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  1. I am on DAY 25 of my very first WHOLE30 and I'm wondering if I've failed myself by allowing too much dried fruit and nutbutters? I rationalized that a bit more nut butter was okay because I am following the meat eaters plan but I do not eat meat (no tofu, lentils, no edamame etc) so, it's actually a seemingly good source of fat and protein. Even though I don't have cravings I have now realized that dried fruit and nut butters are no brakes foods for me and I plan to remove them entirely for what's left of this process. I should add I have been experiencing tigers blood so I must be doing something right but I guess I'm hoping someone with similar habits can tell me if this behavior destroyed their WHOLE30 weight loss? THANK YOU THANK YOU
  2. Hi Friends! I am a vegetarian on Whole 30. I eat eggs but no meat or fish. This is my first Whole30 and I'm loving it. I pay close attention to having protein, good fat and vegetables for each of my 3 meals per day. Unfortunately, I think I've been eating too much dried fruit. I didn't realize (perhaps a blind eye) how little dried fruit is supposed to be consumed during this time. I will add that I have not been using much white or sweet potatoes or squash so perhaps that offsets some of the carb/sugar intake? I realize now I've been using dried fruit as a dessert which does not correct my bad behaviors and I'm ready to remove them entirely to move forward. I haven't weighed in since day 1 per the rules but so that I can brace myself, do you think that the last 14 days have been sabotaged by this even if I've been perfect about everything else? I'm so bummed. Thanks for your help in advance.