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  1. Jenni1213

    Insomnia - It's Improving! - Yay

    I’m on day 10 and feel worse than ever but I have more than just sibo. Happy to see someone doing so well! That is encouraging!
  2. Jenni1213

    Day 10 and feel sicker....

    I’m very sorry. I was not asking for medical advice at all! I could see how that came across. Hopefully this will explain what I am asking! I was really curious if there are any other whole30ers who have had an experience like this? Still so sick on day 10? I tried hard to word it like I was asking for experiences, I don’t want any medical advice. But I failed at that I see! I have way to many Drs for that. I want experiences. “I’m trying” to decide if I should ditch the program. I’m not looking for anyone to tell me what to do. I believe in whole30 but believe I might be too damaged. Maybe someone who has had any one of my issues has a success story or an experience they can share. I included all my issues as I thought I might find a common whole30er. I’ve been under the care of Drs for many years now and know I can call them instantly. I’m just tired of them. I did a tag search on a few of my issues and found a few people discussing thing! I just need to read this evening and keep following tags!
  3. I’m hoping someone can share their experience with me. I have endless layers of health isssues and have given up on Drs. It started with food intolerances to finding out I had a form of IBD then layered that with sibo and then sibo I couldn’t conquer due to a layer of toxic mold illness. I’ve lived about 90% dairy and gluten free for many years now and just this past year went grain free as best as I could. (I would say a 100% but I’m not perfect). However I’ve also relied on elemental drinks to help kill off sibo and heal my gut. The main ingredient is dextrose. It’s not absorbed by the small intestine so it helps keep you alive while your body kills the sibo. So with that said my body loves dextrose. I feel incredible when I live solely on physician’s elemental diet. So I know I have a sugar addiction even though outside of the ed diet I really only consumed honey or fruit. I did go a little wild this holiday! I will admit. Anyways I struggle with eating and finding what I can eat without getting hives, having my stomach turn into a giant beach ball, or having massive right side pain. So that’s my background. I decided I would just take on whole30 to help my body learn how to handle food but I’m beyond sick. The only other time I felt like this was 14 years ago when I was pregnant and I ended up in the ER on fluids. I had chronic morning sickness. I’M NOT PREGNANT, NOT POSSIBLE! ☺️ A few days ago I couldn’t even get out of bed. I feel like throwing up. I have about 6-8 bowel movements a day. I thought maybe I had the flu but I don’t. A cold has come and gone through our house. I do have some sinus congestion still. Nothing sounds good except oven roasted potatoes or some soup. Is this normal? Or is something wrong with me? I’m worried. But I told myself after thousands of dollars worth of medical bills this last year and Drs who could never help me but keep finding things wrong I was going to try this in my own. Is anyone else this sick on day 10? Is it’s because of all my health issues? I don’t want to give up at all. Looking to see if this is common???