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  1. CMB227

    Eggless Whole30

    A friend of mine raises ducks and gave me two dozen duck eggs the other day. I looked them up in comparison to chicken eggs and found that many people who are allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs. It might be worth checking out for you. I won't be eating them because I also found out that they contain almost three times the cholesterol of chicken eggs, higher in protein and higher in calories. I read that they are great in cooking because they make creamier sauces and smoother baked goods, but WOW, the fat, cholesterol and calories are waaay up there. My dogs are going to be happy though, LOL.
  2. CMB227

    Sphaghetti Squash Comfort Food? Who Knew?

    Thanks for the ideas. Yesterday, I used a corkscrew to bore holes in the squash and it worked really well. I broke the skin in several places with a paring knife so that it wouldn't burst, but the corkscrew made holes all the way to the center. So easy. I think we are done with regular pasta around here. The squash adds so much flavor to the dish.
  3. CMB227

    Eggless Whole30

    Hi Amuller, I am not going eggless, but I have reduced their use considerably since I am trying to lower cholesterol. My favorite breakfast is an apple or banana with a couple of tablespoons of almond butter. I know that you are over seas now and don't have Whole Foods or Fresh Thyme handy but maybe nut shops would be able to supply you with your favorite nut butter. I prefer almond butter to peanut butter. I reintroduced peanut butter a few days ago, and it just did not taste good at all. I will stick with my almond butter. Another idea would be to use whatever was for dinner as breakfast. Last night I made spaghetti with spaghetti squash for dinner. It was just as good for breakfast
  4. All day, I had a real yen for some old fashioned comfort food! I have finished my first Whole 30 and have dabbled with a couple of items to introduce to my diet, so maybe it is not unexpected to really want comfort food. I won't go into detail. You all have your own version of what that means and detailing those foods only leads down a path we don't want to go. I have no reason to need comfort food. I am fine, better than fine. I feel REALLY great, better than I have in ages. A connection to compliant eating? I believe so. I think I let myself get too hungry today being on the run all day. What to do before I leaped face first into something I would regret? I googled microwaving whole spaghetti squash because I knew I couldn't wait the full hour it would take to bake one and cutting a raw one in half is hard if not dangerous. It's like cutting a block of ice! While the carefully pierced squash was microwaving I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce with a pound of ground turkey. Mushrooms, onions, garlic, basil, diced oven roasted tomatoes and compliant tomato sauce, lots of seasonings and all was ready before the squash was done. My husband has never had spaghetti squash, so this was a test. Everything was done in less than half an hour and was amazing. The "noodles" of squash and the rich sauce filled that need for comfort food. My husband loved it. The flavor is so much better than the regular pasta. Oh yum!! Another day happily compliant.
  5. CMB227

    Compliant Alfredo Sauce?

    Here is one I found. I have not tried it yet. Maybe tonight.
  6. CMB227

    Compliant Alfredo Sauce?

    I just came from Costco with a large bag of rice cauliflower. I love it, but it is the Alfredo Sauce that I will have to find. It is basically cream, butter and parmesan cheese. Definitely not compliant
  7. CMB227

    Compliant Alfredo Sauce?

    Hi, Is there such a thing as compliant Alfredo Sauce? It is almost all dairy but am wondering if some of our recipe wizards have any ideas. Thanks.
  8. CMB227

    Best easiest veggies ever

    Thanks for the recipe. I will give it a try.
  9. CMB227

    Best easiest veggies ever

    My spiralizer is still in its packaging. Other than my total disdain (yuck) for vegetables, I have no reason not to try this. I just can't believe that it will work and taste good. What veggies do you use? Just zucchini or due you use others? Oh my, this will be a leap of faith for me!!!
  10. CMB227

    Best easiest veggies ever

    That does sound amazing! I have a spiralizer and will try that this week. Thanks for the idea.
  11. CMB227

    Best easiest veggies ever

    I wasn't aware that GG made the zoodles. I will definitely look for those! Thanks.
  12. Yesterday, I went to the grocery with my mind not in a good place. Oh, was it hard to stay on the outer edges of the store and not give in. I went to the frozen foods section looking for quick fix veggies because veggies are required. I am not a veggie or salad eater by nature. It is really forced, and any indication that I am enjoying veggies is just a lie. Sorry, but that's the truth of it. Anyway, I found Green Giant Riced Cauliflower and Sweet Potatoes and thought that looks easy enough and might be pretty good. It's in a steamer bag, but I don't trust that - the whole plastic in a microwave thing just doesn't work for me. After microwaving the contents and dishing out a whole CUP (50 calories!!!) I added salt and a little ghee. Oh my goodness was that good. I had visions of becoming a vegetarian for a few brief moments. (LOL) I also bought the roasted cauliflower which I will try today. AND on the label of this little gem there are two ingredients listed - cauliflower and sweet potato. Nuttin' else! WHOOT!
  13. CMB227

    Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help! This one works for me everytime. I failed at all the other methods.
  14. CMB227

    Third week and counting

    Today has been really really tough. I can't tell you why but my walk with Zoey today nearly wiped me out. I had no energy and felt like a tire losing air. We walked only 1.6 miles and that is not much for us. It was cold and windy, but when isn't it February in Michigan? I went grocery shopping and wanted to succumb to everything I saw. Talk about having a pity party, jeez. I did find something really great by Green Giant - riced cauliflower and sweet potato. That is all that is in it. I am looking forward to that tonight. To pick me up a little, I had a banana and almond butter for a snack and feel much better. I just can't give up on this program as much as I want to at times. Usually, I am ok with winter but this year I just yearn for warmer days and lighter winds. That's probably because Miss Zoey needs to run. She is just miserable unless she can burn off some of that energy. Some day soon.
  15. CMB227

    giving up wine hardest part

    I felt the same way. I make a concoction of teas and keep a 30 ounce tumbler of ice tea next to my chair and drink that. I use two tea bags of decaf green tea and 2 tea bags of Mint Medley (Bigelow) to eight cups of water. When I pour that over ice, it is diluted a bit. I don't ever use sweetner of any kind in coffee or tea, so that was never as issue for me. I love this combination of teas, and it gives water a flavor, not just plain water. I love dry red wines and am looking forward to adding those back in, but I am thinking not everyday. I really don't want to go back to the way I was eating as I feel much better and healthier that I did three weeks ago. This will get easier as you go. Keep well hydrated and don't let yourself get too hungry. I use red, yellow, or orange peppers as a snack, almond butter on apple slices or celery sticks, too. Remember, this is for 30 days and is doable. I found no dairy to be harder simply because I use parmesan cheese as a seasoning and I love chunky Caprisi salads. Try to remember your initial motivation, too. I need to get my cholesterol down and losing weight would be a bonus. I also need to lower my blood pressure a little before it becomes an issue. Hang in there.