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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from Mdgreen in Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...   
    This is one of the things I'm hoping for. A decrease in hot flashes. I'm on Day 3 of whole30 and am contemplating also giving up coffee on Whole30 as let's face it, I really don't enjoy my coffee without a bunch of foam or cream! I'll check back in and see how people are doing. Mine seem to be great some weeks and then terrible other weeks. So if i notice a difference I'll report back!
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    CaroHarNord reacted to Msevins in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    The nutpods have been a great addition to my coffee.  I was using coconut milk or cream, but, it didn't give the flavor I wanted.  I still want a little sweetner in my coffee, but, this has been the best substitute.  I was able to order some from Amazon, then found them in my local grocery store.  Since I'm not using sugar, my coffee consumption is down to one cup a day.  Later in the day, I will have some herbal tea.  The hardest challenge was finding flavored coffees with natural flavors.  Finally found a couple of Starbucks varieties.
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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from Msevins in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Day 17, I've definitely hit my groove, but still fighting a cold! It's gotten a lot easier, but I am definitely having crazy, insane, cravings. I see a croissant and I start drooling, and I'm really really missing my milk in my coffee. Sorry if I'm making you guys crazy mentioning these things. But I actually forgot what day it was yesterday so I'm not thinking I just can't get through it anymore. Planning is SOOOO key, though, right!
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    CaroHarNord reacted to Brina808 in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Time is flying by so fast! I can't believe I am already finishing up Day 12. Day 10 & 11 were definitely hard days. I didn't prep for the weekend as well as I had hoped so eating Whole30 compliant took some imagination. And they weren't kidding about the junk food dreams. So trippy! There are so many Whole30 recipes that it's so hard to choose what to prep for the week. I want to make them all!! Super stoked to reach the 1/2 way point in just a few days!! I'll see how I feel but I may consider going another 15 days and make this a Whole45. Hope everyone is feeling great and going strong!
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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from Msevins in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Day 11, I have a cold, but feeling so good, I think I can even weather a cold on Whole 30 without going to my usual sugar cravings when I'm sick. The routine does seem to get better and easier. Good luck. Don't have Girl Scout cooking anywhere near! Hope you're all doing great. 
    Day 2,3,4,5,6,7 I fell right into the predicted feelings...felt like I was exhausted the first week and SUPER CRANKY too. Day 11 and that is SOOO much better and I'm already seeing benefits, shinier hair, flatter stomach, more 'regular'. etc. I'm in for another 19 days. WOW!
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    CaroHarNord reacted to Brina808 in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Day 6, first W30 ever, and I have officially hit the "I just want to nap" phase. At work and yawning non-stop. I don't do caffeine so no coffee boost for me. I'll load up on water, some brisk walks and get to bed early tonight. Anyone else feeling the same?
    There is also this box of Girl Scout cookies that is located at eye level in a place I pass by ALL THE TIME. I literally had to stop myself from automatically reaching my hand out to grab one. Such an eye-opener! I'm so happy I have this chance to break those habits. 
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    CaroHarNord reacted to ShannonM816 in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Tips for Whole30 with a cold:  And an easy chicken soup recipe: 
    For the cravings, be sure you're eating enough at meals that you're definitely not hungry between them. People sometimes unconsciously limit the amount they eat, especially the amount of fat, but it is truly okay to eat big meals. If you're female, in the time leading up to your period you may be hungrier than normal, and if you're coming down with something, maybe your body wants more nutrients than normal as well. It's fine. If you're sure you're definitely not hungry and are wanting to snack out of habit or in reaction to stress or boredom or something like that, find something that will keep your hands and your mind busy for a little while. Go for a walk, work on a hobby, clean or organize something around the house, read a book, work on a puzzle (jigsaw or word puzzles or sudoku, whatever you like), call a friend and chat, journal, meditate -- just do something to distract yourself for a little bit and the craving should pass in a few minutes. 
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    CaroHarNord reacted to TrayS in Whole30 in San Diego?   
    I lived there until last year. There's a place at the Fashion Valley mall called True Food that I heard of from a former neighbor who had eaten there during a Whole30. I've never eaten there myself but it might be worth checking out.
    (It's actually right across from the Cheesecake Factory - haha)
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    CaroHarNord reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Not too shabby, day 12, not too shabby. I made it through my dentist appointment, so this is a huge win for the day. I actually had a hygienist, who didn't lecture me about flossing, which I loved. She was very chatty and upbeat and actually made cleaning my teeth seem like her favorite thing to do all day. She did mention she's potty training her toddler right now, and happy to be at work, so she can have a break from running to the bathroom a million times a day with her. Either way, I'm happy I got out of there with a lecture on flossing.
