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  1. I am in a Whole30 FB group and someone just posted about eating a warp that they purchased from Costco. I see it's the Crepini brand and the ingredients appear compliant, but it also made me wonder if this was considered a recreated baked good and there for not compliant. What do you think?
  2. I'm in a Whole 30 FB group and someone posted that it was a perfect substitute for pastas. I don't think any of them are certified Whole30 coaches that responded and wanted to get an official answer. It's literally just made of hearts of palm, but from what I can tell the Palmini Pasta is ground into a powder first and then turned into a "noodle". If it's compliant, I'm going to get my hands on some to try it! Ingredients listed on package: Sliced hearts of palm, Water, Natural sea salt, and citric acid.
  3. I am in a Whole30 FB group and someone was asking about SWYPO foods and mentioned she makes fries in the air fryer. My interpretation of what’s in the Whole30 site is that fries from white potatoes are not allowed. Someone else responded that they were ok because they weren’t store bought fries and were made at home. Are French fries if they are made with an air fryer? If they are allowed is the determining factor really because they’re home made? I found this link, but it still sounds like the answer is that even if made at home they’re not ok. But I also may interpret it tha