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    Patty526 reacted to cdsommer in Starting June 1, R6 - Getting back on Track!   
    Hello - long time W30 believer, first time posting! I usually do a W30 in January to get back on track after the holidays and reaffirm my food choices. This year, things went off the rails very quickly and very badly due to the COVID lockdown and I feel worse than I have in years. Maybe TMI, but I am also 3 years post-menopausal and it seems my metabolism has come to grinding halt, even with daily sweat sessions and mindful eating.
    Lockdown has meant daily happy hour, where I lose my willpower and make extremely bad food choices in the evening, including indulging in sweets like I haven't in years. While my family will eat whatever I make (including W30 compliant food) I don't have anyone else in my home who is willing to indulge in this lifestyle with me for support.
    I'm usually not successful with a mid-year W30, but I'm hoping that posting here for accountability (and I signed up for the daily texts from Melissa) will help. 
    Who else is starting June 1??
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    Patty526 reacted to Belle_E_Coyote in HELP! I don't like most of the approved foods!   
    Hello, this is day 3 of Whole30 and I am STARVING as well as craving sweets BADLY!  Literally all foods I love I cannot have (even the healthy ones) peanuts were my favorite go to snack.  No I can only force feed myself carrots.  I do not like avocado, hard boiled eggs, almond or any nut milk, REAL butter etc..  I'm living off grapefruits, kosher dill pickles and steak and veg for dinner.  I don't see how I can do this if I don't like a majority of the only foods I can eat.  I tried Ghee, it made my squash and zucchini very oil and had too strong of a taste.  I tried the compliant mayo which was gross and all I can find online is one recipe after another filled with foods I don't like and requires a lot of preparation with no way of simply grabbing a snack when I'm really hungry or craving something sweet or salty.  I'm very moody too, my stomach looks like I'm pregnant and I don't know how long I can hang with the way things are.  Am I the only one who is so picky with food that they are going to pretty much have to starve while doing whole30?
    Any words of advice would be soooo appreciated because I don't want to quit but I don't want to be miserable for 30 days this summer either.
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    Patty526 reacted to Amanda1125 in Starting on June 1   
    @Patty526 I'm on day 1 round two, had great success both nonscale and scale victories. It's been almost two years since my first whole30 so I'm treating this second round just like the first.  Even rereading the books.  This time around I'm also looking into realplan, but wondered if you can tell me a little more about it.  Does the program actually make plans for you or am I just picking recipes off a website.  I already do that with sites like Pinterest, and I'm not looking for more of the same.  I'd like to log in and see the meals that have been planned for me, click accept or delete if I don't like something, and shop.  I see that I can sign up on a monthly basis, but do you know if it's a terrible pain to cancel or switch to the quarterly or yearly option.  Thanks so much! Take care
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    Patty526 reacted to ALM Grandma in Starting on June 1   
    Good morning - no suprise my GI track is acting up, sleeping even worse and very lethargic. This will pass I'm still whole 30!
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    Patty526 reacted to chance2020 in Starting on June 1   
    Hi Patty!
    I'm also starting (my first!) Whole 30 today! I hadn't heard of real plans before so thanks for the tip! 

    I live in San Francisco and also have a pretty active lifestyle (up until a few months ago). But I've had some less-than-healthy habits creep into my day-to-day ever since we started working from home full time in March. I'm looking forward to W30 to be a hard reset on some of those habits and to really clear up some of the recent overall weakness / back pain I've been experiencing. 

    What I'm really hoping to change in the next 30 days:
    Change habit / relationship to drinking and mindless eating in front of TV Clarity of mind and some modicum of control over my daily life Reconnection to cooking and meal prep - I used to love doing this when I was younger and not working as much!  Freedom from lower back pain Fit comfortably into my skinny jeans again!  Great sleep (fewer to no "night sweats") Wouldn't mind my skin, eyes and hair looking better too