    I was NOT prepared for food today, so had to race into Whole Foods to find something to eat. Ended up with an RX bar...uh, hello? This thing was about as heavenly as I could ever imagine. OMG it was good. 
    I am counting the days to Friday when I'm half way there. I do realize I'm not a glass-is-half-full kind of girl. This was never more apparent to me than last night when I was awake at 3am thinking about Friday being my half way mark. I did not see a half-full glass of days left to mark off the calendar. I saw the exact opposite.  When I reach day 20, then I'll be a glass-half-full kind of girl. I guess this means I'm more of a the-glass-is-half-full-when-it's-two-thirds-full person.
    Hope you guys have had a great day.  Mimi
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    CaroHarNord reacted to CaveMom in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    MimiHi, you could write motivational books!  I’d read it any day of the week.  You have a way with words that I just love!  
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    CaroHarNord reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Day 10 is nearly done! Yea! Happier mood but I’m just a tad burned out.  Like a lot of folks around here, these aren’t the most fun days. Crabby? Yes! Bored? Sure! Questioning what the hell am I doing? Absolutely!
    In other words, I’m right on track.
    I’ve hit the chunk in the middle of the schedule when the excitement has worn off, the commitment to complete 30days questioned, and the desire to figure out what the heck to fix for dinner is very low. 
    I had a saying I leaned on when I ran marathons. Basically it was about quitting never being an option. If I crossed the starting line, I finished the race. If I’d given myself an out, I literally would’ve quit at some point of every race. Only one time did I finish a race and think, “Well that was easy!”  So now, heading into Day 11 it’s time to use that same mentality, and hit auto-pilot. Run the road underneath my feet. Let the days unfold, don’t stress, or worry about what’s ahead, just focus on the day. Quitting isn’t an option, so I might has well stop torturing myself thinking about it, and all the days ahead. Enjoy the journey dammit.
    Im literally making myself sick with all these dumb running metaphors. Goodnight day 10. Officially I’m a third of the way through.
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    CaroHarNord reacted to MimiHi in MimiHI Whole30 Hi!   
    Thank you for your kind words! It’s made me super happy reading them this morning!
    So...Day 10. Why this feels like such a milestone is rather enlightening. The fact is that getting here, 10 days, without sugar, chemicals, etc. IS a big deal.
    This says more about the American food system than our own resolve. It’s horribly disappointing and unbearably sad that we must work this hard to get it right each day. For all of us here, getting through our days, checking them off our calendars, giving ourselves rewards and pats on the back for making it one more day, I just want you to know that I’m in awe of your dedication to try to do something so huge as a Whole30. It is really really hard to fight the American Industrial Food system, when it’s basically set up for us to fail!
     Life’s pace is fast and furious, and Whole30 forces us to slow down, read labels, plan menus, prep and prepare our own food. While it sounds easy enough, it’s not all that easy some days. Not because we aren’t smart, able-bodied human beings, but because the food system we are up against wears us down, even when we have the best of intentions, it clipping, nipping at our heels.
    How many jars of marinara sauce have no sugar compared to those that do? It’s like 500:1. This fancy Grocery store I go to didn’t have a single jar. Not a single jar of marinara sauce without sugar! I find it really strange to walk into a grocery store and realize “90% of the stuff in here, probably has sugar or forbidden chemicals in it”. I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. You’ve experienced something similar, I’m sure.
    I guess I’m just saying “Well Done You!” for giving it your all, and getting through each day with such high hopes and great intentions to live a better life.
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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from AnitaC in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    I loved reading your log. I can't wait to hear about day 30!!
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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from AnitaC in Anita's Whole30 log - first time's the best thing ever..I can't believe we are allowed to eat it either and the great thing is that's it's so rich's almost impossible to overdo. Loving reading your log! You're inspiring me..also I totally relate to being attached to the weight outcome..I hid my scales..don't think I've not weighted myself every day in many many's scary but awesome too...I think .
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    CaroHarNord reacted to AnitaC in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 17
    Breakfast: egg bake and guacamole
    Lunch: salad from the salad bar at Farm Boy - loaded with everything good
    Dinner: pork chop, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts
    Today was the toughest in terms of "challenges." And by "challenges," I mean normal stuff people face every day but I'm treating it as if everything is life altering. After the women's march, my mother and I wandered back into the downtown core (where we both live) and headed to the mall. She wanted beer so I told her to go into the liquor store by herself because I just can't go in there. I picked up a salad to have later for lunch, then we headed to my place. As we were going back to her place (and I'm staying the night), I packed a bag of food so I could make dinner, plus threw in a couple cans of LaCroix and poured some almond milk in a jar so I can have coffee in the morning. When we got to her place, the want for wine was overwhelming. Normally I'd come in, put the bottle on her entrance table and take off my boots. So many habits I have to break.
