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  1. 40reasons

    I’m starting Monday, January 29

    A few more days!! How is everyone doing? I have decided to do another 30 with a short break for an Anniversary trip to NYC on the 1st. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
  2. 40reasons

    I’m starting Monday, January 29

    Hi all! How is everyone doing? The weekend is the hardest for me. I am hosting friends for dinner tonight for the first time since starting the Whole30 but cooking totally Whole30 and warned them ahead of time. Told them to BYOB if they wanted to drink, as I can't keep alcohol in the house right now. LOL. Our friends eat really healthy so they should enjoy the roasted cauliflower and sauteed kale with almond flour breaded pork chops. Another win this week is that I cooked a pizza for the kids last night and did NOT touch it!! I also made 30 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for girl scouts without even liking the spoon at the end! I am realizing I used to eat too much "kid food". My kids have been troopers and had Whole30 breakfast and dinners all week. My 7 year old son asked for seconds on the "yummy rice" (riced cauliflower) and my 5 year old girl now loves kale...parenting win for the week. What are some of your "wins" or positive things that you did this week! Keep up the great effort!
  3. 40reasons

    I’m starting Monday, January 29

    Enjoying a snowy/rainy day in Eagles country!! Made big pot of Whole 30 chili and big veggie tray. Will be making buffalo wings and buffa!o cauliflower for later! Go Birds!
  4. 40reasons

    Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    I love the Little House on the Prairie theme!! You totally rock! This shows good food can be prepared anywhere with basic ingredients...we all have no excuses!
  5. 40reasons

    I’m starting Monday, January 29

    So good to hear I am not alone with the day 3 and 4 headache!! Thursday I was a hot mess forgetting and losing thing. But today day 5 I felt better. I need to do better at making extra dinner for left overs. I cooked a ton this week!!! My husband on the other hand is HANGRY though from his major sugar detox. Keep up the great efforts!! Prayers to make it through super bowl weekend.
  6. 40reasons

    Why Not Organic/Grass Fed?

    I Live near Amish farms which rarely have organic certification but farming practices are old fashion and if I have questions I could just ask the farmer. I picked up eggs today and could see the chickens running around and the eggs were layed this morning. They use non-gmo soy free feed. So funtunate to have these resources near by but it's not the case for everyone nor can everyone pay $3.50 for a dozen eggs.
  7. 40reasons

    I’m starting Monday, January 29

    Hi all Monday was my first day too!! I had already cut back on the wine and diet coke so it hasn't been such a shock! Lattes and artificial sweeteners are my biggest challenges. Good luck all!!