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    Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...

    On day 50 of my 60 day.. Mine have come back but no where near as intense. But I have to say I’m doing the 3 am wake up night sweat thing again not happy about that.. but I heard from a friend who said it took her a few months to feel better and now she doesn’t need thyroid medication! She pretty much lives whole 30 all the time now.
  2. Leslie Beard


    Yes I was thinking it was small too went back for seconds! I will def up my protein!! Thank you again!! Dinner... chicken Alfredo with broccoli florets with spaghetti squash. With coconut cream cashews chicken broth for sauce.. and some sautéed kale.
  3. Leslie Beard


    Thank you for all your help by the way! You don’t know how I was feeling so discouraged and didn’t know where to turn!! Okay I was just feeling so bloated and by week 3 I had lost my appetite. So I thought if I cut back on the portions. But I will def add more protein! This is my lunch today! Arugula salad with cucumbers tomatoes kalamata olives roasted peppers! About Tablesloon EVOO red wine vinegar salt and pepper. With smoked salmon with capers.. weird combo I know! But I love all things sour savory pickled!
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    So for my breakfast I have 1 egg [email protected] sausage link or slice of bacon, 2 hand fulls if spinach, 1/2 sweet potato. 1/2 cup mixed berries with 2teaspoons of coconut cream. I was eating larger portions at first.. but I have been the last 2-3 weeks cut my portion sizes down.. also when I was sick I was darling a lot more fruit grapefruit oranges! So I have cut back on that too. So maybe I should just keep going and not start all over.. just stay the course??
  5. Leslie Beard


    Thank you so much! I definitely know that the steroids affect your sugar levels. I wasn’t sure if the HRT would. Thank goodness The steriods was only for a week. I do agree that I should follow the whole 30 for a longer time period. I was going to do the slow reintroduction but I think I will just do it all over again starting next week. I have 2 big events this weekend so it would be difficult since I will be eating out Saturday and sunday. Will try to stay as clean as I can! Thank you again!
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    Hello this was my first whole 30. I started on Jan.1 i has been sick was prescribed steroids for the virus. I was still taking them when I started. I am 56 and have been taking HRT since June. So today day29. Not sure if I have had the results that others have been raving about. I have not weighed myself I swore I wouldn’t. But to be honest I think the steriods and possibly the HRT has hindered my results. I have been bloated achy and I’m pretty sure I didn’t loose any weight. Are there any others who have had these side affects? Feeling discouraged..