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  1. CaroHarNord

    Eye Stye?

    Me too and I’ve had it fir months now. Not good!
  2. CaroHarNord

    Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?

    Day 17, I've definitely hit my groove, but still fighting a cold! It's gotten a lot easier, but I am definitely having crazy, insane, cravings. I see a croissant and I start drooling, and I'm really really missing my milk in my coffee. Sorry if I'm making you guys crazy mentioning these things. But I actually forgot what day it was yesterday so I'm not thinking I just can't get through it anymore. Planning is SOOOO key, though, right!
  3. CaroHarNord

    Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?

    Day 11, I have a cold, but feeling so good, I think I can even weather a cold on Whole 30 without going to my usual sugar cravings when I'm sick. The routine does seem to get better and easier. Good luck. Don't have Girl Scout cooking anywhere near! Hope you're all doing great. Day 2,3,4,5,6,7 I fell right into the predicted feelings...felt like I was exhausted the first week and SUPER CRANKY too. Day 11 and that is SOOO much better and I'm already seeing benefits, shinier hair, flatter stomach, more 'regular'. etc. I'm in for another 19 days. WOW!
  4. CaroHarNord

    Whole30 in San Diego?
  5. CaroHarNord

    Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?

    Yummy, I'm in day 5 and I just am not feeling like eating...but also hungry..and so tired..oh and bloated. yay me!
  6. CaroHarNord

    Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?

    I'm on Day 5 and am really having a hard time being nice to everyone around me at work. I've filled them in on what I'm doing so they're all being hilarious about it, and know that if I appear cranky it's because my body is PISSED at me for not allowing it sugar, crackers or yogurt! Good luck everyone, we got this..piece of cake..I mean piece of broccoli.
  7. CaroHarNord

    I want to quit or cry or both

    oh gosh..I'm on day 3 and I could never imagine throwing away my scale..I'm so hoping to get there!!
  8. CaroHarNord

    Starting Jan 24th!

    I can't cut out my almond butter..nooo..only on Day 3 and adding the tiniest bit to my plate (which is heaped full of protein and veggies) with 5 blueberries makes me soo happy. Maybe I will try to just do it one meal each least that will be beterh!
  9. CaroHarNord

    Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...

    This is one of the things I'm hoping for. A decrease in hot flashes. I'm on Day 3 of whole30 and am contemplating also giving up coffee on Whole30 as let's face it, I really don't enjoy my coffee without a bunch of foam or cream! I'll check back in and see how people are doing. Mine seem to be great some weeks and then terrible other weeks. So if i notice a difference I'll report back!
  10. CaroHarNord

    Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?

    HI All, I'm on Day 3, started Saturday, January 27. Would love some moral support. DAy 1 was feeling like a goddess, Day 2 meal prep queen, Day 3 ..oh holy jesus..I'm so light headed and nauseated. ;0) HELP! I'm there to support you all. Would love people to go through this with! I was inspired by my sister who has done this twice now and she's never looked better, glowing from the inside out..and not going to lie, she's lost 20 lbs too! I'm hoping to not always look at the scale and to eat a more healthy diet that greek yogurt and wasa crackers every day!
  11. CaroHarNord

    I’m starting Monday, January 29

    Hi All, I'm on Day 3, but can't find anyone with same start date! Good luck all. I did tons of meal prep over the weekend and am already sick of protein. But we got this!
  12. CaroHarNord

    Started January 27

    Hey there All. I'm on Day 3 and would love to find people out there who started on the same day I do so I have a support network. There are some people who started a couple days later but don't want to not be in synch. VERY EXCITED. Feeling sluggish on Day 3, felt amazing on Day 1. Very funny how I felt it was going to be so easy, now I'm realizing my body is complaining. I thought I was a health eater but after meal prepping this realized I survived on greek yogurt and wasa multigrain crackers. I want to eat a variety of foods and feel more energized, hence Whole30. I really am sick of always looking at the scale and trying to eat low calorie every day and always worrying about what I eat. The amount of protein I'm eating is kind a shock to my system, not so much the veggies. I'm 5.7, 142lbs and 52. My hot flashes have been insane and I've got some achiness in my hand joints that I never had before this year. I want to see if giving up dairy and sugar has an effect. Also, did I say I want more energy. My night two sleep was just GREAT. But on Day 3 as I'm approaching the after lunch period I can feel my body crashing. Help, I need cheerleaders and people I can encourage!