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  1. Just wanted to provide an update. My period did finally show up - 4 days late and everything seems normal since. I went to see my Naturopath and she reiterated what JMCBN said (exactly :)) -- so now back to TTC... The food reintroduction is slow but I'm moving along.
  2. Thank you. I very much appreciate the information and encouragement. I should have got on this forum sooner! Great resource. Good Luck to everyone out there!
  3. Thanks for the response - I did not go low carb and I didn't lose a crazy amount of weight - my clothes fit better but by no means falling off and I felt good. I was still working out and running... My eczema did start to clear up but last week it flared again on my hands but I believe that could be more toxins coming out and releasing through the skin. I'll wait for this darn period to show up and see how I feel. I think what is throwing me off is that prior to whole30 my cycle was exactly 28 days and I was charting everything - my progesterone did increase mid Whole 30 (Confirmed via bl
  4. Hello All - I'm glad I found this thread! I just finished the whole 30 on 01/30 and I was expecting my period on that day and nothing. Waited another day - nothing -- and now today still nothing. I've taken three pregnancy tests - all negative. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday (01/29) and believe it or not I failed to mention I was doing the Whole 30 because by then it had been so normal it didn't seem like a big deal and I was expecting my period the next day......well big mistake. Background - I'm TTC at 39 , Baby #1 took a year and had a miscarriage before and after Baby #1. I'm