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  1. FitBitzJourney

    Local Meal Delivery Services in Massachusetts

    Thank you. I have used that link before so hopefully, someone does have first hand experience in my area. Much appreciated!
  2. I prepare all my mealsmyself but every now and again I would love to have meals prepared for me that are whole 30 compliant. I love that Model Meals kitchen offers some uniques. Ears but they are a California exclusive service. Does anyone know of services similar to that one that sources more locally? I live near Worcester so a Boston based service isn’t really going to be an option I don’t believe. I’d even be interested in delivery from CSAs if anyone has had personal experiences in this area.
  3. FitBitzJourney

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    @NalaPlus3 This is awesome! I've been wanting to try a silicone steam basket and I'll definitely check these out. I think I am going to have to use the microwave more once it warms up here in good 'ol New England. Thanks for giving me your tips.
  4. FitBitzJourney

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    I should have clarified! I mean we meal prep each week and buy a ton of the same veggies and cook it all on Sundays. I like your idea of steaming them though. My husband eats a TON of zucchini so this would be easy to do it this way.
  5. FitBitzJourney

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    Hi @Worldismyoyster! Yes, you're right that it's really the oven cooking and still being able to save time. I didn't think about doing whole heads of cauliflower and the like. Great suggestions! I was trying to think outside of my norm and struggling with it. Thanks!
  6. FitBitzJourney

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    I'll see what grab-n-go ideas I find out there. That's a great idea! I realize there's still cooking involved, but I was hoping someone had some tricks for how not to be slaving away in front of a grill/stove/oven for their meal preps. Always looking to streamline the process! Maybe I'll just be eating a lot of gazpacho this summer. Haha!
  7. FitBitzJourney

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    Hello and thank you for the reply! I do have a grill and I always buy fresh, precut vegetables from the grocery stores. It's been nice roasting them in a sheet pan in the oven because it requires very little monitoring on my part. I'm probably overthinking this because of the way we split up our meal prep for the week. My husband cooks all the protein (chicken, beef, pork, etc) on the grill right now as it is. I am then responsible for all the veggies. We won't really have room on the grill to do all of it without it being a huge time waster if that makes sense. Do you just eat your fresh veggies raw during the summer?
  8. I love cooking my Whole30 meals for the week and rely on the oven since it's quicker when I want to cook vegetables in bulk. However, once summer hits I don't want to have to rely on the oven so much. Running the AC just so I can cook and not heat up the house is ridiculous. I have cooked my veggies on the stove top, but it takes FOREVER. Any tips for anyone who has cooked their veggies in bulk without the oven? My husband loves zucchini, yellow squash, and butternut squash, but said that cooking them in the Instant Pot made them come out with an aftertaste that wasn't pleasant.
  9. FitBitzJourney

    Mayo not emulsifying using Ninja blender

    Since I only had the Ninja Blender and not a regular blender I worked with what I had. I happened to read something that I have been trying for weeks now and it's worked! That way if anyone else has a Ninja or another high powered blender and experiences this problem they'll know what to do. I put it on low speed like you guys suggested and pour the oil in a squeeze bottle. They're like the kind you would normally see ketchup and mustard in except I bought some cheap clear ones off Amazon one time and had them laying around. I put the mixture in the blender and then squeeze it into the blender with it on low speed. Works PERFECTLY every time! Thanks everyone for trying to troubleshoot.
  10. FitBitzJourney

    Mayo not emulsifying using Ninja blender

    Thanks! I'm trying again tonight. The help is much appreciated.
  11. FitBitzJourney

    Mayo not emulsifying using Ninja blender

    Neither. Ninja is an entirely different brand, but it is a high powered blender. Should I just put it on a lower setting? I actually was putting it on a high blend, so maybe that's my problem. Am I supposed to blend on low?
  12. I have successfully made mayo before using a regular blender. Nothing fancy, just a cheap blender. I have a Ninja blender and even having every single ingredient at room temperature and pouring my olive oil in slowly, it will not emulsify. Has anyone else experienced this in their Ninja blender? Is there a way around it using the Ninja? I am specifically asking about the Ninja (not immersion blenders or food processors because I don't have either). I don't want to buy another appliance just to accomplish something that should work in a blender. Anyone with experience in this please let me know!