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  1. krystalmiller09

    School Lunch Ideas/Recipes

    Thank you everyone! I did order him 2 Thermos containers, just waiting on them to come in (which should be tomorrow). I did manage to find compliant lunch meat as well so he can also take some lettuce wraps now too. Today is day 8 for us!
  2. krystalmiller09

    School Lunch Ideas/Recipes

    I am looking for recipes or breakdowns for school lunches. My son is in 2nd grade and loves taking his lunch. He's not too picky but they also do not have access to a microwave to heat up their home-brought lunches. I need help with a lunch plan for him. He enjoys packing his own lunch so I would love ideas where he can still either put things together himself or where I can maybe help a little too. I keep finding web searches that either appear to be complicated (not time friendly) or have things that aren't fully Whole30. We are starting our first Whole30 on Feb. 1st, I am making meal plans now and am just drawing a blank for school lunches.