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  1. crlt

    Help with zucchini

    I´ll try this way too. I won´t stop until I find the best way for my zucchini noodles! Thank you so much
  2. Hi, everybody! I have a question about snacks. On the log talk, I´ve been reading that most of you usually eat some snacks between meals. Is that ok? I´m not pretty sure, but I don´t know if we can eat more than 3 meals per day. Anybody can help me? thanks in advance!
  3. crlt

    Help with zucchini

    Thanks a lot, Shannon! You´re always so nice!
  4. crlt

    Help with zucchini

    Hi everybody! I´m asking for help about the best way for zucchini noodles recipe. I made them two times last week on the microwave, about 2 minutes, but the results are not the best. When I serve for eating them, they are plenty of water and the taste is not good. Can you help me? I´ve been reading through the topics and I can´t find a good way for cooking them. Thanks in advance. Hugs from Spain.
  5. Hi! I´m Charlotte from Spain. After 2 years of autoimmune disease and big intestinal problems, I decided to try with paleo diet. At the moment, I´m flexible with lentils and beans, but I want to start with the whole30 program in a couple of months. I would like to know as much information as possible before start it. I´m from Spain, so... sorry about my english! I´m trying to do my best. Hugs from here.