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  1. beejay10

    Fed Up!

    We drink gallons of seltzer/carbonated water, so I was worried when I saw this headline ("Is Seltzer Harming Your Teeth?), but as the article says, although it's not clear how much it may actually harm enamel, it's definitely way better than soda and other sugary or acidic drinks. The tips at the end of the article are helpful: e.g., don't brush right after drinking seltzer, and try not to drink too much of it without food. We're not giving it up!
  2. beejay10

    Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...

    I remember learning somewhere that body fat retains estrogen. Maybe as we draw energy from our fat stores, estrogen levels decrease -- or at least fluctuate and need time to rebalance (or find a better balance than before)? Leslie Beard's story about her friend, above, is hopeful.