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    NikayaSmith got a reaction from Brewer5 in Extreme gas   
    @Brewer5 thank you so much for all the info!!! I’ll try to respond to everything
    So far boiled cauliflower and Brussel sprouts are the only two vegetables I’ve figired out how to cook according to whole30 rules and me still be able to eat it. I mean I add onion, mushroom, and canned tomatoes to my meat, but those are the only two side vegetables I’ve been eating for two meals a day for nearly two weeks. So basically, I guess that explains the gas. I’m trying new things as I can afford them but am just struggling to find any I can eat. I’ve not given up trying though!!!  
    The reason my first whole30 failed was because due to circumstances beyond my control, three meals in a row unexpectedly had to be eaten out on day six and seven. My choices were to go off whole 30 or not eat for those three meals. It was a very unusual set of circumstances that i don’t see repeating any time soon. i was only off plan for the third one because that restaurant literally had nothing that was allowed. While I don’t consider it a big deal, the plan doesn’t allow for any slippage so my day eight became day one second attempt. I hope that makes sense. 
    Someone shared a list of carb dense vegetables on another Question and I had only heard of white potato, sweet potato, and pumpkin. Of those three I only eat white potatoes. And the only way I’ve figured out how to cook a white potato according to the rules is bake it and since I can’t put butter and sour cream on it, I’ve not been eating any carbs either.  I have no idea what most of the other vegetables on the chart are. I had never heard of most of them in my life. I definitely wouldn’t know how to cook them considering I can’t figure out how to cook the vegetables I am familiar with. Lol. Once I can do that, I will start trying vegetables I’ve never heard of. Lol
    As of now I have no source of fat. I can’t find one that I can tolerate besides nuts and I’ve not been eating them since I ran out last week. I don’t plan on buying more now. I’m still researching fats but it’s a huge learning curve for me. I read a paragraph then spend a half hour looking up words or ideas just so I can understand it. I’m still working on finding a good source of fat. Again, I’ve not given up!!! I’ve just not had any success YET! Still trying. 
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    NikayaSmith reacted to laura_juggles in Starting over   
    I think it may also help you to try and stop feeling so negative every time you have a question. They're allowed! The forum is here for people to ask questions, but like trexmafia also said, the mods (and everyone else) tend to include a bit more information so that you have more info and so that people searching the forum in the future have more information. 
    I know that you want to be successful on your Whole30 and you can be! Maybe where you live and your lack of access to more specialty items will make following some recipes harder, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Honestly, that just means that your recipes will probably be simpler but one of the most delicious recipes out there involves putting chicken in a crockpot with a jar of salsa and cooking it until the chicken's done. If you don't have a crockpot, you could bake the chicken with the salsa on top. Shred it up and eat
    Ask your questions (and stop apologizing for them). Try out some new ways of cooking *before* starting over. 
    It's a big change to how you're used to cooking and eating, but it doesn't have to be daunting. You *can* do it and you need to start believing that you can. There's a mindset shift that has to happen to or you will just keep stressing yourself out. 
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    NikayaSmith got a reaction from SingerM in I’m starting Monday, January 29   
    I'm starting tomorrow too! Unfortunately, the Whole30 book is checked out of my library so its boiled eggs and raw veggies for me until I can get the book and figure out how to cook on this.
    I'm in a rural area where all the fancy ingredients aren't available.... what are you guys's plans for the first few days?