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  1. JStagge

    Celiac Appearing for First time

    @ladyshanny, Thank you. I do not think Whole30 created or triggered celiac, my mom has it so was not horribly surprised when I got some symptoms. I was more surprised about the timing that the symptoms showed up. I was mainly trying to figure out if anyone has similar to celiac symptoms appearing during the Whole30. I plan on seeing a doctor after I have normalized my diet for a week or two to make sure I am at a baseline.
  2. I am doing a Whole60 and around day 45 I started to gets symptoms of celiac, mainly oil in my stool. I have never had any issues that were connected with celiac that I know of, I was diagnosed with IBS 6 months ago. Has anyone else had issues with issues like this coming up during the Whole30 but not during their normal diet? I have not been eating much high fat or any gluten. Thank you!
  3. Thanks. I ended up having a brutal flu that put me in bed for 3 days and I just got over. The Flu hopefully was causing 100% of the pain. I am reintroducing espresso tomorrow.
  4. I had really bad pain with my whole body being incredibly sore on day 5-15 of this round and I introduced Magnesium supplement which helped. I am back to the Magnesium which is helping a little but not as much as before. I was feeling incredible until mid-day today and plan to complete the Whole60 because I do not feel like my first Whole30 was long enough to get the full effect. Has anyone else had joint/muscle pain when introducing coffee or espresso? Or suggestions? I have been having 2 shots + 3-4 onces of Light Coconut Milk. I have been keeping hydrated to make up for the espresso dehydration. Will be removing espresso for this weekend to test. I do have lower back, hip, & knees issues and been in and out of Physical Therapy since I was 15 yrs old (I am 32). All are flaring up right now. I have hip problems a mass of scar tissue (has shrinked a good amount during this W30) and have had Sciatica. My hip has been drastically better for the last 2.5 weeks but flaring really bad today. I have lost 18 lbs (175 lbs, 5' 8") which should help my joints. Been spending time on the treadmill and stretching in a sauna about 4 times a week. The espresso overall has me feeling drastically better overall and did not hurt until mid-day today after 3 days of espresso. I am used to being sore in my joints but this is different. Thank you!
  5. JStagge

    Real sore during 2nd Whole30

    I started to take magnesium which really helped. I was taking 2 doses a day but have been able to back down to 1 dose in the evening. Thanks for the advice!
  6. I am on day 16 of my 2nd whole30. I have not had much of an appetite at all, I have had to force myself to eat most of my meals. During my first whole30, I was always hungry, snacking all day and starving when it came to mealtime. This time: I had the stomach flu from day 9-12 but did not have much of an appetite before I got sick. My wife is not doing the Whole30 with me, but I am doing 90% of the cooking so most meals are Whole30 anyways. Been working out 4-5 days a week plus skiing one day a week. Cut coffee out of my diet completely this time. Sleeping normally.
  7. JStagge

    Severe IBS on Whole30

    Try to remove or decrease the eggs. I started the Whole30 because of IBS issues which got worst because I was eating mainly eggs. I minimized my egg intake to 3 eggs at max for each meal and feel so much better. Saturated fats might be an issue but based on your meals, it sounds like it could be eggs.
  8. This is my second time going doing the Whole30. I did not have a lot of aches last time but I am on day 8 and my legs have been aching a lot since day 4. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with leg pain? I know bananas would help out.