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  1. I know that's the recommendation, but I struggle with this as well. I eat breakfast at 8am, lunch between noon and 1pm. But dinner is often not until 7-8pm because of my work schedule. So an afternoon snack is a must or I am ready to eat everything in the house when I sit down to dinner. We always have hard-boiled eggs on hand. Homemade beef jerky is the best, but I have never made it without soy sauce so I'll have to figure out a new recipe for that. A cucumber sliced or carrot sticks are good, too.
  2. OK guys, Day 2 and I have a big challenge tonight. I have to attend a dinner for a club I belong to at O'Charley's, a chain restaurant near my house. I don't want to skip it because I think I can't put my life on hold for Whole30, I need to learn to live my life with it. I've looked at the menu online and it is depressingly non-compliant. I am thinking I will order a Cobb Salad, without blue cheese or croutons. Here is how it is described in the menu: "The Classic with diced grilled and chilled chicken, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, bleu cheese crumbles, green onions and croutons on a bed of crisp romaine and iceberg with our Bleu Cheese dressing." I will skip the dressing and maybe even bring my own. What do people think? Is this compliant? I'm not one to order special at restaurants I always thought they must hate that but I guess I need to start.
  3. Morning, folks! What's for dinner on Day 1? I am planning beef ribs in the Instant Pot, I've got them thawing now. I'll have some bones to make bone broth tomorrow. Will serve with Asparagus and riced Cauliflower.
  4. It's Day 0, folks. Hope you are all cleaning out your cabinets and filling them with good food for our big start tomorrow.
  5. RainbowLisa

    prosciutto and chorizo at Aldi

    ALDI has lots of great organic stuff at amazing prices. ALDI and Trader Joe's have the same parent company. There's actually two different ALDI's in Europe (I think "Nord" and "Sud") and one is ALDI and the other Trader Joe's in the US.
  6. That is great to hear. I take a fistful of meds every morning. Would love to change that.
  7. I am also starting Monday 2/19. I am a Whole30 newbie. I've read the book all the way through. I am headed to Costco on Sunday to stock up on good stuff. I am 54, a software developer and I work at home. My two kids are in college but I have three teenage stepsons who spend some time here. I am a diabetic, hypothyroid, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I also have joint pain in my thumbs and fingers from typing on a computer for more than 30 years. Hoping to improve all my numbers and eliminate my joint pain. Would love to be part of a group to keep us all motivated. Lisa
  8. RainbowLisa

    Starting Feb 19

    @AnitaC I cook lots at a time, too. We have teenage boys so my Instant Pot is full pretty much every night, and lunches are usually a salad with whatever is left over from the night before. We also boil eggs weekly they are a go-to snack. We eat at least 4 avocados a week, they are my favorite I eat them breakfast, lunch or dinner. We're actually trying to grow one of the seeds right now a fun little project. You are right, simple vinaigrettes are easy. I can do this! Thanks on the hats, my partner made them.
  9. RainbowLisa

    Starting Feb 19

    @ladyshanny don't get me wrong, I LOVE to cook. We rarely eat out, I cook almost every night usually from scratch (no frozen or packaged foods) so that won't be too different. But I do use sauces and condiments from a jar or bottle and I was a little shocked last night that I would have to replace so many of the basics. But I'll bite the bullet and do that to be healthier.
  10. RainbowLisa

    Starting Feb 19

    I did see Amazon has a "starter kit" with a bunch of condiments and sauces. I will probably try that. I can afford it, I'm just cheap, LOL.
  11. RainbowLisa

    Starting Feb 19

    Thanks for the ideas. Giving up ketchup will be hard. I live in the boonies, no Whole Foods or Trader Joe's within an hour's drive. We do have an ALDI which is great. And because it's farm country I can do things like buy a side of local beef or a dozen chickens and save money. And eggs are very cheap. A few weeks ago they were 19 cents a dozen. There up to around 50 cents now, still pretty cheap. We go through 3-4 dozen a week.
  12. RainbowLisa

    Starting Feb 19

    Hi Folks, I am new starting my first Whole30 on Monday 2/19. I'm going to be on vacation starting Thursday till Friday 2/16, that's why the delay. I'm taking advantage of the time to research and prepare. I'm reading "It Starts with Food" cover to cover. I switched from my (artificially sweetened) flavored water to water with lemon slices in it and dropped the Stevia from my tea. And I am reading the ingredients on everything I use (a shocker!). Last night I made burgers for dinner. Since we don't eat bread, and I buy a side of local, organic, grass fed beef every year, I thought this was a pretty good Whole30 meal. I'll have to drop the cheese, sadly. But I figured the rest was OK. Till I read the labels: the ketchup, mayo, pickles and "Lite" Balsamic dressing for the salad ALL had sugar on the ingredients list. And I thought we were low-carb eaters! So here is my concern: doing the Whole30 is going to be costly in terms of time, money or both. I either have to make my own versions of things like these, or buy expensive specialty brands without added sugar (or soybean oil). Thoughts on this? How do you keep the costs down without it taking up too much of your time? Like most people I never have enough of either. Thanks, Lisa