    I made dinner and that was tough because she kept pulling stuff out of the cupboard and ask "what about this?" Despite telling her 8,000 times "no dairy, no sugar, no grains," she asked about rice. I said no. She asked, "what about basmati?" Sigh, still rice. Then she pulled out a steak rub but I saw sugar on the ingredients label so she snatched it back and rolled her eyes. I guess I get my dramatic reactions to non-dramatic situations from her. She asked me "well, what can you eat?" I showed her the dinner I was preparing. I told her I wasn't limited at all. She's the blandest eater in the world, I don't know why this isn't simple to her.
    Anyhoo, now I'm trying to pretend my grapefruit LaCroix is what I want to be drinking on a Saturday night. At least I'll be awake for SNL.
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    CaroHarNord reacted to AnitaC in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 15
    Breakfast: Two sunnyside up eggs, roasted vegetables and guacamole
    Lunch: broccoli rice, roasted vegetables and beef coconut curry
    Dinner: Three sunnyside up eggs, roasted vegetables and guacamole - a whole banana and almond butter
    This is the halfway mark. Holy moly.
    I felt bloated today so I have to figure out what it was. My only thought is the beef coconut curry because I hate the beef, it's fatty and not in a good way. I expected more from meat from Whole Foods. I didn't eat much of the beef so I didn't get much protein at lunch today, hence the three eggs for dinner.
    So I weighed myself today. The scale hasn't moved since last week. I was devastated and I sulked. Once I was done, I told myself if I want change, I have to do it. So I'm going to have to create (and stick to) a running plan. I run so infrequently so I've been stuck at 5km for a couple of years and I'd like to get to 10km. I can keep training on the treadmill (I don't love the treadmill but it's too dark and sometimes too cold in the morning to go out and do my preferred route) and maybe by April, I can get outside and do 10km.
    Anyhoo, I'm rambling again. I'm happy it's day 15 but sad about not losing weight all week.
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    CaroHarNord reacted to AnitaC in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 12
    Breakfast: kefta patty, half an apple (sliced), full banana and almond butter
    Lunch: three kefta patties and root vegetable hash with tahini
    Dinner: last of the root vegetable hash, two sunnyside up eggs, half an apple and almond butter
    I haven't had a fizzy drink since Friday and I don't miss it. The idea of having a carbonated drink kind of makes my stomach recoil. That's bizarre for me because I'm a diet coke drinker, have been for forever.
    I can't believe I have lived my life thus far and have never had the beauty that is almond butter. It's what I've wanted nutella to be. I want to scream "IT'S COMPLIANT" but I can't revert back to rewarding normal human behaviour with a treat.
    Today I made another egg bake consisting of eggs, fresh spinach and mushrooms (with seasonings). I took the advice from the youtube channel FlavCity with Bobby Parrish and really beat the eggs so hopefully I'll like this bake more than last week's. I also roasted a ton of vegetables - white potato, sweet potato, colourful carrots, brussel sprouts and parsnip (added onion wedges, cinnamon and celery seeds, tossed with olive oil) and I have some stewing been marinating in the fridge. I'll figure out what to do with it tomorrow.
    I didn't weigh myself today. Wanted to but didn't. I don't feel any lighter than yesterday. I freaked myself out last night by reading posts in the success stories and I read one where someone said they didn't lose any weight. I know this isn't a weight loss program but I'll be devastated if I don't lose weight. I have to stop thinking about that as it's only day 12.
    Again, so far so good. I haven't been starving or bitchy (that I know of) and my energy level is good. I'm still lazy but that might just be me. Maybe I'll try and get up early tomorrow and run (I bet I don't).
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    CaroHarNord reacted to AnitaC in Anita's Whole30 log - first time   
    Day 10 is just about over.
    Very lazy food day today:
    Breakfast - three sunny side up eggs (one yolk broke, hence 3 instead of 2 because that's how life works), one kefta patty and root vegetable hash
    Lunch - egg bake covered in hot sauce - I didn't finish as I got a phone call and when I was done, I had no desire to finish it, mostly because I didn't like it
    Dinner - four kefta patties and more root vegetable hash.
