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  1. Mayo not emulsifying using Ninja blender

    Since I only had the Ninja Blender and not a regular blender I worked with what I had. I happened to read something that I have been trying for weeks now and it's worked! That way if anyone else has a Ninja or another high powered blender and experiences this problem they'll know what to do. I put it on low speed like you guys suggested and pour the oil in a squeeze bottle. They're like the kind you would normally see ketchup and mustard in except I bought some cheap clear ones off Amazon one time and had them laying around. I put the mixture in the blender and then squeeze it into the blender with it on low speed. Works PERFECTLY every time! Thanks everyone for trying to troubleshoot.
  2. Mayo not emulsifying using Ninja blender

    Thanks! I'm trying again tonight. The help is much appreciated.
  3. Mayo not emulsifying using Ninja blender

    Neither. Ninja is an entirely different brand, but it is a high powered blender. Should I just put it on a lower setting? I actually was putting it on a high blend, so maybe that's my problem. Am I supposed to blend on low?
  4. I have successfully made mayo before using a regular blender. Nothing fancy, just a cheap blender. I have a Ninja blender and even having every single ingredient at room temperature and pouring my olive oil in slowly, it will not emulsify. Has anyone else experienced this in their Ninja blender? Is there a way around it using the Ninja? I am specifically asking about the Ninja (not immersion blenders or food processors because I don't have either). I don't want to buy another appliance just to accomplish something that should work in a blender. Anyone with experience in this please let me know!