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  1. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    @JenniferNoc I love your anology of Whole30 to a newborn....that describes it perfectly! It is all consuming & I curse all the dishes (no kids here anymore to help! ). I’m glad to hear you made the salmon cakes using mashed sweet potatoes instead of canned...I will make those this week. I’ve heard lots of rave reviews about the recipe. I find I’m quite addicted to sweet potatoes...I never bought them before because hubby wasn’t keen on them, but he’s eating them! Last night was the first time I was craving a snack. I was antsy & wandering the house. I wasn’t hungry! Just old habits. Talked myself down & all was good. Tonight we’re having baked salmon with blueberry/ginger sauce, coconut cauliflower rice & green beans. Will give a review of the new (for me) recipes. Are we really on day 8???
  2. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    I think I need a spiralizer too! Thanks for the link, @dnewc! Oh, and to be clear, the curry I was raving about was the curry sauce on page 307. I used it on cooked chicken. I haven’t tried the actual curry chicken recipe yet! Thanks for the recipe @jenrunsaustin! It really does sound yummy. @AmberinCanada the book is $18.99 at Costco in Canada. Well worth having your own much information I’m constantly checking, plus all the great recipes. I’m tempted to pick up one of the other Whole30 recipe books that Costco has too. Yes, almost 1/4 of the way through...hard to believe! I am amazed at how good I feel when I go to bed now. My stomach used to feel so full & heavy before & I would usually try to not eat anything past 7 & it still felt that way. I wouldn’t be comfortable & would toss & turn. Now I get into bed & there is none of that, or the acid reflux. I am impressed since it’s only been a week. Makes me wonder what the culprit was...gluten? dairy? sugar? Makes me excited to see what other positive changes are coming! Lets keep this going!
  3. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Welcome, @AmberinCanada! The more the merrier & I’m happy to have a fellow Canuck join us! @jenrunsaustin I’m glad your breakfast went well today - your choice sounds perfect! I am feeling the same, I actually don’t even think about eating between meals, which is unusual. Of course that could all change...hahahahaha. I find I’m full after meals, but not uncomfortably so & it carries me through until the next meal. I almost messed up today. I went into my baking drawer, where I keep the ghee & found my hand going towards the open choc chip bag. Not because I wanted any, but just out of habit! Thankfully I realized what I was doing. Yikes. I tried 2 new recipes today...the shepherds pie & the coleslaw. Both were very good, with enough leftovers for another meal plus a bit (always a bonus). At lunch I had such a yummy salad...spinach, peppers, celery, avocado topped with warm leftover chicken & curry sauce. I adore that curry sauce!! Interesting development...hubby is interested in joining me on the Whole 30! He won’t for another week (won’t be a true Whole 30) as next week he is working (we’re retired, but he’s helping a buddy) & then next weekend he’s in an out of town hockey tournament. But I’m thrilled he’s been observing & asking questions. He has been eating the dinners & enjoying them & not eating sugary desserts (because I’m not making them...ha). Anyway, I’m pleased by that. I’ve rattled on too much...we’ve made it through Day 6!
  4. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Wow, @Sunshine2020 your lunch sounds nice that the restaurant was willing to work with you. And you didn’t cave to your mom’s suggestions! sounds like you had a great time. I think my biggest hurdle is going to be going out to eat. Hasn’t happened yet. A bit scary. But I have to rave about mashed potatoes with coconut milk & ghee!! I contained myself & only took a small helping & was satisfied with that, chicken & green beans. But oh my, so good! I will be making some into little cakes to saute in coconut oil & have with eggs in the morning! Hub raved about them too. Wow, day 5 done!
