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  1. Nankamo

    Athletic Greens

    I wrote to the company that makes that and this is the response that I got back from them. Hi Nancy, Chris has advised that we haven't had brown rice bran in Athletic Greens for a long, long time, and asked where you had seen this listed. If you could please let me know, I will be happy to notify Chris. I sent them a link to where that is found and I also called and spoke to someone who informed me that the lecithin has all potentially allergic to soy components removed and it is an extremely minute amount that even people who are allergic to soy can tolerate (which is me) Just to update on my findings about this product.
  2. Nankamo

    W30 for 10 year old?

    Wow, that is hard. I am struggling with a similar situation. I have four teen girls and one has a pretty heavy dose of ADHD. Medication just makes her "easier to love" but I think eating right would FIX it or at least do more than stupid meds. But getting them to eat Paleo is another story. They are all willing to sit down and eat all my berries, but they turn up their noses if I make stew or roast. They want pizza or spaghetti instead. But off campus lunches are available to them and I think they would cheat constantly. Enforcing anything on a teen is like telling them to do just the opposite. I donno. Would like to see some good advise on this one.
  3. Nankamo

    Day 14 and I'm cravvvvvvving!!

    Ruth, Please, the thought of pumpkin (which I froze into little cupcake molds in half cup quantities last fall) with egg sounds amazing, pumpkin pie spice? cinnomon? nutmeg?? I tried to find the recipe! can you post it here?? I would love to try that. shoot, I just found it, nevermind! :S
  4. Nankamo

    Soooo sick of oil/vinegar for salad dressing...

    Here is a good one, just omit the Parmesan. Ingredients 1 tsp organic yellow mustard, or Dijon mustard (dry if it has any questionable ingredients) Garlic powder Celtic Sea Salt Apple Cider Vinegar Organic extra virgin olive oil (I use coconut) Raw parmesan cheese, grated (optional) Directions Combine all ingredients in a salad shaker, and shake well! its still basically the same but seasoned up a little helps a lot! you can add a little lemon juice in that too.
  5. Nankamo

    Day 6 and falling apart.

    I don't think so, I just go the Rooibos today, (noonish) and symptoms all started probably last night except for the cyst on the hip or groin, that started day 2. But thats actually looking a little better. I really don't have major health issues. I had gastric by pass in January of 07 and I just have to eat a little smaller meal and maybe one extra each day. A snack of half a dozen shrimp and 3 stalks of celery would cover the extra meal just fine. I think the herbalist is right though, toxins are trying to get out of my skin but my skin doesn't let stuff out....
  6. Nankamo

    Day 6 and falling apart.

    I was eating grain free, and mostly whole foods, I did raw milk and made my own butter and yogurt. I didn't think this was a huge change in my diet, I just dropped the milk and sugar and all the little misc processed things. (no "hangover on day 2 or 3 to speak of) I am eating a lot more vegetable though, way more than I ever ate before. I just don't know how or why this is happening, I feel awake and alert, not sleepy or anything, just everything is trying to exit through my skin. If I have any issue it may be I just don't sweat, Im having trouble getting the toxins out, I was thinking I just need to drink more water. I donno, Im really confused about the whole thing. I get the spasmodic migraines from time to time and try to control them with Valerian root, it helps but I still get them. Im really myphed why Im falling apart like this.
  7. I am on day 6 and I woke up with a cyst on my hip, a skin rash on my hands, dry itchy sore welts, chapped lips (REALLY chapped) a cyst starting on my lower lip, and a spasmodic migraine. My herbalist said I am sluffing off all the toxins and my body is dumping the bad stuff faster than my liver and kidneys can handle. I am drinking lots of tea, anyone have some suggestions to get passed this awful point?? Other than the horribleness of that going on, I am sticking with it, doing well, keeping up with the right foods but really craving nuts fruits and berries. I don't want to go off the "sweet" end so I ate SOME but really trying not to eat too many berries. Drinking more tea, (the one they said to in the book, Rooibos tea). please help?
  8. Nankamo

    TMI-Did your bathroom habits change?

    Im on day 6 and what I noticed the most and I know this sounds funny, but when I have to "use it" it smells like a fresh mowed lawn, and im in Minnesota in JANUARY!! there is NO grass!!! I am eating soooooooooooooooooo many vegetables! Its all been a little loose but I thought I was just adjusting.... Hoping it will get better later on.
  9. Nankamo

    Athletic Greens

    So do I have to start all over now??
  10. Nankamo

    Athletic Greens

    If I eat more often isn't that going to mess up my hormones communication with my brain about something I forgot but said in the book that it needed 5 hours between meals for that to work right? I can't find brown rice on the label at all. where is that??
  11. Nankamo

    Athletic Greens

    I take athletic greens if someone can take a look at their label and let me know if this is ok. I love it because it has SO DARN MUCH in it that I think is really good. The other reason I love it is cuz I will never be able to eat broccoli for breakfast but I also had gastric by pass in 07 and I just can't eat that much. I get the protein in and my athletic greens in the mornings, then protein and a really good dose of veggies at lunch and sometimes by supper time, Im not all that hungry so I eat the protein again and drink the athletic greens again. Im on day 5 and I feel amazing. Can someone just check and make sure its ok??
  12. Nankamo

    Flu and Whole30

    Can you get some anti virals from a local herbalist? I spoke with my herbalist yesterday with concerns of "what if I get the flu" and she suggested that. She has a website where you can order some, would take a few days to ship but if you have someone local, thats what I would do. Here is a link to My herbalists product, you can order from her or call and ask her, or ask your own herbalist about that.