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    I agree with this 100%.  If it's an enjoyable and compliant alternative that doesn't send me into a sugar-seeking frenzy I think it's a win! 
    I wasn't here over the weekend, so I had to catch up on your entries...I have to say, I was laughing at the image of carrying a breastfeeding one year old while trying to make a three year old eat something that did not resemble a cartoon character's meal.  Ahh, I remember those days!  
    Great job on your first week, with all the challenges you encountered.  I do find that eating more fat (more than I thought I ever should) is more cost-effective than the meats and keeps me filled up until the next meal (so no need to snack).  Also you mentioned the red peppers causing a reaction and needing to watch out for the tomatoes...are you sensitive to nightshades?  
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    So, I got my period.
    Normally that means a week of very hard pms'ing, cravings and bingeing ahead.
    Last month I had a terrible migraine and my blod pressure was very low.
    The last 5 days? Nothing!
    No cravings, barely any water retentions (not more than I expect with around 32°C outside), no Binge Eating.
    Just a bit of cramping in my back and stomach.
    Quite honestly one of my best PMS's in the last year.
    I'm totally happy with Whole30 until now.
    I'm thinking about doing it for 40-50 days. Or doing a very slow introduction of foods (like one food group per week) so I can really pin point what is causing the inflammation and the eczema.
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    So, I'm on Day 4 of my very first Whole30.
    It's not as hard as I anticipated and I'm really happy about that.
    So I went searching for W30 compliant condiments and sauces and truth be told: I didn't find much here in Germany. Went to 3 different stores and I only found:
    hot tabasco hot ajvar hot mustard some liquid smoke spray tomato passata I guess I have to make my own sauces. At least I already have some spices at home.
    Found out that regional sourced free range meat is really really expensive. Like really expensive. Bought some meat on monday, spend over 30€ and it was used up by today.
    So I had to buy more meat. And spend another 40€. Just on meat. 
    Of course I could buy the cheaper options but I don't think it ethically responsible (also the people slaughterinng the animals from mass farming are badly paid, live in terrible conditions and have an higher risk of catching Covid).
    I will either have to eat more eggs (used 18 eggs since Monday!)  or eat more veggies (I already eat a ton of them) so it's a bit of a struggle.
    Good news: My eczema is already clearing up and as long as my hand doesn't catch dirt it doesn't even itch! For itch-frees days! Longest time in the last 2 years!
    Will write more tomorrow!
    I hope everyone has an amazing day!