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  1. Hi there — on day 22 we rule!! I’m doing pretty well I hope you both are— sugar cravings GONE lots of NSVs — this is balsamic chicken stuffed eggplant from real plans so nom nom
  2. I would say start cooking girl! There are so many whole 30 recipes to choose from. This isn’t a program you can eat out of the pantry with— trust me I tried! Every other nut is allowed except soy and peanuts— that’s a lot of nuts! I know it can feel overwhelming but you can do it— I’m actually getting good at meal prep and freezing stuff so it’s a no brainer. If you can afford 30 bucks US Real Plans has been super helpful for me.
  3. Hey y'all--maybe I am not looking in the right place but where my June 1 Whole-30 peeps? LOL I live in Colorado and the weather is so great for walking and staying active outdoors. I did the Whole 30 in February 2018 and lost 17 lbs--and my NSVs were amazing--clearer skin, more energy, no heartburn (even with a hiatal hernia). I use the Day-by-Day journal to keep me on track. This time I also joined real plans and let me tell you--it connects the shopping list to King Soopers so I am getting delivery to my door for $3. Worth every penny. It would be fun if any June 1 starters