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  1. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Happy Easter Sunday to all! The Lenten journey has ended. I learned so much during our Lenten Whole30, gained so many NSVs especially regarding my health, lost 12 pounds and 5 or 6 inches! Reintroductions went well and I learned from them also. That period and my few days trying to practice Food Freedom have resulted in some slight reversals of 2 of my NSVs (lower blood sugars & GERD ) so I’ve decided to start a 2nd Whole30 tomorrow! R2D31 (May 2) will be my birthday, I want to celebrate my birthday with lower blood sugar numbers, lower blood pressure, no GERD symptoms, no leg cramps and a lower weight. Equally important, I want eating three meals a day in the Whole30 way to have become natural to me. When I do my next reintroduction phase I will test specific foods that I want to include in my Food Freedom.
  2. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    On legume day, I introduced chickpeas with no problems, peanut butter with major gastrointestinal issues & peas with milder gi symptoms. I’m going to try peanuts again now that I’m finished the whole Fast Track reintroduction. That would make me think that each food within a food group could have a different response. Gluten in the form of wheat only was the only reintroduction that consistently posed problems.
  3. When you are doing reintroduction, how do you know what to cut back on from the Whole30 meal template to make “room” for the food being reintroduced? i assume that for legumes: I would replace some of the protein with chickpeas; peas would replace some vegetables & peanut butter would replace some fat? For dairy: sour cream = fat, cheese = protein or fat?, cream in coffee = fat? but I’m more confused about both non gluten and gluten grains... help please
  4. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    On legume day, I introduced chickpeas with no problems, peanut butter with major gastrointestinal issues & peas with milder gi symptoms. I’m going to try peanuts again now that I’m finished the whole Fast Track reintroduction. That would make me think that each food within a food group could have a different response. Gluten in the form of wheat only was the only reintroduction that consistently posed problems.
  5. I learned several years ago when I was taking east Indian cooking lessons that when I overspiced the dish (cutting the recipe in half but forgetting to cut the spices in half) that if I put it into the freezer when it was defrosted some of the heat would’ve dissipated. It happened just the other night when I made a Thai curry and got a little carried away. I put everything in the freezer in individual servings and last night was able to enjoy one of the servings without needing some sort of a fire extinguisher for my mouth.
  6. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Today I continued my reintroduction R1D34 non-gluten grains. I should say that I spent the 2 days since my reintroduction of legumes following Whole30 in principle... Sunday was a very difficult day for me... I had little appetite, I was alarmed that my fasting blood sugar reading was up to 7.8 and I grazed on compliant foods throughout the day. Yesterday morning my fasting reading was 7.3 and I got mad at myself ... I made myself eat 3 template based meals, I went for a swim and I prepped for today’s meals. Today I was rewarded with a fasting blood sugar reading of 5.8. What did I learn from my reintroduction of legumes? 1. Eat each item in its purest state so that you know what causes any reaction (case in point was my negative reaction to peanut butter from peanuts or additives in the peanut butter) 2. Plan the day so that meals are spaced at least 4 hours apart 5 is better... especially important for me to properly test before meal and after meal blood sugars. 3. Plan meals around foods that you’ve eaten during the Whole30 so the only new food is the food that you are testing. So on to my day: breakfast: a savoury quinoa dish with some spinach, asparagus and scallions topped with a soft poached egg & a sausage ... the quinoa basically replaced my usual potato for breakfast.... I experienced a bit of bloating that passed within an hour. Lunch was basmati rice served with a Thai curry and cashews... gurgling tummy while eating and about 2 1/2 hours after I ate I had a few gentle burps. dinner chili with kernel corn added... oh oh corn is apparently a food without brakes for me... other than that no bad moments Results: I won’t worry if non gluten grains are included in a meal at a restaurant or when I’m out for a meal and something to be included occasionally in my own menu ... I will watch the corn situation!
  7. Thanks for finding this thread, it’s very relevant On Saturday I reintroduced legumes, I wasn’t expecting any reactions but... Breakfast included hummus for chickpeas ... happily I enjoyed the taste and had no adverse reactions Lunch included Kraft peanut butter (my regular) it didn’t taste great ... omg ... stomach cramps & diarrhea within a half hour followed by muscle pain in my right shoulder radiating up into my neck. Dinner included peas ... they were okay taste wise but nothing special... within a half hour I had some mild stomach cramps followed by the muscle pain again and then a brief headache... 3 hours later I was snacking on potato chips ..
  8. Fernsk

