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    My husband and I am on our last few days of our first Whole30. I have never cheated, that I am aware of. There have been ups and downs, but I feel compelled to weigh in here.
    As a person that commutes 3 hours (round trip) to work each day, doesn't get a lunch break, and works two jobs, one of my complaints is that Whole30 seemed very simple at first (I downloaded the 2-3 page program PDF and joined this forum). The unintended things is I spent more on groceries than I ever have, and spent every second of free time either cooking or cleaning. On the upside, I think I regulated my insulin for my PCOS and lost a couple pounds and felt pretty good on the whole.
    But, as I dove in more, it seems like some things are arbitrary, or at least unnecessarily obtuse. Like these Rx bars. Everything says all are ok except the Peanut Butter. But don't use them to snack, or for dessert, or to avoid whole meals, or wait...if you like sugar. Ok now that seems silly to me. I get the mental component and appreciate that, but a food is either on plan or it isn't. Like the woman who was chastised for eating berries and coconut cream at the end of her meal as a dessert when, had she had it for breakfast it would have been fine. I am perturbed here, at the end having worked REALLY HARD to do everything right there are more rules, like the veggie, fat, and protein with every meal and nothing but those . Nowhere does it say that on the original get started PDF. I know there are books, etc. but that seems like pretty important info, and kind of robs my job at having been successful thus far and makes me feel like a failure, which is the whole point of making yourself succeed on this plan. Otherwise, why can't I just have honey, or truvia, or some of the other seemingly strict-for-no-real-reason things.
    Anyway, the thing about these RxBars is they can be a lifesaver to wean off refined sugars, I ate about 3 on my 30 days. I thought, "wow, these are amazing they made a bar taste this good with just those 4 ingredients!" I should have known better. They say right on the front -proud and loud- the "ingredients," but those are not the ingredients ?! I'm sorry but chocolate is not "egg whites, almonds, dates, cashews," How do they get away with this, and why is this a company Whole30 approves if the majority of us are buying it based on a misrepresentation, or as the company says, "BS." That's my two cents. Thanks everyone.