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    I agree with @ladyshanny in that you need to take a step back for a bit and re-evaluate why you've decided to do a Whole 30. While you're taking this time, it might not be a bad idea to learn and become comfortable with some different cooking methods. I'm not a huge fan of Buzzfeed, but they were obsessed with sheet pan dinners for a while so they posted a lot about them. I became a fan of the sheet pan dinner, after seeing a bunch of Buzzfeed posts about them, because they're relatively quick and versatile so a lot of things can be cooked that way (including the chicken and fish you've mentioned). I've attached a couple links for some ideas to get you started for both ingredients and the cooking method. Note: I have not gone through each recipe individually to see if they're Whole 30 compliant, and the majority likely aren't, but they all seem easy enough to build off of to suit your own tastes and the program once you're more confident with the cooking method.
    Everyone has to start somewhere. It's okay because it's part of the process that we call life. And while Whole 30 is difficult, it isn't worth starving and crying over. Good luck!  
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    Can you go online to instagram? You don't have to have an account if you don't want to. My @stuffonaplate profile is public. You can literally eat any dish there for breakfast. Quite a few of those were my breakfast when I posted them. Any version of protein, veggies, fat and fruit. Breakfast!
    I really think it might be wise for you to consider taking a step back. This is a voluntary elimination program designed to determine food sensitivities. We really don't like to see people this worked up and upset about it. Maybe step back, take a deep breath and then do some research for yourself, practice cooking techniques you don't normally use, schedule a few hours on a weekend to really scour the stores you have and see what's available. (we were just assuming your remoteness because several people asked several times for you to mention available stores to see how we could make suggestions). Since you have a walmart, go online and order walmart items for free ship-to-store and it won't cost more than it would if they had the item on the shelf. So avocado oil for mayo or just plain cooking, coconut oil etc.
    I feel badly for you, you aren't eating enough, you sound horribly frustrated. Step back and do some planning and research and I think you'll have a nicer time of it.