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  1. Hi all helpful Whole30 gurus! I am going on a three-day work trip to Las Vegas. I know Vegas has lots of food options but I want to pack some Whole30 back up supplies just in case. I will be working a conference and will have limited time for breakfast and lunch. Please share suggestions for a quick breakfast and/or lunch that I can buy now and take with me in my checked suitcase to have while at the conference. Right now, I am wondering about Whole30 compliant Rx Bars or Lara Bars for a quick breakfast if no other options are available. Also, is there a beef jerky option that could work for lunch along with fresh veggies or fruit? Can I pack fresh veggies in my checked suitcase on Southwest airlines? Thanks in advance for your advice! - JohnW
  2. JohnW

    Whole Foods Salad bar turkey

    Thank you! I spoke with my local WF and the turkey was just turkey and salt so I added some to my Romaine and carrots for a yummy lunch salad with my own Whole30 compliant dressing.
  3. Can somebody let me know if the turkey chunks on the Whole Foods salad bar is Whole30 compliant?