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  1. DrawMonkey

    Day 5: Headache Woes

    Thank you! I did post it over in the daily log... I'll look through it and see if I could have organized my templates better. I felt a little more energetic overall today on the plus side! No headaches at all!
  2. DrawMonkey

    In-compliant meal - help!

    You've got this!! Don't let a slip up get you down. Keep going - the important thing is you recognized you slipped up and want to correct it. It takes longer than nine days to form new habits, so stay strong!
  3. Hello everyone! Today is my Day 5 and instead of Kill All the Things, I'm a little more Tired and Headachy and No Energy. I would normally attribute this headache to "didn't have coffee yet" or "didn't sleep well" but I've had my daily cup of black coffee and I slept like a baby last night. Did the day 6 fatigue kick in early you think?
  4. @StefM I'm so glad to see you powering through your partner's non compliant taunting! If it's any consolation my family ordered pizza last night from one of my favorite places (pepperoni and everything ugghhh); I sulked for about two minutes then realized the "perfect portion" tenderloin from Wegmens I had made with crushed tomatoes, garlic, onion with zoodles overpowered the pizza smell and I barely looked at the pizza box at all as I ate. You can do this! Also: fruit/coconut milk/coconut flakes is MY go to. I can't believe how good it tastes!
  5. DrawMonkey

    Newbie Prepping

    Good luck on your journey! I began on the 9th! Check out the meal template guide if you need help balancing your meals! And my sole advice is: meal prep meal prep meal prep!
  6. DrawMonkey

    Organic Dried Coconut

    Dried coconut is great! I've been adding a pinch to my fruit for a little crunch. Great question
  7. DrawMonkey

    On Day 2... looking for recommendation?

    Thanks for the help! I thought I read that if cacao is a garnish it's ok? I might've looked wrong. For me, personally, it's not a sweet rush that I would get from processed chocolate, and I thought of it more for a texture crunch than a chocolate substitute. I'm not a big nut addict but I figured it's a good part of a pre-workout mini meal or - working in retail - shifts that become longer than planned for. They're also used for some recipes as well. I appreciate the advice!
  8. DrawMonkey

    Starting January 10th

    I'm on Day 2, so we're both newbies! Welcome! I find it really useful to exercise with a friend. I met up with my one colleague at a gym last night for about 45 min of treadmill walking. Nothing fast and furious, but enough to get me moving after a long day of driving (I was returning home from a vacation). It helped having her along because I had someone to pass the time with! 45 minutes FLEW by! Good luck on your journey!
  9. Hi everyone! Today, I began day 2 of my Whole 30 Journey (I was going to begin on Monday like any sane person, but well.... chicken soup and dumplings were involved). I've done a lot of grunt work... bought a stock of nuts, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, chia seeds, etc. but the one thing I'm not overly familiar with are the chia seeds. Today, I sprinkled them on my massive salad (with a nice piece of salmon on top), but I'm wondering what else they're useful for, other than sprinkling? I saw a chia seed pudding recipe, but - as it's a dessert like item - I don't think that technically counts. Any suggestions?