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    Fernsk reacted to ShannonM816 in Legumes reintroduction   
    1) Yes -- many people specifically do peanuts and soy as separate from other legumes and have different reactions to them, though I suppose your reactions could even differ between navy beans and lima beans.
    2) Yes, it makes sense to redo that reintroduction with plain peanuts, or double check your peanut butter and if it has added stuff, see if you can find one without that stuff -- I know there are brands that are just peanuts and salt. 
    3) I'm not really sure. People's reactions can be very different, so it's possible that this is a normal reaction for you. If it doesn't go away in the next 24 hours or so, or if it gets worse, definitely talk to your doctor and make sure it's not something unrelated going on that just had really bad timing.
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    Fernsk reacted to TJHigh in Here goes!   
    All done! I finished gluten yesterday!  But I definitely have a cold/sore throat! I am at a loss to figure out if it’s an actual bug or a gluten reaction!  I can’t believe the timing, ugh.  For now, I’m going to assume it was gluten, since I have read it can cause the symptoms I have- namely, scratchy throat and stuffy sinuses. I don’t have a fever, which would’ve indicated bug. 
    At any rate, I’m done!  I made it through the full 30 days and then an additional 45 days of testing. So I’ve been at this about 75 days, and I really think that’s what I needed for this to all start feeling normal, and habit-like (I’m now a believer in the thought that it takes 66 days to establish a habit). I also lost an additional 5 lbs for a total of 14. I’m actually below my goal weight. 
    I think I have the key to my FFF! With some ideas for what additional, smaller tests I think I may need to refine things.  Here are my dos and donts for myself that I’ve figured out:
    1. Do eat breakfast everyday. For me, it starts my metabolism and keeps me fat adapted. It’s ok to have some coffee first (maybe a half cup), if I still eat within an hour of waking.  For me, this can be a slightly smaller meal than they recommend when talking “template.”
    2. Do a lot of meal prep on weekends, or on telework days. Having a complete meal, frozen for later, is a great safety net. And when batch cooking lunches for the week, freeze a serving our two so you can eventually mix and match.
    3. Do plan ahead. I have lists about generally what I plan to eat weeks in advance! It gets more refined as reality approaches, but it’s a good way to start thinking of new recipes and identify any challenges coming up.
    4. Do eat seasonal fruit, but only about a serving a day, and only with a meal.
    5. Do add legumes back in! They seem to fuel me very well and are good for my mood/energy. (NOT SOY)
    6. Do maybe add back in dairy. Still ask the question, “is it worth it,” even though the answer can be a pretty low bar.
    7. Do generally follow the template and pay attention to if you still feel fat adapted vs sugar adapted. For that, check: mood/energy/cravings.
    1. Don’t snack, especially after dinner.  Not great for my metabolism/staying fat adapted.
    2. Don’t skip a planned run day. I read a great article this week about running being about as effective as medication in fighting depression, and for me, I believe it. I’ve come to view my runs as a prescription, not an optional, “should I today?” activity.
    3. Don’t drink more that 3x a week, or more than 2-3 glasses a night. Never drink the day before a tough run. I now get monster hangovers, so that’s a terrible added benefit of this detox.
    4. Don’t eat soy in large quantities. My reintro test indicated it probably triggers some depression in me. Unclear in what quantity, but early reports aren’t good (I had some flavored nuts this week that ended up having soy that corresponded to a low mood, even though it was a very small amount.)
    5. Don’t have non-gluten grains- corn and rice, had a subtler effect but still weren’t great.  Probably just not the best fuel for me, generally. Avoid if possible unless a special dish comes up.
    6. Don’t have gluten grain for now either. I’ll shake this cold and maybe try again in a few weeks.
    7. Don’t weigh every day! It was good info during this reintro test, but I don’t want to be a slave to the scale. Slowly phase out and replace with better evidence (clothes fit, energy, etc.)
    8. (This is non-W30), Don’t read the news obsessively when bored at work. It’s just a bummer.
    So that’s it! I think this is a good template for me going forward.
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    Fernsk reacted to Chelsea Cooper in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Today is day 32 for me. I reintroduced alcohol yesterday in the form of Angostura bitters which I normally but in my club soda. It wasn’t the best day to reintroduce since I was already suffering from a migraine, I’m going to wait until I reintroduce everything else and see if that has any changes on that go around. Other than that this has been great, I’m not sure about the weight loss, but I’ve gone down at least one pants size and everything is toned up. I’ve had some skin issues the last week but I’m not sure if that’s from my regular lady hormones or the hormone rebalancing from eating. Legumes are next on my list. 
