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  1. Lizzard77

    Eggless recipes for canned salmon?

    Mix it up with some chopped olives, capers, cucumbers, and a bit of mayo mixed into ACV. Can eat alone or over mixed greens.
  2. Sweet potatoes with ghee are like crack to me, I mean seriously I could eat them at every meal. Next in line would be plantains cooked in ghee with cumin. Wait, maybe I have a problem with ghee!
  3. Lizzard77


    I keep a jar of vinegar in my cupboard and when ever I have a lemon rind I drop it in there. After sitting for a couple of weeks I have a fabulous lemon vinegar cleaning solution. The combination smells wonderful and cleans sooo well. I simply spritz it on the stove top and counter tops when cleaning up after dinner, quick wipe and everything is under control.
  4. Lizzard77

    Cooked beets

    they are fabulous sliced with walnuts or pecans, red onion, and balsamic. If you are not currently on a W30 then goat cheese is also a great addition. If you are W30ing it then you can make a nut cheese like this . Slice up those beets, dollop the cheese over top, zest some lemon or orange over top and drizzle with good quality olive oil. Serve over mixed greens, so good!
  5. Lizzard77

    Big trouble during the night time

    I did have trouble with that in the beginning. I began having a cup or two of herbal tea to keep myself busy, my mouth was doing something, and the hot liquid helped me feel full and lull me off to sleep earlier. the only problem is having to use the bathroom, but in the beginning when you are trying to overcome bad habits, then it's not that big of a price to pay!
  6. Lizzard77


    They are the shrimps of the land. as Islandgrrl pointed out above, they are not kosher and it is because they are actually in the same family as shellfish. I mean, why not? Many cultures eat bugs, we are simply conditioned to think it's gross. I am not saying I will definitelhy be able to but it is the ultimate local, free range, protein!
  7. Oh Geeze! Sorry to hear that, definitely let it sit for a bit. None of my rooibos flavored brews like to get fizzy for at least 2 weeks, practice in patience for me because they are some of my favorite. Opened a cucumber booch tonight and it was crazy fizzy but not a ton of flavor. Gonna keep burping them and hope a bit of time will infuse more flavor, either that or I just don't like it I have higher hopes for the cucumber basil.
  8. Lizzard77


    When the hype about the cicadas was going around my husband and I agreed that we would forage them to eat. They haven't shown up up and hardly any sign of them planning on showing up. I may not ever have to test myself. I really hope I would go through with it, collected a bunch of recipes as well. Will let you all know how it goes if they ever show up
  9. Kb -I have read that adding a bit of sugar to your 2F will help with the fizz. I have found that when I use candied ginger or tamarind my fizz is crazy, probably due to that added sugar. You might could try that, I also find that if I leave it sit longer it will get fizzier too
  10. Lizzard77

    First Meal Plan It seems they are switching over across the country so double check with yours to see if they have switched yet.
  11. Lizzard77

    First Meal Plan

    Absolutely agree with all comments above, it does seem like you might be light on nutrient dense veggies. Also, Chipotle is out as they use soy oil, even in the carnitas. There is a long thread somewhere on here, I will try to find it and share the link. Good luck!
  12. Bottled 2 gallons of booch yesterday. I don't know if anyone else has this brand, but Martinelli's makes a pure apple juice and it comes in really awesome glass bottles. I keep them for what reason? I didn't know until now! I can bottle large batches of my favorite flavors in them. So I did a large batch of ginger and one of lavender. With the rest I made a few cherry lime and I had a cuke that I let go on the vine a little too long, the flavor was good but texture not so much. I chopped a bunch of that up and mixed it with basil in some, lime in some, and plain cuke in others. Really excited to try this, it sounds super refreshing for a hot summer day. Speaking of, I consumed 3 16 oz bottles of the stuff yesterday, lavender peach, it was so cold and delicious while i was turning my kitchen into a sauna canning beets and beans.....I hope you can't drink too much!!! Has anyone tried making the 1F with hibiscus? I know we chatted about it but wanted to know if there was ever any success? I am getting a bit bored of my assam base and don't love green tea or white tea. Maybe I will try mixing green with assam for a fruitly flavor but light on the tannins.....just want to change it up somehow
  13. Looks like everyone is rolling along nicely. I have missed my booch buddies! I am in booch heaven now that I am back from vacation. Just before I left I bottled 16 16oz grolsch bottles then stored a few SCOBYs in a hotel and made a fesh 2 gallons. Now I am home and I have those 16 bottles in the fridge AND I have to bottle the 2 gallons I made before leaving. Out of bottles though, oops! Looks like I will have to use mason jars (hope I have enough for that and canning veggies). I am happy though, I can drink booch till my hearts content (never)! I think I may just go simple with this bottling though and make mostly ginger and some cherry lime. I have too much else to do to catch up from vacation
  14. Lizzard77

    Fermenting Fun

    LadyM, you do not need to cook the veg to ferment it, actually many types of veg wil not ferment well without a starter culture (whey or Caldwell's) if they are cooked. You want some of the bacteria that is on them to be present for the fermenting process to happen. Beets you can get away with because whiloe you cook them whole the "raw" bacteria are not killed. With carrots I simply shred them and add the brine. Sometimes I add a tsp of cumin seeds or some ginger. Fennel sounds fabulous, I have never done it but I don't think you would want to cook it. I love adding ginger or dill to beets, orange or cumin to carrots, orange is really good in golden beets or carrots. I made a delicious cauliflower by adding curry powder, I actually used Sambar powder from my family in India but the recipe called for curry powder which I am sur would be delicious, or garam masala. A friend of mine used grated lemon rind in broccoli and said it was fab! As long as you get the brine strength right you are good to go on most combos. I will try to find the website that explains brine strength and post it here. Mostly I use a 20% brine = 20 gms salt to 1 qt or litre of water.
  15. Lizzard77

    Fermenting Fun

    Lol, cross posted Nadia! Glad I was on point with what you intended!