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    I'd stay away from the Nut based bars and go for the meat-based one, myself.  (I like original Chomps and Epic bars.)  I feel like the nut and sugar based ones are setting you up to be super hungry really quickly.  I'm also a big fan of baby food packets for vegetables on the go.  There are plenty that are just sweet potatoes, or sweet potatoes and beets, for instance.  I've cooked and frozen full sweet potatoes, put those in an insulated bag, and taken, say, hard boiled eggs and other foods to keep them cold, then replenish insulated bag with ice at the hotel.  You'd have to look for the beef jerky, but there are plenty of options out there.
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    Thank you! I spoke with my local WF and the turkey was just turkey and salt so I added some to my Romaine and carrots for a yummy lunch salad with my own Whole30 compliant dressing.