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    Fernsk reacted to ndelarosa in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Congrats everyone completing Whole30 and hopefully everyone had a good reintro for those who did!  I introduced beans which I had no issue with and had 1 packet of brown sugar in my coffee in the morning. That was my first thing and did get a little bloated. I have not weighed myself but did feel some pants a little looser. Although, my stomach is not flatter and my love handles are still existent. I just think at this point it's my medication, which I then may stop. There is no clean eating and exercise that has changed that and it makes me upset. Overall, this was such a good learning experience in terms of how to eat and what to eat that is healthy but not just make it grilled chicken and salad. I hope to continue but hopefully I can see my tummy go down a little bit.
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    Fernsk reacted to ShannonM68 in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Yesterday was day 31 for me.  And of course I woke up sick, probably a cold.  My plan was to start the reintroduction with beans but then decided to wait to reintroduce until I feel better.   I did get on the scale.  I am down 5 pounds and as I said in a previous post my belly is flat and I have a waist again.  That my friends was worth it.  I am still feeling far more fatigued than I think is normal.  I may need to explore that further.  Since this has been a Lenten discipline I am thinking about how I plan to break the fast without messing up all of this work.  
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    Fernsk got a reaction from Miyyahamira in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    And Day30 dawns...  tomorrow I will begin my reintroduction phase and I’m amazed at what a difference 30 days of not perfect healthy eating can make!  I refer to the 30 days as not perfect because I actually felt so good when I read in my Day by Day daily guide that there is no perfect Whole30.  That took the pressure off and kept me moving forward, making adjustments and learning as I listened to my body.  The word that I’ve used most in the past 30 days is “compliant “, my most used phrase is “it’s got sugar added” usually stated with an exasperated tone!  Tomorrow the scale and leash (couldn’t find a measuring tape) will tell their tale, however those results won’t define my Whole30 experience! I’m looking forward to reintroduction 
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    Fernsk reacted to Allis in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Check out what was in the mail today! Super exciting!!!! Now to finish cleaning house, get groceries, and prep my meals! Feeling way more prepared for my Feb. 19 start date. 

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    Fernsk reacted to ladyshanny in What's for dinner?   
    We are having the prawn sheet pan meal from the Whole30 cookbook tonight which is basically just brocoli drizzled in spices and sesame oil plus prawns marinated for 20 minutes and thrown on the pan at the last minute. Plus steamed red potatoes, all dipped in mayo. Last time I made this it took 25 minutes - 5 prep (peeling prawns/slicing potato) and 20 minutes of cooking. Dead easy!
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    Fernsk got a reaction from Miyyahamira in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    And Day30 dawns...  tomorrow I will begin my reintroduction phase and I’m amazed at what a difference 30 days of not perfect healthy eating can make!  I refer to the 30 days as not perfect because I actually felt so good when I read in my Day by Day daily guide that there is no perfect Whole30.  That took the pressure off and kept me moving forward, making adjustments and learning as I listened to my body.  The word that I’ve used most in the past 30 days is “compliant “, my most used phrase is “it’s got sugar added” usually stated with an exasperated tone!  Tomorrow the scale and leash (couldn’t find a measuring tape) will tell their tale, however those results won’t define my Whole30 experience! I’m looking forward to reintroduction 
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    Fernsk reacted to BonnieStP in Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!   
    @Fernsk - Congratulations to you!  I bet you are feeling GREAT!!! 
    It IS a process, for sure, depending on how set your lifelong eating habits were.  I'm every bit as enthusiastic about this method of "resets" (doing a Whole30) as necessary, the reintroduction as a great buffer to keep you from the rush to all-the-remembered-good-things, eating mindfully, and then doing reset cycles again... until I find my Food Freedom.  I'm ok with sliding backwards some, and keep a written journal, very honest with myself, about how I actually felt about the carb or sweet foods as I was eating them, so that maybe next time, I'll remember that I don't really need as much, or as often, in order to be satisfied with a little treat from time to time.  That's my long-term goal... to be satisfied with a little of the less than healthy things, occasionally.
    Good luck with your reset and your journey to Food Freedom too!
    : - )
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    Fernsk reacted to BecFreeby in What symptoms did you feel with which foods?   