    Legumes reintroduction

    So yesterday was my first Whole30 day following my reintroduction of legumes. My stomach issues settled down as did my headache, I was able to control the “snacking urges” but I did have a surprise sinus issue on my right sinus. I cleared that up with an allergy pill. The bad result was an elevated fasting blood sugar reading of 7.2...the highest I’ve been since after my first week of Whole30! I’m not certain if this was the result of the legumes or the potato chip snack debacle. i also sound that I wasn’t very hungry all day yesterday. Today, I’ll be going to a funeral and then helping at the reception, I’ve found that being on Whole30 makes me aware of mindless eating so I’ll be okay with all of the sandwiches and dainties. I’ll take some hard boiled eggs to have on a plate with veggies and some fruit at the lunch reception. I plan on eating very simply today to keep my system clean for tomorrow and another reintroduction. Are there any recommendations on what to eat between reintroduction days? Or perhaps more important what to avoid? I made a Thai chicken curry to eat with rice tomorrow during my no gluten grains introduction and I’m making chili today that I will add some corn to tomorrow...so rice & corn & “undecided” will be introduced tomorrow.
  9. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Yesterday was R1D31 for me & I started the reintroduction phase of Whole30, I’m super excited and scared at the same time. Before I get into my results from my first food reintroduction, I need to confirm what Improvements I achieved while following Whole30. In addition to my lack of GERD symptoms & leg cramps, I saw a drop in my blood pressure and drastically improved blood pressure blood sugar readings. I weighed yesterday and have lost 10.8 pounds and approximately 5 inches off of my bust, waist and hips (I don’t know the exact number because I couldn’t find a measuring tape at the beginning of the whole 30 instead I used my cat’s leash). My first reintroduction food group was legumes so: At breakfast, I included hummus with snap peas (I loved the taste and only experienced a slight twinge in my stomach). I enjoy hummus and chickpeas in general (especially curry) so would like to include them as a weekly vegetarian meal option in the future. The hummus that I bought for the reintroduction test listed soybean oil in the ingredients which may have been the cause of the slight stomach twinge.. I would make my own in the future. Lunch included a serving of peanut butter (it didn’t taste as I remembered and within 30 minutes, I was writhing with stomach cramps and had diarrhea. This passed within a half hour but then I experienced some sharp muscle pain at the top of my right shoulder that radiated into my neck. Needless to say I shan’t eat my old peanut butter again. After I complete the Fast Track, I will introduce peanuts again without the additives. dinner included peas which I enjoyed but... the muscle pain returned followed by a brief headache. I was also really hungry within a few hours of eating and started snacking...I will have to eat these in moderation if at all. I may also try yellow split peas later because split pea soup is a favourite vegetarian meal. Snacking on potato chips led to leg cramps after I went to bed. The chips were a food without brakes for me and thus will likely only be consumed in moderation when out. Dang one of my favourite things to eat but obviously one that is not good for me. good luck everyone when you start your reintroduction phase,
  10. R1D31 from my Lenten Whole30 and I started the reintroduction with legumes: hummus included with breakfast... didn’t have any negative effects YES! I miss hummus and chickpeas in general peanut butter (Kraft Crunchy my regular) included with lunch... oh oh... within 30 minutes severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and a strange reaction (to me anyway) of intense muscle pain in my right upper shoulder radiating up into my neck to behind my ear. Not pleasant definitely not worth it! peas included with dinner... within 30 minutes some stomach twinges, return of the shoulder/neck pain, a brief headache and 3 hours after eating, I was ravenous and started snacking without control! I have a couple of questions... 1. Is it possible to not have a reaction to a specific legume while having various levels of reactions to others? After the reintroduction phase, I would definitely like to include chickpeas as a part of my weekly meals as a vegetarian alternative. 2. Would it be wise to do a redo reintroduction of plain peanuts to make sure it wasn’t the added ingredients that cause my reactions? i would do this as a slow roll following the fast track outline. 3. Is the muscle pain reaction normal? Thanks for any insights
  11. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    And Day30 dawns... tomorrow I will begin my reintroduction phase and I’m amazed at what a difference 30 days of not perfect healthy eating can make! I refer to the 30 days as not perfect because I actually felt so good when I read in my Day by Day daily guide that there is no perfect Whole30. That took the pressure off and kept me moving forward, making adjustments and learning as I listened to my body. The word that I’ve used most in the past 30 days is “compliant “, my most used phrase is “it’s got sugar added” usually stated with an exasperated tone! Tomorrow the scale and leash (couldn’t find a measuring tape) will tell their tale, however those results won’t define my Whole30 experience! I’m looking forward to reintroduction
  12. Fernsk

    Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!

