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  1. Day 17 - I'm starting to drag...

    I think you all might be onto something. During week 1 I did not work out at all. It was so time consuming with the planning of food plus I was pretty grouchy so I allowed myself to watch a lot of movies. But week 2 I started to hit the gym again and I have been finding it hard to eat my 3 meals plus the 2 extra half meals when I work out. I am not usually hungry to eat that many times a day. But maybe I am not eating enough. I will force myself to eat my meals + 2 extras on workout day. increase my carbs veggies and see if that helps. I never thought in my life I would be told to eat more food & more carbs in order to be healthy! Thank you guys for the support!!
  2. Day 17 - I'm starting to drag...

    I have been a lurker here on the forums since I started the whole 30 17 days ago but this is my first post. I have surprisingly found this program pretty easy to follow once I got into the routine of going to the grocery store regularly and cooking daily. Previously I went to the grocery store 1-2 times a month and I remember I had a goal last year to cook at least 1 meal a WEEK which I did not fulfill I sure have come a long way in a short about of time. To summarize my experience week one was an adjustment with the food but more so with finding the time to plan meals and cook. By week two (day 8) I felt AMAZING better than I have ever felt before. However, around day 14 I started to drag. I have been trying to change up my foods to keep things fresh but it hasn't seemed to help. I am tried and crabby, and lost that spark I felt I had during week 2. I have not read anything about this happening to others so I just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone had any advice. I have been 100% compliant on the program but maybe I am just under the weather or catching a cold.