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  1. Oh Geeze! Sorry to hear that, definitely let it sit for a bit. None of my rooibos flavored brews like to get fizzy for at least 2 weeks, practice in patience for me because they are some of my favorite. Opened a cucumber booch tonight and it was crazy fizzy but not a ton of flavor. Gonna keep burping them and hope a bit of time will infuse more flavor, either that or I just don't like it I have higher hopes for the cucumber basil.
  2. Kb -I have read that adding a bit of sugar to your 2F will help with the fizz. I have found that when I use candied ginger or tamarind my fizz is crazy, probably due to that added sugar. You might could try that, I also find that if I leave it sit longer it will get fizzier too
  3. Bottled 2 gallons of booch yesterday. I don't know if anyone else has this brand, but Martinelli's makes a pure apple juice and it comes in really awesome glass bottles. I keep them for what reason? I didn't know until now! I can bottle large batches of my favorite flavors in them. So I did a large batch of ginger and one of lavender. With the rest I made a few cherry lime and I had a cuke that I let go on the vine a little too long, the flavor was good but texture not so much. I chopped a bunch of that up and mixed it with basil in some, lime in some, and plain cuke in others. Really
  4. Looks like everyone is rolling along nicely. I have missed my booch buddies! I am in booch heaven now that I am back from vacation. Just before I left I bottled 16 16oz grolsch bottles then stored a few SCOBYs in a hotel and made a fesh 2 gallons. Now I am home and I have those 16 bottles in the fridge AND I have to bottle the 2 gallons I made before leaving. Out of bottles though, oops! Looks like I will have to use mason jars (hope I have enough for that and canning veggies). I am happy though, I can drink booch till my hearts content (never)! I think I may just go simple with this b
  5. Agreed! It's all good, don't you remember Sophie's taco? The fresh tea and sugar will be beneficial. Deep breaths
  6. I second the earl grey question mark! The oils in it are said to damage the SCOBY, I would not be surprised if that is in fact part of the issue
  7. Meg, the SCOBY is stronger than you would think. I typically place mine on a plate with some tea from the jar poured over it while I bottle. Then I can slide it back in after I have added the fresh tea to the jar. I highly doubt it will rip or break as long as you are slightly careful. And yea, fresh tea and sugar will do lovely things for it! BTW Nadia, yes I have done the SCOBY mask thingy but no I have not been doing it for ages. I love the effects but hate using a baby for it! I use it as a special treat every once in awhile
  8. When i first started drinking booch I definitely felt a little buzz, but it was less of a boozy buzz than a general well being feeling. I occasionally still get it but it's rare. It's hard to really tell the amount of alcohol in homemade brew but typically less than .5% (next to nothing).
  9. Yay Annabel! Welcome to booch brewing, it's fab I mean really, it makes people really happy and booch is so good for you! Nuff with the cheese now but feel free to ask any question you may have, you've got a good group of teachers here!
  10. 'I need to bottle my third batch today but I'm out of bottles! Will it work for me to use wider mouthed jars, or will that kill all the fizz? Any experience with this?" I have bottled with wide mouth quart mason jars in the past and did not have any issue with the fizz. I did fill them way up to the top with only a little head room, perhaps 1/2 in. I was a bit nervous about exploding mason jars though so burped them every other day. Dunno why they would be any different than my swingtops, it just freaked me out some. But again, fizz was not a problem Yay Meg!!!!!!!!!
  11. Agreed, especially when drinking out of a pretty glass, no goopies needed!
  12. Meg, I don't know if this is helpful but, I keep mine in the second bathroom cabinet along with ferments. The cabinet stays closed. SCOBYs surprisingly are tough little boogers. It"s all gonna be fine, it will grow, they grow in a teacup of dirty water if you'd let them. It may take yours a bit more time for some reason or another, they are all individuals just like people. You have a good solid cover going now it just needs to thicken a bit. No worries and don't stress it sooo much, really it will get there. Big virtual hug
  13. "Fellow, brewers, what's your best advice for grapefruit? I've done ginger, sage and lavender. Not bad. What else can I do with it?" Basil? Rosemary?
  14. Meg, it's always good to be prepared! I have a lavender plant in my garden. You can order lavender flowers online, not sure about the leaves, which I prefer for booch. If you have a farmer's market you can go to ask around for farmers who grow lavender
  15. Nope, no coconut kefir. I love all things coconut except coconut water, it makes me gag a little I will keep an eye out for the doughnut peaches. I can't wait till they come in season round here, will buy lots and freeze and dehydrate.
  16. Meg, I used dried cherries in my Cherry Lime Rickey. I added about 4 or 5 and it definitely was very cherry flavored! Dunno what to tell you about the thickening of the SCOBY, you could always put it in some fresh tea and maybe a glug or two of bottled booch, it's not gonna hurt it.....but it also could be that you just have to wait. Fortification won't be bad though
  17. Jenna, I have about 7-10 layers in my gallon and 1/2 jar and about 5-7 in my gallon jar. I am going to be moving a few to a SCOBY hotel soon but there is no problem keeping a few layers together at once. It speeds up the process a bit but could also lead to sour booch if you are not careful.
  18. Nadia, I used leaves. I have tried it with the buds in the past but felt it tasted too perfumey. I like the leaves, it lends a grassy feildy taste to it and combined with the peach? Delightful! Sorry for the loss of your momma SCOBY, I would be so sad! But it's good that you've got others. Good luck with the water kefir. I brewed it for about 6 months but quickly realized 1. it's a lot of work and 2. I like booch so much more to be spending as much time as I did with the kefir. My mom LOVES it tho, she drinks about a quart a day and has as much fun with it as we all have with our
  19. Kb, I have a few mulberry trees in my backyard. I have never seen them sold, I probably should have mentioned that you can use blackberries in their place. I'm going to have to try a spicy pepper brew again soon, when I did it I wasn't a fan but I made it straight with out other flavoring. I think it may need the balance of something sweetish. I am loving this warm weather, it's already time to bottle again! I'm going to have to set up a SCOBY hotel for some of my babies, not sure I am ready to brew more than 2 gallons atm. But we'll see, I get a little greedy with it and I now have
  20. was just invited to impromptu pool gathering where beer and pizza will be served. They are all going to be so jealous when I waltz in with my mason jar full of iced Lavender Peach Kombucha. People, you have to try this! I just popped the top on it and my Mulberry Basil, both are flavors you must try next round, to DIE for!!!!! I will not being feeling deprived at all this eve
  21. Susan, can you start the process over with fresh tea and do batch for a few rounds instead of cb? Maybe even get back to basics with simple ginger or raspberry? I hate to hear of someone not enjoying the booch, it's so holy in my house (to me at least)! Sorry you're unenamoured
  22. Kb, I am super interested in hearing how the watermelon/lime/mint comes out, it sounds so refreshing! I opened my Orange Beet Spice today and it was really tasty and the color made me really happy! *edit, sorry for the sideways pic, didn't send this from my phone and couldn't wanna take the time to change the orientation
  23. Meg, never tried it but I bet it's tasty. I use garam masala often.