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  1. Chelsea Cooper

    Post Whole30 Brownie Craving

    Hi! I finished my second round of Whole30 yesterday and from mid afternoon until now all I want are brownies. I want them so bad I can taste them and I don’t even like brownies that much (I’m more of a cookie girl). Has anyone experienced this? I had gone a little overboard with figs the week prior, I probably ate close to 3 pounds in a week but I feel like that would have kicked up my Sugar Dragon then. Any advice helps. Thanks
  2. Chelsea Cooper

    Trying to conceive

    Hi Ladies. I finished my first Whole30 in March. I’m on Round 2 now. Hoping something with happen when we’re on vacation in September so I’m trying to level out my hormones before.
  3. Chelsea Cooper

    Trying to conceive

    I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling down, but I think it’s great you’re jumping right back on there. Owning it is half the battle, right? I’m not sure what Femara is but I hope that all of that works. I’ve been doing pretty good so far, but I’m nervous bc I have to go out of town last minute and it’s a 10 hour drive. I’m gonna try and prep as much as possible Wednesday. Still no knew news on my baby front, but I’m supposed to start soon, but also haven’t been getting PMS symptoms lately, so I don’t like to get my hopes up.
  4. Chelsea Cooper

    Trying to conceive

    How’s everyone doing?
  5. Chelsea Cooper

    Trying to conceive

    Hi KTH! I’m in same boat as you, mood wise. I live in the Ohio River Valley and the weather never knows what it wants to do, it was 74 yesterday and 44 and rainy today. Plus I didn’t sleep last night. I’m actually happy to be doing the Whole30, this week has been super stressful and it’s keeping me accountable; if not I’d be ankle deep in a bottle of bourbon right about now. I just got a really good book, Call Me By Your Name, the film is nominated for a ton of awards and that’s helping.
  6. Chelsea Cooper

    Trying to conceive

    Well, welcome back and I started today, so I’m right here with you. Sorry about the TTC. I know how rough that can be.
  7. Chelsea Cooper

    Trying to conceive

    Hi KTH! I’m using today to meal plan and prep as much as possible for the week. I think Lent is technically 46 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter so it includes the reintro to, which makes me happy. I feel like I’m kinda in the same boat as you and Strong, I get Vestibular migraines around ovulation and my period from my hormones and I also don’t really know what my period is like since I have been on birth control for 15 years before TTC. So hoping this helps sort some things in my body out.
  8. Chelsea Cooper

    Trying to conceive

    I’m starting the next Wednesday for Lent and have been trying to TTC since September, although I got Lasik at the end of December and had to take a 3 month break. I can start trying again at the end of March which will be at the end of my first Whole30. Hoping to be as healthy as possible since it would be my first pregnancy. Good luck ladies.