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  1. foxforce5

    Do compliant meat substitutes exist?

    I do not want to eat anything that is not allowed on the actual program. Rather, I would like to find things that are compliant, but not meat for recipes that call for meat. I want the full and total results. I wont eat soy, tofu, rice, etc.
  2. foxforce5

    Do compliant meat substitutes exist?

    I did read that before, and again now. It didnt really help me. I dont know what a "reset" is. I think this is why I am having such a hard time starting this approach. I have been searching and scrolling for hours and hours, days and days on end, with no real help or conclusion. I have the audio book, printed off all the resources, and am no closer to starting this plan than I was a year ago. Thank you for help.
  3. foxforce5

    Do compliant meat substitutes exist?

    The last three things are not sentences, rather just more information if it is needed. I just mean in general. Yes, usually meat sub are processed, so I know those would not be a good choice. But anything, nearly every recipe is for meat-Im wondering what I could use instead of. I read that beans, legumes etc are not allowed, and this is typically what one would eat other than meat.
  4. Are there any compliant meat substitutes? We have a split household with vegetarians and omnivores. I will be cooking traditional W30 meals, with an added (or subtracted) vegetarian spin on the recipe. Any suggestions? First time Whole30 Home with small children-adults Vegetarian and omnivore eaters