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    Stuttgart, Germany
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    Sports; swimming, cycling, jogging = triathlon (since 2017), golf, skiing, yoga, dancing.
    Food & cooking, travel, politics, history.

About Me

I really do not have a weight problem, sorry. Been 62,5 Kilos, at 1.70 m for most of my life :) In 2004, I was diagnosed with chronic Polyarthritis. After taking medication for a half a year, I went off that and healed myself through exercise and changing my eating - primarily cutting out (or limiting) inflammatory foods. 

Over two years ago, I had a horrific accident with my mountain bike, not my own fault. I am lucky to not be paralyzed. 2017 I used to rebuild my body strength and am happy to say that I have done two sprint triathlons. I also cycled 2000 Km with my road bike.  For 2018, I would like to participate in five Amateure road bike races with the German Cycling Cup, GCC. In addition, I am training for the Olympic sprint distance.