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  1. moggle

    Ideas for breakfast?

    I eat eggs for breakfast meal 1 every day. But I did find that I went through an 'egg boredom' stage. I find that varying my egg prep (omelette, scramble, fried, frittata, 'quiche' etc) helps avoid falling back in to that. I also sometimes have some leftover roast meat or chicken breast in the morning instead.
  2. I deliberately over-cook for meals. If you're going to cook something, it doesn't take much to cook extras. My favourite lunches at the moment are leftover I-cooked-extra roast meat. I've been cooking up a HUGE slow-roast on Sunday (roatating between lamb, pork & beef), slicing it all up and taking it to work for lunches over the next few days. I vary my sauces so I don't get bored: chimichurri, charmoula, tahini dressing, cuban mojo, roasted red pepper 'pesto' etc. I've usually roasted up something starchy to heat up with it and throw a few frozen beans on top before I leave for work.
  3. My go-to starchy veg is diced rutabaga & parsnip roasted in the oven with cumin & fennel seeds. I usually microwave the dice first to soften and then roast, turning frequently until browned. Lush
  4. moggle

    Salad dressing?

    I usually just go for some salt, a drizzle of olive oil and a drizzle of good quality balsamic vinegar. I want to try making some flavoured oils (basil? etc) soon too.
  5. How about stir-frying. When I stir-fry I sometimes only half-cook the veggies. Then perhaps you get the best of both worlds? Stir-fried veg I like the best are peppers, mushrooms, zuchini, celery & green beans. You could even throw some spinach in at the very end. A couple of other veggies/combos to try are: Roasted Fennel bulb (sort of like an aniseed-onion. Needs to be roasted for 1+ hours but worth the wait) Mashed carrot/rutabaga(swede)/parsnip. Add lots of ghee & pepper
  6. moggle

    Needing Breakfast Inspiration

    When I need a break from eggs I make something like these pork & orange meatballs for breakfast. I make a bigger batch (500g or so) and leave out the garlic and sometimes the ginger too. I've made variations with other flavouring and I reckon they would be good with chicken or turkey mince too. They re-heat nicely! You could have all your veg pre-cooked and chuck the plate in the microwave. I keep meaning to try these chicken coconut patties too.
  7. moggle

    Lunchbox ideas?

    How about chicken breast strips coated in some kind of cajun/mexican/moroccan spice mix. I often take this kind of thing for myself for lunch along with some salad, but you could easily send some veggie sticks along with it. And possibly add something to dip the veg sticks in - nut butter, home made guac, home made mayo etc. A serve of stew in a thermos?
  8. moggle

    Freezable Recipes

    Wonderful news, congratulations!
  9. moggle

    The Quick and the Alive

    I don't do a weekly cook-up, but when I am cooking, I try to cook more than a meal's worth. So when I'm making a stew (I'm feeding 4 adults) I'll stew 2-4kg meat which is enough to do at least 2-3 meals for all of us (and possibly some single serves for lunches) When roasting, I try to buy a large joint so I have meat left for lunches/breakfasts. If I'm roasting veggies, I try to fill the oven or put in an extra tray to cook while we eat dinner.
  10. moggle

    Sourcing food in Australia

    If I can find them in Hobart, you can probs find them in Perth :-D I did have to ask on Facebook to find out. There's a spice shop in the centre of the city that stocks them (most of the time?) and a modern grocer/cafe (the Aproneers) out in the suburbs that sometimes stocks them. They ended up being quite expensive so I only got them once. I wonder if you got green bananas at the correct point of unripe-ness whether they would work for the tostadas (I've pinned a recipe, probably the same one you're talking about)
  11. moggle

    Vegetable help for a picky eater

    Mushrooms: slice thinly, cook in preferred cooking fat (clarified butter is nice) on medium heat until nice and soft (about 10+ minutes) then add a big slug of balsamic vinegar at the end + salt & pepper. Thinly slice mediterranean veg (zuchini, mushrooms, red pepper, aubergine etc) and layer like a lasagne, pour tinned tomatoes over the top and bake for 30-45 minutes on about 180C Stir fry veggies such as beans, broccoli, snap peas, green beans, zuchini etc , add coconut milk & salt/coconut aminos/fish sauce. Some pre-cooked chunks of sweet potato or pumpkin are nice chucked in at the end. Also some baby spinach just before you serve it. But ALSO try cooking veggies different ways and even try eating raw. Hubs and I hated Brussels sprouts because both our mums cooked the bejesus out of them but if they are microwaved till just tender, they are nice (well hubs at least tolerates a few and he was a definite hater before). They are also nice roasted. Cauliflower has a different texture & taste when roasted. Try florence fennel. Kind of an aniseedy-onion taste - really yummy grilled/roasted till it caramelizes on the cut edges. Lots of veg are much nicer microwaved/steamed instead of being boiled to a pulp.
  12. moggle

    The greatest meatballs ever rolled

    They sound nice!
  13. moggle

    Whole chicken recipes

    I do a bit of a dry-brine (apply salt liberally and then refrigirate for an hour or so) and then dust & dry off (although you still want a bit of salt on the skin) and roast with a whole lemon in the cavity for about 1 1/2 hours at 190C (375F). I now always lift the skin off the breast and ease a bit of salt between the meat and skin. Breast side down for probably half the time (helps keep it moist) and then turn the bird over for the rest of the time. Essential step: after dinner, once you've got all the meat off the chook, use the bones to make chicken stock.
  14. moggle

    Breakfast Ideas?

    I found a couple of meaty things that helped me transition from "breakfast" to "meal 1". -Pan-fried chicken breast with fruit salsa (pineapple/tomato/avocado - or something like that) -Pork & orange meatballs (I skipped the garlic and the 'zoodles') -Pork 'sausage' patties: pork mince, salt, pepper, nutmeg, sage. It's a mindset you need to retrain yourself from. Most people wouldn't turn their nose up at a 'full english' breakfast (sausage, egg, bacon etc) and eating other meat at brekky is not that different.
  15. moggle

    Question about Well Fed Chocolate Chili recipe

    I use half ground beef and half diced shin (sold as 'gravy beef' here Australia) and simmer for at least 3 hours. The gravy beef kind of makes its own stock (the sauce goes very jelli-fied when cold). I add home-made stock too, but I bet a little bit of water would be fine.