    So glad to have found this thread! 

    I started reintro about two days ago, and last night when I had a small amount of beer and a bite of cheese my jaw ached so badly, like I got hit.  It was nuts... I've only ever had that happen when I've accidentally gotten into MSG (which I avoid like the plague).  I can't think of what else it was other than those two things.  Any one else come across this?
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    Fernsk reacted to NannylouG in What symptoms did you feel with which foods?   
    I know this is a dated thread but it’s relevant to me as I’m approaching the last days of my Whole30.  
    Im really going to have to decide if ANY food is worth introducing since I have had so many positive changes in the last few weeks.
    Thank you to everyone who has posted here.  
    I am keeping a daily blog on MyFitnessPal through my 30 days so I think I will continue it during my reintroduction...if I dare to add anything back!
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    Fernsk got a reaction from BonnieStP in Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!   
    Thank you very much for your reintroduction journal.  I’m on Day 29 of my first round and am anxiously and excitedly looking forward to Saturday as my Day 31 and the beginning of reintroducing the eliminated foods.  It really helps to read others experiences.
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    Fernsk reacted to BonnieStP in Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!   
    It's ten days PAST the 10 Day Re-Introduction.
    I feel like I've been testing myself.  There are seven clearly non-compliant and potentially problem foods (for cravings/habits) that I've allowed myself in this short time, beginning with one of those quick-mart/gas station mass packaged mini donut packs (1).  I decided after that I don't need those ever again.  It was o.k.  Not special.  Not worth it.  While out doing household errands and attending to a Trust to which I'm a Trustee, I chose to stop in at a favorite bakery, where I poured myself a flavored coffee and sat and savored a small pecan roll (2), and brought home a small loaf of yummy bread and one peanut butter/chocolate cake square that my husband and I shared that evening.  All three, the roll, the bread (3) and the cake (4)... special. and. worth. it.  Three chocolate peppermint cookies (5) at a client's house.  Special- unusual and not readily available - and worth it.  For Valentine's Day a tiny glazed three-bite cake and a chocolate covered strawberry (6).  Definitely special and worth it, as a gift from my husband.  Rolls (7) for homemade smoked pulled pork with our commercial favorite BBQ sauce, also special and worth it.  We've added back into our diet the vegs we've missed, like corn and peas, with light sauces occasionally, and we've had some rice and some pasta in small quantities.
    So, this does seems like a lot in a short amount of time, and I recognize that perhaps I could have said no to some of these, definitely the donut pack... but... is it when opportunity presents itself or when I think I'd like to have it, or for a "holiday" that I should be allowing the not so healthy choices without guilt?  To tie it in with a holiday is not changing the lifetime "I deserve it" mindset, so....?  Maybe freedom would be if the holiday arrives and I don't feel like I really want it then?  (Will that ever happen???)  I am still trying to find my way, for if I am not restricting myself, are all of these, including the bread as sandwich bread or along with a meal, an indulgence, or now part of a normal meal occasionally?
    I have lots of questions, and will continue to read Food Freedom Forever again for some of the answers I seek.
    In the meantime, we have a few days where we intend to be mostly compliant, what I call "mindful eating" but with some foods, like the sandwich roll, that we know are not causing us physical reactions or bringing back cravings.  Then, we are away and staying with friends for a few days where we won't control our meals, returning home to visit another couple the next day, with a restaurant dinner plan.  On  the day after that, Feb. 26th, we'll be doing another Whole30 reset... my sixth.... where the rules are clear for the following 30 days.
    I have a daily planner, and a small part of each day's page is dedicated to tracking... not my foods in particular, for that is not Food Freedom, but the same NSV's as when doing a Whole30; you know, "energy", "cravings", "sleep", "reflections".  Instead of "Day ____, I made it!", as this section of my page reads on line one during a Whole30, it says " ____ Mindful Eating, Day # ___"... a place to check off that I was mindfully eating (that red check is important to my structured mind), and keeps a running tally of the days where I made conscious food choices.  Even if I chose to eat something indulgent which I deemed special and worth it, I continue to count the day.  It is not intended as a punishment for the choices, but a nod at the fact that those types of foods could be a problem to my sweet tooth/old snacking habit, and staying aware of the choice to eat it.  I'll list it, but still check off that I ate mindfully.  Now, should I eat those things without restraint on that day just because the taste is SO GOOD(!), or buy and eat one of those little packaged donut packets again, knowing full well that it is not special and worth it to me, I would have to start my mindful eating count back to day 1 the next day.  An acknowledgement of having slipped a little bit to eating sweets just for the sake of sweets.