    Thank you very much for your reintroduction journal. I’m on Day 29 of my first round and am anxiously and excitedly looking forward to Saturday as my Day 31 and the beginning of reintroducing the eliminated foods. It really helps to read others experiences.
  13. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Wow it’s Day28, this time is really flown by in a lot of ways and now I’m looking at starting re-introduction on Saturday which will be my Day31. I’m really kind of worried because I’m having a bad reaction to having eaten salad on the weekend and I’m very bloated and quite uncomfortable. I really need to get rid of this bloat before I begin my reintroduction phase or how will I know whether a food that I’m trying to eat for the first time is causing my stomach distress or whether it’s over the remainder from my stupid salad excursion. I tried some kombucha last night and it seem to help a bit. I wonder what else I can do to make this stop! Wish me luck please, I want this gone
  14. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Oops...yesterday was Day 25, today is Day 26 but Saturday St. Patrick’s is sill Day 31! Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking minutes for the AGM at church and had packed my own compliant lunch (salmon salad, garlic stuffed olives, celery & snap peas and a clementine) my NSV was that while I would have loved to try one of the delicious looking and smelling home made soups it was relatively easy to decline having any & the cookies, loaves & squares didn’t even tempt me! I also wasn’t tempted to stress eat when the meeting got a little heated at times...victory. This morning I realized that I can claim another NSV...no leg cramps during the night! I haven’t had any for a couple of weeks at least. we are heading down the homestretch, I hope that everyone has a great day
  15. Fernsk

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Oh my gosh! Day 26 for me...wow time has flown! My Whole30 ends on Friday, St. Patrick’s Day will be my Day 31. So before I “talk reintroduction”, I’d like to confirm some NSVs: 3 very important health victories are my lower blood sugar readings, no GERD symptoms since during the first week and slightly less joint pain (makes me wonder if I should test nightshades at some point) Emotionally, I’m more balanced and it is interesting how I’ve stopped looking at food as a “fix” (I survived a nasty sinus infection without any for my “go to” comfort foods) Physically, my clothes are getting looser! ”Here kitty kitty”... I’m still waiting for that elusive Tiger Blood but... maybe I’ve gained Tiger Cub Blood or I’m expecting too much from Tiger Blood? After all, here I am at 5:45 am writing this post, when I went into the kitchen to get my hot lemon water all of yesterday’s dishes were washed and the sink was empty and I’ve sailed through a lot of commitments, recommitted myself to my volunteer activity on Palliative Care so I am somewhat more energetic and focused...maybe that is Tiger Blood? I've been thinking a lot about reintroduction. I am going to do a combo of fast & slow roll. I’m also going to do things out of the described order in part because my first day is St. Patrick’s Day. If I can’t celebrate with my friends with a Baileys (grain, dairy & lots of sugar), I’m going to have a Guinness (my once a year Guinness)! So grain (gluten) in the form of a beer will be my first “food” group. I will redo the gluten grains in the form of food at the end. After 2 days of Whole30 eating, I plan to follow the schedule and introduce legumes then non gluten grains (especially rice). I have a dim sum date with some dear friends on March 28 so all forms of rice, some soy,etc will be involved... it will be an opportunity to really track my reaction to a non compliant meal then I’ll go back to Whole30 until Easter Sunday. My reintroduction will continue after Easter...I’m just going to “relax” the rules during Easter...not be so vigilant on no added sugar, no added dairy in small amounts, enjoy a glass of wine and I will be sure to track my reactions to a non compliant day. After returning to Whole30 for at least 2 days, I’ll reintroduce dairy followed by gluten grains. My blood sugar readings and GERD will be major indicators of when I’m ready to move forward with testing food groups. I’m so excited!