  5. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Hello on day 5! @jenrunsaustin hope you got through your snack attack!! Back to feeling crappy with this cold...not sure if part of it is feeling yucky from eating changes? Lack of appetite again today. Finally had brekkie at 10 & really didn’t want anything for lunch but knew that was asking for trouble. Finally threw a salad together with leftover chicken & veggies & spinach & used the curry sauce. It was good & I was glad I forced myself to eat. I think I’ll try the mashed potatoes with coconut milk & ghee, along with leftover chicken & green beans for dinner. Notice I put the potatoes first...excited about those! @Shelly :) I will have to look for the canned sweet potatoes at a health food store next time we go to the city. My daughter works in the marketing dept for a health food store & I asked her if they carry them & she said no....I think she said no without checking because she doesn’t think I should be eating veggies from a can. :-|. i do notice I’m not feeling bloaty when I go to bed & the acid reflux has disappeared. Okay...we’re almost to the weekend - any challenges? Sallee
  6. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Oh @jenrunsaustin those mashed potatoes sound divine! I need to try them. @Shelly :) your dream was hilarious! I want to make those salmon cakes, but I can’t find canned sweet potatoes (other than ones canned with syrup). Maybe we can’t get them in Canada. I guess I could just mash my own sweet potatoes. They sound yummy, so good to hear you tried the recipe. Today we had to drive to “the big city”. I packed my spinach, protein salad & sugar snap peas for lunch & brought some almonds. Hub went to Wendy’s & a burger & fries & it didn’t even bother me! I’m sure if I was further into this it would have! Watching hockey & I won’t lie...chips would be good. But I’m not even hungry...just bad habits. Having a cup of tea instead. Day 4 in the books!
  7. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Thank you for the recipe, @Shelly :)! Always good to get new ideas. I ended up making chicken breasts topped with the curry sauce from the book. Yum! I cooked extra chicken& lots of sauce left over. I also roasted rutabaga, sweet potato, peppers & onion. More leftovers...yay! I started getting my energy back mid-afternoon & can actually breathe through my nose! Hoping the worst is over for this cold. Good for you, @Micaela P for doing a compliant lunch when eating out. I think eating out will be a challenge (for me, anyway). We are doing a day trip with tomorrow or Friday (weather depending) & I will bring my lunch & hubby can get whatever he wants. He got sad face when I told him I couldn’t have our usual wonton soup. @BigT, good for you for jumping right back in after having a tooth pulled! I am hearing so much about Instant pots...I really need to think about getting one. @jenrunsaustin - glad you felt better as the day went on We are almost 10% through this! Sallee PS Man, there are a lot more dishes to do now!
  8. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Hi ladies! Happy chocolate-free Valentines Day! Got through appetite with this cold, so forcing myself to eat. When I got up this morning was not hungry again & all that appealed to me was toast & peanut butter. But I resisted & had a couple of eggs, avocado & some sugar snap peas that I didn’t even sauté. I hope I get some energy today so I can cook dinner...yesterday was compliant leftovers. Ideas for an easy chicken recipe? Was thinking of making the curry sauce over chicken breasts & making extra chicken breasts to have on hand. Have a good day everyone! Sallee
  9. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Okay, Day 2, here we come! My husband is such a giving soul...he passed on his horrible cold to me! my first thought when I got up was that I needs big glass of apple juice (I don’t normally drink juice, but when I’m sick it tastes good). Thankfully i came to my senses. Made a good quick brekkie of eggs, sautéed veg & avocado. Now to get energy for the other meals.... Lunch is easy with leftovers. Supper may be compliant leftovers as well! Ugh...I hate colds...
  10. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    WTG, Jen, working through your cravings!
  11. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    @ladyshanny Thanks for that! I assumed the cooking fat counted!
  12. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    PS I had to google Cholula!
  13. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Shelly, I hear you about the mindless eating....that is my life! That will be a challenge for me as well I have a couple of challenges this week...on Wednesday we have to go into “the big city” to run some errands. Our routine in the past when we do a day trip is to go get a big bowl of our favourite won ton soup. That’s out! I think I’m safer taking some protein salad & spinach & some other veg to munch on than to try & find a place that’s compliant for me to eat at. Hubby can pick up something. The other thing is this weekend my son & his wife are coming out to stay. I’m thinking I will just a roasted whole chicken & roasted veg for dinner. He won’t be happy that I haven’t done any baking, but I can’t jeopardize myself by doing that on the other side of the coin I feel I’ve already accomplished something by following through & starting. I picked this day about 3 weeks ago, to give me time to get ready. My Dad passed away 2 weeks ago & my first reaction was “oh, I’ll have to push back my starting date!” But I talked myself through that one & kept today. Not quite as prepared as I wanted to be, but I’ll manage! We’ve all accomplished something by being here!
  14. Starting tomorrow, Feb 12, 2018

    Donna, there is another thread where a bunch of us have all started today...come join us!
  15. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    And we’re off to the races! My plate was pretty this morning...scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach & sugar snap peas, apple slices & black coffee. Doing protein salad with mashed avocado on spinach leaves for lunch & spaghetti squash with ground moose & tomato sauce for dinner.