    Am I doing this right?  I don't know.  But I'm working at it, and I'm happy with myself and my efforts.
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    Fernsk reacted to BonnieStP in Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!   
    Day 6 of Re-Intro, compliant eating.
    No problem with this at all - the key is to continue to create healthy, satisfying and satiating meals... which is the goal for life anyway, right?
    Had a wonderful meal tonight, a crockpot meal since I am in between back to back overnight shifts (for a total of 60 hours this week!!).  This is one meal provided by my online subscription meal planner, Real Plans.  I highly recommend using this app - it makes this planning, cooking, eating thing so much easier.  Truly.
    Tomorrow is re-introduction of dairy.  I admit I am looking forward to a creamy spaghetti squash sauce (an Alfredo!!) tomorrow night, using heavy cream, grated parmesan and cream cheese, not to mention the cheddar cheese in the frittata and some of that cream cheese on celery with the third meal.
    We, my husband and I, are discussing eating compliant to Whole30 for most of the time, even when off the re-introduction.  I know we all have to work with what makes our brain/cravings tick... and I'm thinking that if I follow a day or even a weekend of enjoying non-compliants (mostly sweets and alcohol are my concern) with two days of completely compliant, I might be developing a good pattern of behavior towards my Food Freedom.
    What do you think?  What do YOU do, to re-set yourself before it goes too far backwards?

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    Fernsk reacted to BonnieStP in Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!   
    Day 30 on my Whole30.... which means first day of Re-Introduction is tomorrow!
    Here is how I celebrated reaching my 30 days, for this, my 5th Whole30.... in my Photography Studio (bstpierrestudio.com), with my girl Sammi!

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    Fernsk reacted to BonnieStP in Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!   
    Tomorrow is Day 30!  Woo hoo!
    Oh wait, there's this "Reintroduction" thing they want me to do TOO??  
    I'm not DONE?!?
    OK, yes, this is not a surprise to me.  I've read the books, which by the way, I heartily recommend, and this Reintroduction is revealed right from the beginning. 
    I can't tell you how many times I've used the books as a resource since reading them the first time.  Mine is the type of mind that needs the "why" before wholly embracing something new, so 'It Starts with Food' convinced me that this was not one more fad/diet dead end, the others in between I devoured (no pun intended!) and studied, on how to get started and stay on track (plus 1st week meal plan example - which I followed - and RECIPES!!), but then, it was 'Food Freedom Forever' that confirmed that I was definitely doing something for myself that should have been done a long time ago. 
    Most recently, the 'Day by Day' was added to my Whole30 library, because, well, that damned sugar demon.
    Though I'm on my 5th Whole30, and I have learned a lot, feel great and love eating the meals I prepare, I have not yet tamed my sugar demon.  I recognize that I still have much to learn, and I'm a willing pupil.
    So, THIS time, for the FIRST time, I am going to follow the Reintroduction Plan!  It's true, I admit it.  The first 4 successful Whole30's... I didn't do the Reintroduction Plan.
    I suspect that thinking about 30 days puts a period to the plan in my mind that needs to be adjusted, and I'm thinking the Reintroduction is just the thing.  Then, I have some thoughts for after THAT too (Resets!), so that I can someday find my Food Freedom.
    I use RealPlans.com to make my meal planning easier all year long, but especially during a Whole30.  My reintroduction weeks are already planned.  I shop on Thursday and I already have my legumes for Wednesday, Day 1 of my Reintroduction.
    If you are new to the Reintroduction too, or you are seasoned and want to help a girl out, please join this conversation.  I think I got this, but my ears are open, plus I'd love to hear about your journey.
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    Fernsk reacted to ladyshanny in Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018   
    No. No no no no no. No. Honestly, please do not go here. That's what "they" want you to think - the diet industry. THEY want you to believe that you eat too much or you're too big or you need to lose weight and take up less space or restrict or sub real food for supplemental food.  4# lost is a pound a week and for someone who is not overweight, that is an excellent result. You ate real food in quantities that supported your life and lifestyle, you ate when you were hungry between meals which is fine as you get used to meal composition and you lost four pounds!  
