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  1. Mrs Tyrrell

    Starting my first Whole30 on January 22nd!

    As a homeschool mom of two boys, I already spend my whole life cooking and cleaning up! We're one day 3 here. My husband decided to join me, which is awesome, but he's cheating and weighing himself. He's lost 4 pounds already!!! Now I won't weigh myself for sure until the end, because I know I can't compete with that. So far, everything we've had to eat has been really good, just not satisfying in the way bread is. Or cake. Or cookies. Sticking to it, but sure do miss my bread.
  2. Mrs Tyrrell

    Starting my first Whole30 on January 22nd!

    Me too! First time, starting the 22nd. Good luck!!
  3. Mrs Tyrrell

    Starting January 21, 2018- first timer....

    I'm starting Jan. 22nd, too. Just finished my book and am in progress on a menu grid for the whole 30 days. This is my first time, too, and I'm the only one in my house doing it. So glad to meet other people here! I'm happy to share my menu grid when it's done if you want!