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    Celiac Appearing for First time

    @ladyshanny, Thank you. I do not think Whole30 created or triggered celiac, my mom has it so was not horribly surprised when I got some symptoms. I was more surprised about the timing that the symptoms showed up. I was mainly trying to figure out if anyone has similar to celiac symptoms appearing during the Whole30. I plan on seeing a doctor after I have normalized my diet for a week or two to make sure I am at a baseline.
  2. I am doing a Whole60 and around day 45 I started to gets symptoms of celiac, mainly oil in my stool. I have never had any issues that were connected with celiac that I know of, I was diagnosed with IBS 6 months ago. Has anyone else had issues with issues like this coming up during the Whole30 but not during their normal diet? I have not been eating much high fat or any gluten. Thank you!