    The second you go down the "maybe I should cut xyz or reduce my meal size" you're going backwards mentally because the diet mentality is EVIL. Embrace the amazing thing you accomplished! Embrace the 4 pounds and the half inch and the loose pants and all the other things that went well for you! (and don't compare your results to anyone else's, let alone a man - we're different creatures - it's not apples to apples)
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    Fernsk reacted to TJHigh in Here goes!   
    Starting Day 2 of gluten reintro, and even though I’m barely awake, I’m noticing a significant symptom, I think. I’m all stuffed up this morning and puffy! It’s like night and day from last night when I went to bed. I suppose I may be getting sick from a bug, but in addition to the stuffy/puffiness, my joints (esp fingers) are stiff and painful.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see- the symptoms aren’t so bad that it would make me discontinue the experiment, so I’ll see how the day progresses.  I don’t have a hangover this morning, so I’m optimistic that today will be easier to judge overall reactions. No headache, but not quite sure about my mood yet (mostly I just don’t really want to go into work, but that could be attributable to, you know, work.) I’m going to be conscientious to keep everything else about my routine consistent- meaning I def have to go to the gym today and continue no snacking, to see how/if it effects my mood/energy. I certainly hope today is better in that respect!
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    Fernsk reacted to Ksprljan in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Day 30! Yup, we made it! Not sure what tomorrow will bring! A gentle reintroduction for sure! I have some social events coming up but do not feel anxious that I will be tempted to slip at all. How is everyone doing?
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    Fernsk got a reaction from Ksprljan in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
    Oops...yesterday was Day 25, today is Day 26 but Saturday St. Patrick’s  is sill Day 31!  Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking minutes for the AGM at church and had packed my own compliant lunch (salmon salad, garlic stuffed olives, celery & snap peas and a clementine) my NSV was that while I would have loved to try one of the delicious looking and smelling home made soups it was relatively easy to decline having any & the cookies, loaves & squares didn’t even tempt me!  I also wasn’t tempted to stress eat when the meeting got a little heated at times...victory.
    This morning I realized that I can claim another NSV...no leg cramps during the night!  I haven’t had any for a couple of weeks at least.
    we are heading down the homestretch, I hope that everyone has a great day
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    Fernsk got a reaction from Ksprljan in Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1   
     Wow it’s Day28, this time is really flown by in a lot of ways and now I’m looking at starting re-introduction on Saturday which will be my Day31. I’m really kind of worried because I’m having a bad reaction to having eaten salad on the weekend and I’m  very bloated and quite uncomfortable.  I really need to get rid of this bloat before I begin my reintroduction phase  or how will I know whether a food that I’m trying to eat for the first time is causing my stomach distress or whether it’s over the remainder from my stupid salad excursion.  I tried some kombucha last night and it seem to help a bit.  I wonder what else I can do to make this stop!  
    Wish me luck please, I want this gone
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    Fernsk reacted to evaq in Anyone else doing the Whole30 in Canada?   
    Hey, late to the party (as usual for me!) but for any T-dot'ers:
    Sobeys and Metro both have compliant Italian sausages. Sobeys: look for their own house brand (Sensations). Metro: look for their house brand (Naturally Raised). But double check the ingredients list to make sure they haven't changed the formula and snuck in any sugar or wheat (breadcrumbs). I find that having even a tiny bit of sausage (1/3 piece) with my eggs makes my tummy feel much more satisfied.
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    Fernsk reacted to ladyshanny in Anyone else doing the Whole30 in Canada?   
    Oh, you guys!!! For those living in BC (and maybe other places that might sell it), Thrifty Foods sells Jamie Oliver sausages that are WHOLE30 COMPLIANT!!! We had the garlic and herb ones for breakfast this morning. You get 4 good sized sausages for $5.99. 2 was enough for my hubby for breakfast and I had one and a bit and we both had eggs.
    So Canada DOES have compliant sausage. And just when I'd put all my energy into pretending it didn't exist!
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    Fernsk reacted to SalW in Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018   
    Hello ladies!!  Well, I should have read the re-introduction chapter....  I decided to start with grains so had two pieces of toast with breakfast. After lunch I started feeling bloaty & stomach crampy. I texted my daughter & asked if I could already be reacting to the toast & she said I should be starting with gluten-free, unrefined grains. I looked in the book & sure enough, that’s what it says.   I am just feeling gross...I can’t believe it hit that quick!  I am going to be very careful from now on & check the book!  
    PS I still haven’t had my choc chip cookie....  
    How’s everyone else doing?