, add ghee or coconut oil for more fat 3) Leftovers: Waldorf Chicken Salad (grapes, chicken, red onion, celery, with mayo lemon, etc.) 4) Leftovers: Cauliflower fried Rice, with carrots, green beans, onions, coconut aminos, seasoning Dinners: Any of the Lunch items as well OR: 1) Roasted chicken with mushrooms, Brussels and bacon 2) Seared tuna steak with kale salad, sauteed snap peas, coconut aminos and seasoning as dressing 3) Buffalo chicken meatballs and cauliflower mashed potatoes 4) Steak and veggies, potatoes 5) Homemade carnitas with guac and salsa in lettuce cups Snacks (I usually get hungry about an hour after I eat so I'm definitely a snacker): 1) nuts and fruit 2) almond butter and fruit 3) carrots and homemade ranch 3) RX Bars or meat sticks, or approved jerky My only thought could be I'm not leaving enough time between meals? Or I'm eating too fast? Or my snacking and grazing is messing me up? I don't think I could make my meals any larger, I definitely eat a lot, and add fats, and am not afraid of carbs (At all!). Any help is appreciated, I just want a quiet tummy! I definitely get hungry a lot! But I don't think i need to eat less either, i feel like i dont want to lose anymore weight really. Thank you!
  6. Hello, sorry to bring up the grossest part of our W30's, but I've got to ask. I'm Day 19, my energy feels good, by body feels good, my skin is clear, all those things are happening! I think I've got Tiger Blood! However, not Tiger-Tummy. I'm on Day 19, and I still deal with low appetite, gas, bloating, and constipation. I deal with gas/bloating before W30, but am never really constipated. I have been eating beautiful W30 meals, sometimes lack an appetite just cause of the effort that has to go into them, but I really want to get to the bottom of my digestive issues. I have no idea! Any help or input? Thanks!