    I feel fine. Had a horrible headache earlier but I'm attributing that to January and the fact the air pressure changes a lot. It felt the way it feels when a plane is landing and your head wants to explode. I tried to suffer it out but took two Tylenol. I'm assuming they're off plan because they're coated but I don't care and doubt it will make a difference.
    I have errands to do tomorrow so I'll actually leave the house and go to the grocery store.
    Confession: I have been weighing myself. So far I've lost a few pounds but it's those pounds you easily lose and put back on so I'm not into a new clothing size or anything. That said, I'm going to try to stop weighing myself because the other day, I was up two pounds from the day before and I was crushed but I stayed strong. But I know me and if I get on the scale and see a number I don't like, I'm going to spiral, say screw this and go back to eating whatever I want. So I'm going to do my damnedest to stop.
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    CaroHarNord reacted to samalope in Samalope's First Whole30 Log   
    I have decided to do another round of Whole30 now that holidays are over. I have only gained back 2lbs from holiday eating, but for the most part the first Whole30 reset has really opened my eyes to some things. Like candy bars and pop make me feel sick and head achey. I didn't do a proper reintroduction, but I still would like to. I am proud to say I have only had pop a few times and have had zero energy drinks (and zero cravings for them). Desserts, however, are a different story lol. My sugar dragon loves her some sweets.
    I am really motivated to do another round because I have 2 friends who are joining me after hearing me rave about how great the first round was. So we are all doing this together! Also, I am excited to do this having all the KNOWLEDGE I have from October's reset. I am looking forward to keeping to a strict budget (last time I spent 3x the amount on groceries! YIKES!!!). Also just knowing a bunch of recipes I already like, and knowing when something sounds just a little too ambitious.
    I have an anime convention coming up on the 25th(yes I am a nerd!), so I may cut the Whole30 short for that, or I may try to package on-the-go meals. I will have to plan ahead.
    Round 2 -  Day 1 - January 1
    Breakfast/Lunch - Bacon, eggs, hash browns and green beans
    Dinner - Instant Pot Beef Stew- beef, lots of carrots, celery, potatoes, tomato juice my dad handmade, and lots of salt and pepper and paprika. Also an all beef hot dog later cause I was hungry lol
    Round 2 - Day 2
    Breakfast - Bacon, hash browns, and green beans, and a banana
    Lunch and Dinner - Leftover beef stew, 2 clementines and apple
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    CaroHarNord reacted to Daliazmama in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Holy Crap guys! I just discovered the magic that is Nom Nom Paleo Magic Mushroom Powder!!  Cant.Stop.Eating.My.Pressure.Cooked.Ribs.  wow, I really slept on this spice.
    Just thought I would share, Take Care. Happy Eating 
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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from Daliazmama in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    I'm on Day 5 and am really having a hard time being nice to everyone around me at work. I've filled them in on what I'm doing so they're all being hilarious about it, and know that if I appear cranky it's because my body is PISSED at me for not allowing it sugar, crackers or yogurt!
    Good luck everyone, we got this..piece of cake..I mean piece of broccoli.
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    CaroHarNord reacted to Daliazmama in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Hi there, 
    I'm also on day 3 and not feeling so great. I'm definitely experiencing the sugar withdrawal hangover. I have a headache I have not been able to shake today. BUT this too shall pass. I just gotta power through it and keep reminding myself that I'm ridding my body of something that wasn't good for me. Thank God my husband is doing this round with me and can commiserate (he has a headache today too lol). 
    For dinner last night I made roasted carrots and a ton of grilled chicken breasts which I brined in salt water for about 30 mins. I'm glad I did, they came out really juicy.   and i had plenty for lunch today. 
    Stay strong everybody!  (I'm definitely including myself in that as much as I am anyone else)  
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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from SingerM in I’m starting Monday, January 29   
    Hi All,
    I'm on Day 3, but can't find anyone with same start date! Good luck all. I did tons of meal prep over the weekend and am already sick of protein.  But we got this!
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    CaroHarNord got a reaction from Nicole Lee in I want to quit or cry or both   
    oh gosh..I'm on day 3 and I could never imagine throwing away my scale..I'm so hoping to get there!! 
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    CaroHarNord reacted to Daliazmama in Is anyone starting a round of Whole30 tomorrow?   
    Welcome to Whole30!  This is my 3rd round. i definitely went through those rough periods. Sounds like you're kicking that sugar-dragon... Isn't it crazy what sugar does to our bodies?  Hang in there! I'm with ya